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R.I.P. Phoebe (6:27:09)

RIP Phoebe 3-14-96 to 6-27-09

Saturday morning I woke to a little face (Phoebe) peeking over my blanket at me and the question of, "Meow?" It was still really early and this means "I want breakfast" so I told her to wait. About a hour later I heard my sister get up and feed both the babies. About an hour after that Phoebe was back on my bed asking for more food. So I went and got her bowl off the frig and brought her into my room. She ate heartily and then laid down on the hope chest at the end of my bed.

I couldn't go back to sleep so I grabbed a book and was just reading.

Phoebe was moving around just being herself and then she tried to get into the closet. I told her no and pet her for a moment. Then Emily woke and came to see why Phoebe was locked away. I told her I was just making sure Phoebe could eat without Sydney going after it.

Phoebe meowed and ran to mommy. Then about 10:30am Phoebe went and started hiding. Then I heard her crying and she threw up. This is nothing new for our cats. They've thrown up most of their lives especially Sydney when she eats too fast. It looked like Phoebe lost her breakfast.

We cleaned it up and thought with the weather being 108 that maybe she just got sick. Then she started in again. She wouldn't take her pill and she didn't want any other food (though she did take a piece of cheese Emily dropped. She would always steal that.) But that came up too.

By about 3:30pm she was hiding and trying to sleep but I kept looking for her and petting her and checking on her. She was trying to go off and die (we realize now). Emily, called the emergency vet hospital and they told her to bring her in at 4:30pm and there would be a doctor there. Emily called me at about 5:30 to tell me they has put Phoebe to sleep after discovering 2 tumors. Phoebe was slowly dying and the doctor said she could have had these for a little while or a short time. By the time they'd done that Phoebe was having a hard time breathing.

Emily stayed with her while the put her down.

I feel bad for Emily because it was really her cat it is just been part of my life for the last 13 years so she felt like she was mine too.

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