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The Superstars

Did anyone watch The Superstars? It is new reality show that while it isn't the most spectacular idea it is pretty cool to watch famous people battle it out doing really hard stuff and making fools out of themselves.

I was rooting of Mak & Kristi, mostly. Gotta love Mak. But after a while I was all for Paige & Bode and Jeff & Ali. Was I think only one who noticed that Paige's shirt was purple while Bode's seemed to be a dark blue? Shouldn't they be the same color?

Felt a little bad for Terrell Owens that he got stuck with Joanne Krupa. She may be a superstar but she also appears to be a super bitch. I mean she was ragging on TO for getting caught in the next in the obstacle course but she did it too!

Does anyone care?

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