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Cat people...

Okay so my sister's cat, Phoebe, hasn't been eating much. She has thyroid problems and takes a half a pill morning and evening and admittedly the pill has been forgotten a couple of times. But Phoebe barely eats. When we first put the food down she takes a couple bits and then nothing.

She also isn't used to her food being in the kitchen. She used to be locked in a bedroom where her sister couldn't get to her food but now it is more practical to lock my kitty in my room for this. Part of me wonders if Phoebe is worried Sydney is sneaking up on her because she's constantly looks over her shoulder at the food bowl. I wish we could leave her food down but Sydney will just gorge herself to the point of being sick.

Do you think it is just the change? Or do you think there could be something wrong?
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