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February 09 2009 @ 06:02 pm
Anyone use Proactiv?  
I've been using it and I discovered that it is on Amazon.com for cheaper than going to a kiosk at times. Pretty cool.

See it here!

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Alexstormsandsins on February 10th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
Yickes, I never use a washcloth, it's horrrrrible!

Methinks I should probably take Alesse again. Had to take 'em after getting my appendix removed and it definitely helped both the cramps and the acne. Hmm.
Jill aka Jo: GW: Melinda Made In Heavensireesanwar on February 10th, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)
I know. Didn't know that back then. I stopped but normal over the counter face wash still doesn't work for me.