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for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Birthday!
You know who you are!

So I woke up yesterday hoping my birthday would be better than it had in the past. That isn't to say I've had such horrible birthdays in the past. Of course, my birthday is September 12th which means in 2001 it really wasn't the focus of the day (not even to me). My birthday in the past hasn't been aweful it's just bad things seem to happen. My grandmother had a stroke on my birthday so I just prayed this birthday everyone would be healthy and nothing would bring the mood down.

Right off the bat I discovered how good it would be. I went to work (I know it stinks I had to work) and checked my email. I had a bunch of birthday cards from family and local friends (which I have to say hasn't happened in the past). Then a LJ friend (you know who you are) posted on their journal a big happy birthday to me which was sooo sweet. I also posted on my journal cause the day was going so good I wanted to share... and I got a bunch of you lovely people wishing me a Happy Birthday! I have to say you all are soooooooooooo sweet! I love LJing with all of you!

I went home after work and spent the day afternoon/night with my family. They made me French Toast which I adore so that was yummy. We ate this Chocolate Silk Pie instead of cake which was wonderful and I got The Pretender Season 4 on DVD! Yippee!!!! Plus my best friend called me to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me she got engaged. She didn't want to say anything because she didn't want to "make the day about her" but honestly I'm glad she told me. I love her like a sister and to know that she is happy made my day even better.

Today I got a few more messages of happy wishes for my birthday which was awesome. And this Saturday we (my siblings, my mother and I) are driving into the city and going to the Macaroni Grill because that is where I wanted to go for my birthday... I've never been so I'm giddy. All in all it has been a great birthday and I have a lot of my LJ buddies to thank for that which is the reason for the above graphic! But... THANK YOU! *big hug to all*


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