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Pretender/OCs: More Than You Think, [PG13], 3/4

Title: More Than You Think
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Pretender and Orignial Characters
Part: 3 of 4
Setting/Season: Between Season 1 and 2
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Violence, Language
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me. The PHQ characters belong to me.
Summary: Pretending is one thing Jarod doesn't share with anyone else... or does he? Jarod is opened up to a world he never knew existed when he meets a woman who tells him there are more pretenders than he thinks.
A/N: These original characters were created long ago on NBC's Centre Exchange Board. They've kind of gotten into a roll playing group and now have a small world all their own... Thought I'd share it with you. Hope you like.

March 1, 1997

Jarod had been at the house for over week now. He had quickly become comfortable around the residents. Kristina was quit a bit less mysterious in these surroundings. He’s learned that like himself, she’d been taken from her parents when she was three. She had been trained differently than he. She ended up being an assassin for The Centre, believing the people she killed were a threat to everything she cared about, until the day she realized the truth.

William was an interesting person. He was a bit standoffish, but enjoyable once brought out of his shell. William’s involvement with The Centre was more in how they influenced the government William was proud to work with. William’s wife Jolene had more energy than anyone Jarod had ever met. The mere fact the two were married made Jarod long to stay with these people. Jolene’s past was traumatic. Her parents had been willing to hand her over to The Centre for what he had no idea, but it couldn’t be good. Jolene hadn’t given up her story but Kristina filled him in on Christoph. She also informed him about William’s father and how Jolene had patched up their relationship. Jarod envied that.

Ryan’s story was horrifying to Jarod. The Centre took an accident and turned it to manipulate Ryan into handing himself over to them because of his genius. He knew how it felt to be manipulated by The Centre. Ryan seemed like a happy person and talked constantly, but Jarod believe that like himself, Ryan was plagued by nightmares. Ryan seemed a bit star struck by Jarod’s presence until about the fourth day when he’d become used to Jarod being around. Jarod was having trouble understanding Ryan’s jokes but he was managing well enough.

Natasha was a mystery. One that felt perfectly content on keeping herself the mystery she was. He didn’t dwell on it. She had his trust and he was sure when she felt the need, she’d tell him more about herself.

Michael on the other hand still baffled him. The man deserved the awe Ryan had paid Jarod. Michael seemed to be like a shadow. One minute there the next gone. He was quiet, soft spoken and after watching Ryan and Michael spar, Jarod realized, deadly. Michael was an expert in whatever he put his mind to. In that they were similar, but Michael was trained. Trained to kill, trained to use weapons, trained to manipulate his body into defending itself and killing if the need arose. When Michael spoke, people stopped to listen. Jarod suspected it had nothing to do with the urgency of what Michael was talking about but rather because he didn’t talk much and it was remarkable when he did. It wasn’t as if he wouldn’t talk but if he had no need to then he remained quiet.

Jarod had asked Ryan what the deal was with Michael and Ryan shook his head. Apparently, Michael knew next to nothing about himself. He’d gone by Michael only because it seemed to be what people called him. His memories were a jumble and his past was a question mark. Jolene had even commented that Michael periodically disappeared for long periods of time. None of them knew why but sometimes he came back a bit happier and other times you should just avoid him. Kristina informed Jarod that Michael’s absence was due to two things, his search for a child he felt a connection to and a woman he’d loved for the duration of his memory. The woman was still in the clutches of The Centre and Michael had hoped to have her freed by now.

Jarod looked around the common room where they’d gathered to converse. Natasha had entered the room and smiled at everyone. Jarod could tell the subject of the child seemed to sting Natasha but she hid it well.

Ryan made a joke which everyone laughed at but Jarod’s mind had drifted to Michael who was approaching at his normal laid back pace though something about his manner seemed urgent. “Michael?” Jarod looked to him and everyone turned towards the entrance to the room.

Michael stopped in the entrance. “Lily and McKenzie have been tracked down. They appear to be having trouble with a Centre operative who goes by the name Bug.”

Natasha stiffened. “Both of them? Together?” She knew all about Bug and had suspected for sometime she was the person tracking McKenzie and Lily. She’d been the one to give her the nickname, mainly because she was a pest. Bug had a need to torture her and the woman would use anyone she cared about to accomplish her goal.

Michael nodded once. “They appear to be traveling together.”

Natasha turned to the room. “We must get to them before The Centre.”

March 2, 1997

Jarod was in awe of everyone in the house. They pulled out the most accurate information and accessed flight records, bus schedules, and all other manners of transportation Lily and McKenzie could be traveling by. Jarod had offered his assistance and they had accepted. He was currently staring at a plan to extract the two women from a terminal. The details were generic to compensate for not knowing where the two would end up but these people had things down to an art form. If anyone of them was unsure about a movement or route they simply asked Michael. The man couldn’t possibly know exactly what the two women were thinking but he guessed correctly each time.

Natasha was looking over the plan scrutinizing everything. According to Ryan she didn’t do it often but when something was really important she and Michael both went over everything. Apparently it was better because Natasha and Michael did a lot of these missions on their own before recruiting anyone else to their teams. That impressed Jarod, but working for the Centre and being some kind of ghost must have worked for them.

Michael sighed as he straightened up from his hunched over position. He started towards Ryan but Jarod stopped him. “When will we be going after them?”

“When they slow down.” Michael state. He looked at Jarod briefly feeling as though an explanation was in order. “We can not help them if we can not pin them down. McKenzie and Lily are skilled; they will be able to protect themselves.” Michael stepped around Jarod and headed for Ryan.

Ryan was tracking McKenzie and Lily’s movements and was supposed to report the moment they stopped. After quiet from the two, Ryan leapt from his chair and nearly smacked into Michael. “According to informants they’ve stopped at a motel. They haven’t gotten any travel documentation.”

Natasha was staring at him from across the room. “This is it people. I want them brought back here in one piece.”

March 3, 1997

Jarod had come along and by the time they’d reached their destination it was morning again. William, Kristina, Natasha, and Michael were standing around him nodding to their respective assignments. Ryan and Jolene were back in San Francisco listening in. The comm. in his ear was irritating but it kept him in contact with the house and the team.

Jarod hadn’t known these people for very long but he now had a vested interest in their survival.

Ryan’s voice interrupted their briefing. “Bug returned to The Centre. They’ve mobilized a team of sweepers to hunt down McKenzie, Lily and an informant using the alias Question.”

Michael handed Jarod a black ski mask. “It is better if the sweepers do not see our faces.”

Jarod nodded and watched William, Kristina and Michael pocket the mask. He did the same. Natasha’s demeanor changed the moment Ryan reported in. “We have a team of sweepers heading our way. Two target extraction. Good luck.”

The others nodded to her and Kristina called Natasha, Nemesis. In such a mission her real name was never used. Michael, William and Kristina were the brute force while Jarod was there to use his expertise. McKenzie and Lily had moved from the motel and the latest report put them at a train station.

The four of them split up the moment they left the utility van. It was a hub of activity outside of a house. Jarod looked around and turned to see the van again. He looked around parking lot watching Michael and William enter the terminal from opposite entrances. Kristina and he entered and locked onto William and Michael’s positions visually. They moved to the upper level giving themselves cover all around the large station. Jarod could already tell something was going on. Something was off. “Does anyone know what they look like?”

Michael’s voice crackled over the comm. “Lily has red hair and brown eyes. 5’8” 130 pounds. Her hair is curly.”

Natasha, or Nemesis, came back as well. “McKenzie is the same height and weight. Wavy brown hair, blue eyes. My bet is they’re together and they’re armed.”

Jarod nodded to himself as he looked down into the sea of people below him. He looked across to Kristina who was taking in everything he couldn’t see. The room being a large rectangle shape Kristina and Jarod had a bird’s eye view of everything. Michael and William were at each end on the bottom level. Jarod’s eyes drifted over the crowd working his way from William to Michael.

Kristina’s voice broke through next. “Michael, 12 o’clock about forty feet out.”

Both Jarod and Kristina could see Michael nodded. “Affirmative.”

Michael started to walk forward when Jarod’s voice broke the silence. “William, sweepers at 10 o’clock. Their moving in on them.” Jarod felt panic and he looked up to see Kristina in a full fledge run. She was headed away from the stairs which baffled him. He watched her reach into her pocket and put her mask on. Jarod’s attention went to William who had backed into the shadow and re-emerged masked as well. Jarod turned to see Michael walk past the two women and around the corner into the men’s room. “What the hell?” Jarod quipped but the comm. remained silent. A masked man emerged from the bathroom only seconds after Michael had entered.

Jarod turned to look at Kristina who had reached the end on the opposite side. She pulled something from her pocket and slapped it on the railing before throwing herself over. Jarod’s was in shock as Kristina seemed to glide down whatever wire she’d placed. She landed softly behind a crowd of people and then there were shots. Jarod whipped his head around to see William with his gun pointed in the air and everyone in the station ducked down. People became frantic as they ran for exists. “What are you doing?” Jarod asked but the only response was silence and then he saw Kristina ushering people out. A distraction. Gates around the building started to fall as security protocols went into effect. Jarod’s feet were moving before it even dawned on him to run and he’d already pulled the mask out of his pocket. He pulled it on and ran for the stairs.

Jarod ran to the security desk which was now unoccupied because the guards had other things on their mind. Jarod worked feverishly and before he knew it the security locks started reverting back to safe mode. Gate rose and doors opened up. Jarod looked up from the desk into the barrel of a gun. He already knew it was McKenzie. “Where here to help you.” He put his hands up at his sides.

Lily joined McKenzie and they both looked at the action going on. “Who are you?”

“Friends.” Jarod commented.

Lily put her hand on McKenzie’s arm and lowered the gun. “Michael’s one of them.” McKenzie’s head jerked towards the masked team. “He walked right past me.” Lily continued. She turned to look Jarod’s direction and quickly leveled her gun and pulled the trigger.

Jarod expected pain but turned to see a sweeper lying dead behind him. “Let’s go.” Jarod was just a little shocked McKenzie didn’t even think twice about shooting the sweeper but was exceedingly glad it wasn’t something he had to do. He gestured for them to head out to the train tracks.

Michael had his hands full with the sweepers inside and Kristina and William were after the one’s following Jarod, McKenzie and Lily. Michael shot off his last round and quickly ducked behind a pillar. “Remove the mask.” A voice behind him ordered. Michael turned to face the person and recognized him as Gar, a high level sweeper. Gar’s face contorted as he was hit from behind.

The sweeper hit the floor to reveal Natasha standing behind him. “I thought you needed help.”

Michael nodded. “Good thinking.” She helped him up and the two went after the others.

Train Yard

Jarod skidded to a halt in the gravel nearly landing on his butt. “Where is everyone?”

“Looking for me?” A female voice sneered. A brunette with steel blue eyes approached. “McKenzie, Lily, who’s your new friend?”

Jarod ripped his mask off and all three women were clearly taken back and the new comer seemed amused by his presence. His mind was on overdrive as he turned and ran, leaving McKenzie and Lily behind.

Bug’s shock was evident and she clearly dismissed the women as she went after a more valuable prey. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her and stopped short of a stationary train.

McKenzie and Lily

McKenzie and Lily ran the opposite direction knowing Jarod would remain ahead of Bug and that Michael was their best bet. They could hear the sweepers roaming through the train yard but knew they didn’t have time to waste.

“There they are!” A sweeper yelled and a shot rang out.

McKenzie went down in a heap and Lily slid to a halt. “Mac, get up.”

McKenzie gasped as she fought through the pain. Her abdomen had been hit. A very serious injury. “Can’t.”

The sound of more shots rang through the air as William and Kristina ran up to the woman. “Where’s our friend?” William demanded.

Lily pointed the opposite direction. “Jarod risked himself for us. Bug’s after him.” The pair didn’t hesitate and they ran after Jarod and Bug.

Lily grabbed onto McKenzie. “Come on. You and I have been through a lot lately and you’re not aloud to die on me.”

McKenzie smiled up at Lily. “No problem. I’m good. Losing blood, but good.” They could both hear the sweepers moving closer and then another masked figure was standing nearly on top of them firing his guns in multiple directions.

A dark haired woman walked up to them taking out sweepers as she moved towards them. The moment she got to them she bent down. “McKenzie, Lily, I can’t believe you’re together.”

Lily was puzzled but McKenzie knew who she was looking at. “Natasha.” The woman coughed out.

The dark haired woman nodded and turned to Michael. “We’re going to need medical attention as soon as possible.”


William moved towards the back of the train where Kristina and he had seen Bug enter. Kristina moved around to the front in hopes of capturing the woman. They’d seen her run through a car but things were quiet now. They moved slowly from car to car hoping to meet with Bug in the middle.

When Kristina saw William through the glass and Bug wasn’t between them, she knew something was wrong. She looked out the window to her left. Jarod was outside with a look of panic covering his features. He yelled something but she couldn’t make it out. She knew something was very wrong with the situation, but it never dawned on her…


William knew something was off the moment he entered the train, but he wasn’t quite sure what. He looked around seats and behind door but found no sign of Bug. So maybe they’d go home without catching her. It wasn’t that big of a deal. They’d saved McKenzie and Lily which was the important thing. Of course, they did need to make sure Jarod was safe.

William looked up and saw Kristina moving towards him. She looked how he felt. Her puzzled expression only made his own suspicions grow. William’s head turned to the right and he saw Jarod’s panicked face yelling something. His first thought was of relief. If Jarod was okay then they didn’t need to bother with Bug. His second thought was analyzing Jarod’s reaction and William knew exactly what was about to happen…

Read Part 4...

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