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90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper with Cecil Murphey

Review No: 119
Title: 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death and Life
Author: Don Piper with Cecil Murphey
Pages: 205
Rating: 4

Book Description:
As he is driving home from a minister's conference, Baptist minister Don Piper collides with a semi-truck that crosses into his lane. He is pronounced dead at the scene. For the next 90 minutes, Piper experiences heaven where he is greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually. He hears beautiful music and feels true peace. Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference is led to pray for Don even though he knows the man is dead. Piper miraculously comes back to life and the bliss of heaven is replaced by a long and painful recovery. For years Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, however, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story.

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This has been sitting on my shelf for months. My cousin let me borrow it and I just wasn't ready to read it. I think I wasn't ready to read such a horrifying tale of what this man went through and at the same time I'm not sure I was ready for the miracles he sees in his life.

Finally reading it, I was mesmerized by everything that happened and the faith this man carried while going through such an ordeal. I'm a believer so this helped me, I think. I've read reviews where they say he wrote his story to further the message of God. Maybe that is why he experienced what he did. Maybe God wanted him to see Heaven and be able to come back and tell everyone... "Look, I've seen it."

I think one of the saddest things about Don Piper's story is that while he is with us on Earth is still wants to be in Heaven more than here. I think most Christian's feel this way to some extent but it would be quiet a bit different to experience Heaven and then be pulled away from it. Also, people fear death. I've heard pastors say that if you believe you shouldn't fear death but I think, that even with the assurance that you believe in your religion, you still fear. Even Don Piper had this attitude (as did many he helped) of "am I worthy of it".

I feel like I'm preaching and that wasn't the purpose behind this. I really liked this book though I am giving it back to my cousin. I probably won't ever own it or read it again (I don't think I could take the accident stuff again), but it was worth the read. I really enjoyed it and in many cases it left me with hope. I think that is the point.

It was hard to read about the pain he went through and all the bad stuff but I think this story is a good example (even if you disregard the bits about Heaven and miracles) that sometimes the things we go through are for a reason. Don Piper went through a horrible experience and he is able to help people who have similar experiences because he knows what they are going through and they accept his help for that reason.
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