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Pretender: Tapestry, [PG], 5/6

Title: Tapestry
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Pretender 
Part: 5 of 6
Setting/Season: Between Season 4 and Pretender 2001 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Violence I think.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me.
Summary: Jarod is looking into a new Centre Project but isn't having the best of luck. Miss Parker and Broots realize the Centre has gone further than even they can take... will Miss Parker turn to Jarod and leave The Centre?
A/N: None

Just a Little Insight


Lyle sat in his office staring off into space. Mr. Parker had made it perfectly clear he was to find Miss Parker at all costs. And second was the search for Jarod. Lyle was actually shocked most of the things his father did were to catch Jarod, but this time he was worried about Parker.

Lyle heard the door swing opened. Sam was standing in the doorway wondering if he should bother Lyle when Lyle looked up.

“What is it?” Lyle was slightly annoyed Sam thought Lyle could be upset about Parker’s disappearance. In fact, he was rather happy she was gone despite his earlier panic and feelings of dread for her. No, he was beginning to think living without his sister was a positive thing.

“Mr. Lyle. I think you should know Mr. Cox has not been in lately.” Sam cleared his throat.

“So you are saying I should be worried about an O.B. that can’t get his butt to work.” Lyle’s annoyance came through clearly.

“No sir, I am saying if you need to look into taking the helicopter to a possible Jarod sighting, you’ll have to think about a secondary copter. The primary is not on the Centre air pad.” Sam turned and left.

Lyle’s mind was a whirl. He figured Raines’ henchman would never help him, but the fact Sam’s job and life would be at risk if it were found out that he didn’t share this ‘news’ would probably make the guy more likely to fess up.

Lyle grabbed the phone and dialed quickly. “Centre Air Control, this is Lyle. I would like you to get the Centre’s Primary Helicopter ready for departure.”

“We are sorry sir, but it is not in at the moment.”

“Do you know who has it out?”

“Mr. Cox, sir.”

“Oh yes, he was going to a possible sighting. Could you refresh my memory about where he went?”

“He took it into Harrington.”

“Thank you. You have been so helpful.”





Miss Parker’s hands ran over the smooth surface in hopes of finding a latch that would open a concealed room, but to her disappointment there was nothing there. She could feel her mother’s worry and she knew it was because Ethan was in some sort of danger. Miss Parker whirled around and watched Jarod pound on the wall on the office.

“Damn.” Jarod slammed his fists into the wall.

Broots spoke breaking the silence that followed Jarod’s outburst of frustration. “I didn’t find anything either.”

Jarod was staring at the ground wishing to never have to look Miss Parker in the face again. He should know the answer, but yet again he was not being much help. He didn’t do that much to help with Thomas’ death and now he couldn't find his own brother.

“Jarod, there must be something we are missing.” Miss Parker’s frustration was growing. She was having trouble concentrating on the voice in her head and the task at hand.

Broots could barely think. He wanted to help Miss Parker find Ethan and he felt he should help Jarod after everything Jarod had done for him and everything Jarod had gone through. “Well, let's think. If this room doesn’t have the passageway, then another room Dr. Fredericks uses must.”

Jarod looked at Broots. “I remember someone telling me Simians’ secretary thought he was acting strangely the day he died. Maybe she would know something?”

Miss Parker looked disgusted. “It’s worth a try isn’t it.” Miss Parker led the way out of the office.



Not So Alone


Ethan sat in the dark room in silence. He had stopped humming a long time ago. He wasn’t sure why, but he knew he wasn’t just hearing his mother singing, but talking as well. She was telling him something about Jarod and Miss Parker, but he wasn’t sure what. Ethan was startled by the sound of the heavy door to his cell slamming closed.

Ethan looked in the direction of the sound but again he couldn’t see anything in the shadows. He knew someone stood there, but he wasn’t sure who.

Don’t trust her. His mother’s voice whispered.

Ethan stared blankly into the darkness where he knew the woman was standing. “What now?”

“So you are alert. I was told you were talking to your mother.” The woman’s voice taunted.

“Oh, I was, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t alert.” Ethan stated.

“I was led to believe your mother had killed herself.” The woman prodded.

“That was a lie! The Centre murdered her!” Ethan became annoyed.

“Well now, if you are going to spread rumors then…”

“Rumors imply a lie. I am not lying. I was there!”

“You would have been what… a newly born child. How could you possibly know?” The woman seemed interested.

“The image has always been with me, but I didn’t fully understand until the people who said they were my parents were killed.”

“And your mother talks to you?”

“Yes,” Ethan paused to listen to the name his mother was whispering. And then suddenly he knew, “Cathy.”

“Well, I am surprised. How is it you know me without seeing my face? We only met once. I doubt you remember my voice.” Cathy was curious.

“I may not be able to see you, but my mother is watching.” Ethan warned. “Where I am, she is as well.”

“Well, then maybe we should remove her from you.” Cathy walked out of the darkness with a syringe in hand. She walked over to Ethan and stuck it into his vein.

Ethan couldn't stop what she was doing. He knew she was going to hurt him but he was so tightly tied there was no way he could get loose. The last thing he heard was his mother’s voice telling him Jarod and Miss Parker were coming and then the darkness overtook him.





Jarod rummaged through the belongings on his desk which had been Robert Simians. He was positive he had seen an address book in there somewhere, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.


“Bookshelf.” Miss Parker blurted out.

Jarod looked up at her. “You’re right. It was on the bookshelf. Thank your mother as well.”

“Jarod, don’t be re..”

I am glad to help, Jarod.

Broots stared at a shocked Miss Parker. “Miss Parker, what is it?”

“She is having a conversation with Jarod through me. She said she was glad to help.” Miss Parker sighed.

Jarod stared at the address book as he flipped through it. “When I am with you or Ethan I can feel her, because she is there and she is listening. Only you and Ethan can hear her, but I still talk to her from time to time.”

“So you talk to my mother when you are alone. Jarod, she is my mother.”

Jarod whipped the address he was looking for out and then slammed the book shut. “Miss Parker, for years the only mother figure I had was yours. She hugged me and made me feel hope that I would someday see my mother.” Jarod paused a moment. “It is bad enough you won’t let me find my mother, but now you wish to stop me from speaking to yours when I feel I need guidance. I think that is a bit selfish. Don’t you?” Jarod remained calm.

“I don’t know.” Miss Parker looked down in what appeared to be shame for only a moment. “Is that the secretaries address?”

“Yes. Let’s go.” Jarod walked out with Miss Parker and Broots trailing.

As Jarod and Miss Parker walked through the halls side by side, with Broots in tow, Miss Parker felt it was only right she say something to Jarod. “Jarod, I am sorry I snapped about your whatever you want to call talking to a dead woman.”

Jarod winced at Miss Parker’s lack of respect toward her own gifts. “I call it what it is. It is me speaking to someone I cared for even after death. You go to her grave to do it, I don’t have that luxury.”

“Jarod, I always found it easier to tell her what I needed to when I was staring at her headstone. Of course, that has changed because of you, but now, also because of you, I can hear her talking back.”

Jarod stopped in his tracks. “I am glad I helped you, and that you know the truth.”

Miss Parker stared at Jarod. She couldn’t help smiling at him. She had to admit he had helped her more than she had ever thought he would.

Jarod stared at Miss Parker’s face as she smiled at him. He loved it when she smiled. She was beautiful. However, her moment of happiness was short lived when she grabbed her head and backed into the wall behind her. Once she hit the wall she slid down it still holding her head.

“Miss Parker?” Broots called to her.

Jarod grabbed her by the arms. “Miss Parker? What is it?”

Miss Parker held her head in her hands for only another moment. Then she looked up at the worried men around her. “I am sorry. My mom was yelling Lyle is coming and that Ethan is in trouble. We have to hurry.”

“Hide in here.” Jarod, Broots, and Miss Parker all ducked into Cathy Riley’s office.



Power Trip


Lyle walked into Dr. Robert Simian’s office. He did a quick look and noticed there was no one in the room. He walked back out into the hall where the sweepers stood. “Comb the area. I know he’s here. Find him!”

Lyle walked the hall with two of the Sweepers he had brought with him. The sweepers checked some of the offices along the way. Lyle read the names on the office doors looking for something familiar. “Cathy Riley? Sounds kind of familiar.” He went to open the door.

“Sir, there is something I think you should see,” a Sweeper called to him.

Lyle walked away.

Inside Cathy’s office, Jarod slinked out from behind the door. “Okay lets go.”

Broots stood up from behind the desk with some papers he was very interested to read. “Jarod, Miss Parker, look at this.”

Jarod and Miss Parker crossed the room quickly.

“What did you find?” Miss Parker asked.

“It looks like Cathy is doing some sort of brain experiment having to do with a unknown subject that hears voices.”

“Damn.” Jarod whispered. “She wanted Ethan the whole time. They knew we were here.”



Who’s the Boss


Lyle stood in the lab staring at the tissue samples of brains, and the papers that were Centre orders instructing an experiment on human subjects. The experiment was to enhance brain activity to be able to communicate with the dead.

“This has nothing to do with Miss Parker, does it? I want answers now!”

“I had no idea you cared for your sister so much, bravo.”

Lyle turned to face Cox. “Well, I should have known I would find you here Cox. I mean your hobby is taxidermy, why not work with a human subject?”

“Interesting theory, but wrong.” Cox smiled. “I am here upon your father’s request. He wants the secret to Ethan’s abilities and he wants them ASAP.”

“Then why did he send me on the hunt for Parker?”

“Because she is here hindering progress with her sidekicks, the computer geek and the genius.” Cox stood calmly watching for Lyle’s reaction.

“I want to see Ethan. And I mean now.” Lyle demanded.

“Of course, whatever you say. Follow me.” Cox walked up to the far wall reached up and tapped a certain spot on the wall, which reacted by springing opened. Beyond that wall was a stair case leading down.



Pretending Together


Jarod, Miss Parker, and Broots pulled up to the address they found in Simian’s address book. “Are you sure I should stay in the car?”

“Broots! Stop your whining. Just stay in the car.” Miss Parker was sick of listening to him.

“Yes, Miss Parker.”

Jarod and Miss Parker got out of the car and started up the walk. “He will do whatever you say. You don’t have to yell at him.”

“He’s a wuss.”

“Everything he holds dear is in jeopardy and you call that being a wuss. He could have left you to do this on your own, but he cares enough to help.”

Miss Parker had never thought of Broots that way. Jarod was always pointing out the obvious. Miss Parker refocused her energy towards the front door after Jarod knocked on it.

They only waited a few minutes before a woman answered the door. “Yes, can I help you.”

“Yes, I am Dr. Jarod Cramer. I am using Dr. Simian’s office at the Harrington Medical Facility at the moment. I was wondering if you could help my assistant and I with something?”

Miss Parker stared at Jarod. His assistant! In his dreams.

“Yes, come in. I am Samantha Helm. I was Dr. Simians assistant.”

Miss Parker entered with Jarod following behind. Samantha lead them into the living room where they all sat.

“What is this about doctor?”

“Please call me Jarod, and this is…” Jarod paused and looked at Miss Parker, “Parker. We were wondering if you knew anything about this?” Jarod handed her the folder they had found in Cathy Riley’s office.

Samantha sighed and then looked at them. “Look, I told you people before I didn’t know anything about these top secret documents some of the doctors have been working on..”

“Samantha,” Jarod gave her his I am here to help look, “I am not one of the people who visited you before. They want this kept quiet and I am just trying to find my brother. I believe he stumbled upon this information and someone found out. He has disappeared.” Jarod pulled out the only and most recent photo he took with Ethan on their road trip to Harrington.

She stared at Jarod for along moment. “Alright, but I have to tell you I don’t know much. All I know is Bobby was worried about this particular file. He never let me see it, but I knew he had it. He was afraid someone would get hurt. The day before he died he went to talk to Dr. Fredericks about Dr. Riley. He believed she was into some sort of experiments on humans. I never saw him again.”

“Do you know where he was planning on meeting Dr. Fredericks?” Miss Parker asked gently.

“Dr. Fredericks has a lab no one is allowed to go into. His personal secretary wasn’t even allowed in there. But the night before his death Bobby told me he was going to meet
Fredericks in his lab. The strangest thing was the other day when I turned in my resignation and cleared out my desk I could have sworn I saw both Dr. Fredericks and Riley go into his lab.”

Jarod listened intently. When she finished, Jarod had it figured out. “Thank you for your help. I promise no one will know you helped us. Thank you.”



Mad Scientist


Ethan was sprawled out on top of a medical table. He looked like he was sleeping.

“Now it is time for the dissection.” Cathy Riley stood next to the medical table gloved and ready.


Read Part 6...

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