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Pretender: Tapestry, [PG], 4/6

Title: Tapestry
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Pretender 
Part: 4 of 6
Setting/Season: Between Season 4 and Pretender 2001 
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Violence I think.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me.
Summary: Jarod is looking into a new Centre Project but isn't having the best of luck. Miss Parker and Broots realize the Centre has gone further than even they can take... will Miss Parker turn to Jarod and leave The Centre?
A/N: None

Now What


Lyle entered the room with Sam in hot pursuit. “Where are they?” Lyle turned to Sam. “Find her or I will make sure you pay for this.”

Another sweeper was already looking around the room for clues. He had noticed the computer was on and he went to look into it. The sweeper leaned in over the computer and noticed yet again something had been downloaded from the computer system and then he noticed the scanner. The light was on. He reached down slowly as though if he moved to fast it would bite him. Inside the scanner was a picture of a tapestry. “Mr. Lyle, you might want to look at this.”

Lyle walked towards the tall sweeper. The man must have stood at least a head taller than Lyle, but Lyle wanted to be intimidating. “Give me that.” Lyle snatched the photograph from the sweeper’s hand. Lyle took one look at it and new what was going on. “Damn it.”

Lyle turned to leave but before he walked through the door he turned and looked back at Sam and the other sweepers. “I want this area swept. I want to know where they entered and where they exited. And I want to know where they are going.”





Jarod was sitting at his computer trying to find the records for the hospital. Ethan and Miss Parker were in the corner talking and Broots was looking over Jarod’s shoulder. Jarod looked back at Miss Parker again. He could barely believe she was here helping. He wanted to trust her, but he didn’t think he should.

Miss Parker was getting upset at whatever Ethan and she were talking about. “That doesn’t mean you should trust him!”

“Sis, I trust Jarod and so should you.” Ethan was a bit harder to understand.

Jarod stopped working and looked at them. He stood and looked at Broots, “Keep searching.” Broots instantly took the chair as if eager to work his own magic. Jarod then focused on Miss Parker. “Miss Parker, if you don’t trust me then why are you here?”

“Because I trust the Centre even less.” Miss Parker snarled.

“Jarod, she says just because the voices say I can trust you that it doesn’t mean I should.” Ethan was looking down at his feet that he was shuffling. He looked as though he had done something wrong.

“Miss Parker, may I have a word with you.” Jarod wasn’t asking. He grabbed her by the arm and took her outside. She struggled at first but realized he was much stronger and he wasn’t going to let go. She was not used to being manhandled and she didn’t like it.

When they got outside, Jarod let go of his grip on her and Miss Parker lashed out by shoving him away from her. Jarod only took a step back and then said what he had brought her out here to say, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Me? I could ask the same of you? You dragged me out here like I was your property!” Miss Parker screamed at him.

“I dragged you out here so I wouldn’t say this in Ethan’s presence.” Jarod said loudly, but it wasn’t quit yelling.

“What?” Miss Parker seemed interested.

“You're jealous!”

“Of what?”

“Of my relationship with Ethan .” Miss Parker’s feet shifted beneath her. “Admit it. You hate the idea of Ethan and I being brothers and friends.”

Miss Parker became mad. “The only thing I hate is you!”

Jarod backed off like he had physically been hit in the face. He looked at her with sad eyes that were trying to hide pain. Jarod spoke, barely, “I --- was right.” Jarod turned to go inside.

Miss Parker instinctively put her hand on his shoulder. “Jarod.” Her voice had turned soft.

Jarod stopped with his back to her and waited. Miss Parker’s hand slide off his shoulder and brushed against his back. Jarod turned to see Miss Parker with her back now to him. He only stared at her. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but she said it, she hated him.

“Jarod,” she startled him by breaking the silence, “I am sorry I said. You just made me so mad. I don’t…”

Jarod jumped in. “Yes, you do.” Miss Parker whipped around to look him in the eyes, but when she looked he was staring at the ground. “And the funny thing is I don’t hate you. No matter what you have tried to do to me I still care. I guess I miss the little girl who gave me my first kiss.”

Miss Parker’s mind was racing. That was the second time Jarod had reminisced about that kiss. Did he think about it that often?

Jarod continued. “I miss having you as my friend. What happened to that little girl?” Jarod’s gaze met hers.

She was dumbfounded. What could she say and then the question rung in her head, “She’s dead. She died along time ago Jarod, and nothing you or anyone else did stopped that.”

“She is not dead. She is inside you begging to come out but you keep locking her inside. Well, you did free her when you met Thomas…”

Miss Parker slapped him. “Don’t you ever say his name.” Miss Parker growled at him, and then turned her back. She did want him to see her cry nor did she really want to attack Jarod and when people said his name she wanted to kill. “Why did you bring me out here?”

“So I could tell you I will have a relationship with Ethan, and you should too, but if you try to destroy what Ethan and I share then we are gone and you won’t find either of us.” Jarod was hurt and he lashed out the only way he could. He turned away and this time went into the house.





Broots was staring at the screen. It had suddenly hit him. These houses all had something to do with a project “Restore.” Broots couldn’t find the word used in the right context anywhere else. All he could turn up is that The Centre had this project and that was what they were calling it. Broots didn’t look up, but he noticed Jarod had entered the room and he wasn’t looking like Miss Parker and he had had a wonderful conversation. Broots wondered what was said, but knew better than to ask Miss Parker. Maybe Jarod would talk.

“Mr. Broots, have you found anything?” Jarod ran his fingers through his hair.

“Just call me Broots, and I think I know what they are calling this project.”

Jarod came around so he could see the screen. “What is it?”

“Restore. They are calling it Restore, like they had something that needed to be restored to them.” Broots words hit him and he turned to Jarod.

“I need to be restored.” Jarod knew the meaning of this, but what could they be cooking up with all this death and torture? Jarod suddenly realized Ethan was not in the room. Fear caught in Jarod’s throat. “Where… is Ethan?”

“I don’t know. A few minutes after you left he was gone. It was like he vanished. He is probably in his room.”

Jarod ran across the living room and into the hall. He checked every room. Nothing. Jarod ran out into the living room. “Miss Parker! Miss Parker!”



Change in Thoughts


Miss Parker was outside thinking about what had just happened between her and Jarod. Jarod could always bring out the emotional side of her. He knew exactly where the buttons were and he wasn’t afraid of pushing them. The thing was not even Miss Parker believed anymore he did it to spite her. She realized Jarod’s last comment was out of pure defense, and she believed he could disappear without a trace. She had pushed him and his defense mechanism went up. She could understand that.

She began to feel guilty. All that has happened and I still can’t bring myself to take Jarod at his word. We were friends once and I know the little boy I cared for is inside of him. What is wrong with me? I always need to tell someone something and the only person who wants to listen is the person I am hunting.

Her guilt was quickly replaced with panic as she heard Jarod cry out for her. Miss Parker ran for the door and slide into the living room. “What?”

Jarod looked panicked and as if he was going to cry. “Ethan is gone.”

Miss Parker didn’t realize what was important to her until those words escaped Jarod’s lips. She couldn’t steady herself. She reached for the chair next to the door and sat down in it. She was loosing someone else, and it was her fault. Ethan ran because of what she had told him and probably because Jarod and she were fighting. She held her head in her hands and shook it.

Jarod noticed Miss Parker was a bit weak on her feet. He went to her but she had already made it to the chair. Jarod knelt in front of her. “Are you alright?” Miss Parker looked up at him; her face had become ghostly pale. Jarod put his hands on her face and looked into her eyes, “Are you alright?”

Miss Parker stared at him and then forced out, “This is my fault.”


“I told him not to trust you, and then I got into a screaming match with you. He got scared and ran.” Jarod was about to say something when Miss Parker reached out and grabbed his hands. “Jarod, I lost my mother, Thomas is gone, my twin is a psychopath, I lost what I thought was my father and because of that my new baby brother, I have pushed you as far away as possible, I can’t lose Ethan too.” Miss Parker’s words were so soft and hard for even Jarod to hear.

“Miss Parker,” Jarod squeezed her hands in his, “we will get your baby brother if you want, we will find Ethan, and you never lost me.” With Jarod’s last words he stood and started to walk away.

Miss Parker’s shock was obvious. She had just gotten one pure emotion from Jarod that was more than just meant for her, but was waiting for her. However, she didn’t get the chance to say anything.

Broots had been watching everything. No matter what he felt for Miss Parker he knew Jarod and she shared something he would never understand.

Jarod looked at Broots and quickly said, “So how do we find Ethan?”



Taking Action


Ethan could not stand his brother and his sister arguing. He could hear the voices telling him the proof they needed was at the Harrington Medical Facility. The voices told him if The Centre were stopped then Jarod and Miss Parker would not have anything to argue about. Above all else he wanted that. He liked having a family. His father, Emily, Jarod, but he wanted Miss Parker to be part of it.

Ethan was careful not to attract any attention as he moved through the building. He was trying to get to Rick Fredericks office. He knew Rick had something to do with the death of Robert Simians and the patient. He could hear it in the halls as he walked through them, voices screamed to him for help, begging him to stop the torture and the pain. Ethan felt like his head was going to explode. The voices grew loader every step he took. Then as he entered Rick’s office the voices stopped. At first, Ethan thought they were gone, but he realized they weren’t. They were waiting. Waiting for him to stop everything.

Ethan went immediately to Rick’s desk and started rummaging through it. Ethan had not gotten very far when the voices started again, but now they were warning him. He couldn’t understand them, “What?” He listened and then he felt the pain sting him from behind, and he blacked out.





Lyle walked into his father’s office. He had been thinking of what he would say to his father when he arrived here. He had nothing. He thought about making excuses. She was gone when we got there. There was no sign of her. She has gone into hiding. Jarod abducted her. She learned from the best? What the hell am I thinking? Lyle stepped foreword and smiled at his father. Mr. Parker loved his little girl and Lyle knew it. Hell, even I care what happens to her. He was supposed to be bringing her in and protecting her at all costs. The Triumvirate would not stand for Miss Parker’s curiosity, and Mr. Parker and he had to do something.

“So where’s my Angel?” Mr. Parker grumbled.

Lyle wanted to make excuses, but he had to admit after everything Mr. Parker had been through and done, he was intimidated by his father. “She gave us the slip.”

“What? You can’t find her?”

“She went to one of the Restore Houses, but she left before we could catch her. We think she’s traveling with Jarod.” Lyle held his hands out like he was washing them of the mess.

“Oh?” Mr. Parker sat in his chair and stared at Lyle. “This could be a good thing. We can tell the Triumvirate she is hot on the heals of Jarod and she’s out of contact.”

“They won’t believe it. She has never been close enough to Jarod to stop him. Plus, the cameras at the house show they are working together, with the help of Ethan and Broots. I must say I think Broots is there because of Parker.” Lyle shrugged.

“We’ll fix the cameras so no one knows she was there.”

“Doesn’t the feed goes directly to a live shot in Africa.”

“Then she is a traitor.” Mr. Parker said simply.

“Dad, they will be gunning for her.” Lyle felt panic and for the first time he realized he liked having a sister and a family.

“That is what we what them to believe, and then Angel will be hauling Jarod back to the Centre.”

Lyle understood what his father was saying but he still hated the thought of it.

Mr. Parker stood from behind his desk and started for the door. “Come. We have somewhere to be.”



Keeping In Touch


Jarod, Miss Parker, and Broots crept around the corner. They had managed to break into the Harrington Medical Facility. Jarod had this feeling the proof they needed was here and Ethan was trying to get to it. Jarod didn’t know where to go first.

Jarod stopped when he came to a new corridor. He turned to Miss Parker and Broots. “I don’t know where he would be.” Jarod looked at Miss Parker. “But you do.” Jarod grabbed Miss Parker’s arms gently. “Listen, Miss Parker. She is there. Your Mother. She is telling you. Where did Ethan go?”

Miss Parker stared at him blankly. “I don’t know.”

“Try. I know you don’t believe this, but Ethan’s life may be at risk.”

Miss Parker couldn’t stand the thought of Ethan hurting. She concentrated. Momma are you there? Please be there. Ethan needs us both. Help me.

Miss Parker heard it. Honey? Can you hear me? Miss Parker pulled away from Jarod and slammed against the far wall holding her hand out so Jarod and Broots would not get near her. In her head she heard it again. Honey? I am here.

Momma? Is it you?

Yes, honey. My little girl is all grown up and so beautiful.

Miss Parker could feel the tears streaming down her face. Momma, Jarod and I can’t find Ethan. Was he here?

My precious boy. Yes, he was here. Jarod knows. Ethan told Jarod. Miss Parker barely heard the last word it was like her mothers voice was moving away from her. She knew another name was said but what she couldn’t begin to imagine. Miss Parker landed on the floor in a heap, sobbing.

Jarod was knelling beside her. “Miss Parker, are you alright?”

“Jarod, I heard her. She was there. She said you knew, that Ethan told you.” Miss Parker was wiping the tears off her cheeks. The emotions released when her mother’s voice permeated her thoughts were so intense she hadn’t even known she was crying until her hands touched her face.

“Ethan didn’t tell me anything.” Jarod looked at her.

Broots thought about it for a moment. “Ethan and you were here before now, right?”


“Did he tell you something then?”

Jarod thought a moment. “The only thing I can remember is he said he was sure Rick Fredericks was responsible for the death of the patient.”

Miss Parker got to her feet and then started to pace the hall. She was mumbling, “Rick Fredericks.” She then turned to Jarod and said, “Ethan is in trouble.” She turned on her heals and ran down the hall with Jarod and Broots in hot pursuit. Miss Parker stopped in front of a door.

Jarod ran to her and looked at the name on the door. “Rick Fredericks”. He knew Miss Parker’s mother was helping them and that Ethan really was in serious trouble. Jarod entered the room. All of them started looking around. They had to find something, anything.

Broots was at the desk looking at papers. He shuffled around at the desk and then his foot hit something. He found a statue. Broots picked it up. The back of it had blood on it. Broots started to panic. “Jarod, Miss Parker, I think I found something.” Broots held the statue out.

Jarod went to the desk. He instantly knew whose blood it was. Ethan had been hit. Rage built within Jarod and he pushed everything on the desk top to the floor screaming, “Nooo!”



Holding On


Ethan, my son. Wake up. You must listen. Your sister and brother are looking for you. Ethan, precious, please wake. Your sister and I have talked. Ethan!

Ethan was coming around and only one voice was getting in. She was beckoning to him. He was still between sleep and wake when she yelled out for him. He shot awake. “Mother?”

Ethan, I am here. I love you. They are coming for you, Ethan. Her voice began to fade into the others.

“No mother. Stay. Sing to me.”

I am here. Catherine Parker’s voice started singing even though Ethan couldn’t make out the words. Ethan sat on the ground and listened.

Ethan hummed to the song. A loud noise startled him, and he looked around the dark room he could tell he was not alone. He pretended he hadn’t noticed the person lurking in the shadows. Suddenly, Ethan realized his mother’s voice was gone. “Momma? Are you there?”

“You mother isn’t here?” A voice with an accent chimed in.

Ethan I am here. Don’t listen to the man. His name is Mr. Cox. Be careful he’s evil. He wants you to tell him where your sister and brother are. Ethan turned toward the other man looking at where his face should be in the shadows. “What do you want, Mr. Cox?”

“I am honored you know my name, Ethan.” Cox walked out into the dim light with a grin on his face.

“I know more than The Centre thought I did.”

“Is that a fact?” Cox began to pace around the room. “Then I will bet you know where Jarod, Miss Parker, and Mr. Broots are? Don’t you?”

Ethan they are coming. Don’t tell him. “I don’t.”

Mr. Cox stopped in the middle of the room and turned to Ethan, his expression suddenly cold. “Why don’t I believe you? Maybe it is because you and I know you and Jarod were both working at the Harrington Medical Facility together.” Mr. Cox glared down at Ethan.

Ethan was not prepared for this man. He appeared calm, but Ethan suspected he was anything but inside. “So then we are in the basement? Or as you would better know it the torture chambers?”

Cox smiled at Ethan and then walked to a door that seemed to appear. Cox walked out of the room and left him alone with only the voice in his head to keep him company.





“Jarod, calm down. Ethan is alive. I can feel it.” Miss Parker put her hand on his shoulder as he leaned on the desk he had liberated of any objects.

“How do you know?” Broots whispered to her.

“My mother is here. She is with us both.”

“Both?” Broots seemed puzzled.

“Ethan and I. She is watching over us.” Miss Parker started walking around the room as though she were in search of something.

“If she is here then Ethan is too.” Broots revealed.

Jarod looked around at Broots and Miss Parker. “What are you looking for?” He finally asked.

Miss Parker grinned at Jarod. “Where does The Centre tend to set up camp?”

“What are you talking about?” Jarod was clearly distracted by Ethan’s possibly injury.

“Where is most of The Centre, and where was Donoterase?”

Broots chimed in. “Underground.”

“Got it in one.” Miss Parker pointed to him. “Help me find the door.”


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