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May 06 2006 @ 11:59 am
Pretender: Missing Pieces, [PG], 5/5  
Title: Missing Pieces
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: The Pretender 
Setting/Season: After Island of the Haunted 
Part: 5 of 5
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Suspense/Mystery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me.
Summary: This is my story which was originally to promote the "Missing Pieces" site but it kind of spiraled... Jarod drops hints to Miss Parker there are still missing pieces to be found... 
A/N: The site mentioned is (or was) a real site and I was given permission to use it in my story.

Miss Parker bounded down the corridors on her way to kill the man who’d caused her all manner of pain. She was sick to death of pretending she could handle everything Raines had done. She didn’t have her mother or Tommy because of Raines and he would pay for it.


“Angel.” A voice caught her attention.


Miss Parker whirled on the voice. “Daddy?”


Mr. Parker stepped out of the shadows. “Angel.”


“What are you doing here?” Miss Parker looked to the man she’d believed to be her father.


“Jarod. He can’t be here.” Mr. Parker looked ragged as if everything he’d been through was taking a toll on him.


Jarod came running down the corridor and slid to a halt.


“He can’t be here, Angel!” Mr. Parker pointed to Jarod.


“Daddy?” Miss Parker didn’t really want Jarod to be captured but she didn’t understand why a man who had steered her towards capturing Jarod for so long would want it to end now. “Daddy, I don’t understand.”


Jarod walked up behind Miss Parker. “The scrolls?” He looked to Mr. Parker.


Mr. Parker reached out to Miss Parker. “I know you loved Thomas, but it wasn’t supposed to be. The Chosen is supposed to help you change the future of the Parker’s. You are the new Parker legacy, Angel.” He looked to Jarod. “Fighting you will get us no where.”


Jarod tilted his head slightly. He truly never believed he’d ever hear Mr. Parker say such a thing to him.


“Of course… we knew… it would be… only a matter… of time before… you reappeared.” Raines wheezed as he came into view behind Mr. Parker.


Mr. Parker turned to face Raines. “I won’t let you stop this.”


“The Centre will rise!” Raines exclaimed as he leveled a gun at Miss Parker. “You won’t be stopping anything.”


“No!” Yelled Mr. Parker as he stepped in front of Miss Parker and a gun shot rang out though the corridor.


Miss Parker looked stunned as Jarod grabbed onto her. “I’m fine.”


Mr. Parker turned and smiled at Miss Parker. “I love you, Angel.” He collapsed on the floor.


Miss Parker shook her head. “No!” She knelt down at her father’s side. “Daddy!”


Jarod squatted near Mr. Parker and checked for a pulse. “Miss Parker.” He reached out to her. “We have to go. There’s nothing we can do for him.”


Miss Parker pulled her gun from behind her back and whirled towards where Raines had stood but now all see saw was another man slumped on the floor. “Jarod.” He jutted her chin towards Raines’s body.


“He isn’t dead.” Lyle stated as he stepped forward from around the corner with gun in hand.


“Lyle?” Miss Parker raised her gun to him and stepped infront of Jarod, a reflex she never thought she’d have.


“He’ll wake up, and when he does, I’m going to tell him Dad shot him.” Lyle turned to look at her. “He’s going to believe Jarod ran with you because he was worried about you, and I’m going to stall any moves he makes against you two.” Lyle dropped his gun and looked down at his biological father’s body.


“Why?” Miss Parker lowered her gun and stepped forward.


“Dad came to see me. Told me Mom wanted Jarod to bring the Centre down but that you had to be the one to help him. He told me it was what the scrolls said. The Centre would only prosper if they can keep Jarod here. You and I both know Mom died to prevent that from happening.” Lyle smiled slightly at Miss Parker. “She was my mother too. I never got to be with her but she was my mother.”


“And she would have been proud of your decision.” Jarod stated.


Lyle rolled his eyes. “I still don’t like you. I still want you to suffer, but…” He looked to Parker. “I can’t let you die like her.”


Miss Parker turned to go with Jarod but then turned back. “Now you’re my brother.” She turned again and ran down the corridor with Jarod.




Miss Parker sat in her office staring at the message Jarod had sent her way. She now knew Raines had killed Thomas. She knew the truth and her father had died because Raines knew he’d come and stop her from killing Raines and try to get her to leave the Centre. Lyle had surprised her and Angelo was doing better ever since Raines had been shot. The doors to her office opened and Lyle walked in.


“Lyle?” Miss Parker wondered if his confession of loyalty had been only an act.


“I needed to tell you more. Yes, Raines killed Thomas and Dad was involved, though he only wanted to get rid of him. I want you to know the original plan was to frame you. Raines thought it would get you out of the way. It was the reason you’re gun was left, but I couldn’t let that happen to you. Hence the junkie. Dad and I planned that.” Lyle looked to her. “I don’t understand why you stayed behind. Why didn’t you go with Jarod?”


“It will be easier to dismantle this place from the inside out, not the opposite.” Miss Parker stated.


“Parker, you do understand I have to play along. I have to pretend I’m on Raines side so I can stay where I am.” Lyle watched her.


“Between me and him.” Miss Parker smiled at him.


“Yes.” He looked to her. “I know my life isn’t the most family friendly thing. I’ve done things no one should ever have to know, but I want you to know some things are Centre lies.”


“So you don’t kill and eat people?” Miss Parker eyed him.


“Killed, yes. Eat, no.” Lyle turned to go.


“But the tattoo?” Miss Parker rose to her feet. “And the pretense.”


“All for the Centre’s benefit.” Lyle turned to her. “Tell your new friend, I’m sorry about Kyle. At the time I didn’t know what to do. I knew I had to get back into the Centre and I thought capturing Jarod…”


“And cutting his thumb off would get you in?” Miss Parker looked at him as though she already knew the answer.


“Bad choice, eh, Parker?” Lyle shook his head. “Desperation and anger make people do things.”


“Torturing Jarod?” She folded her arms across her.


“The Centre’s always watching.” Lyle pointed to the camera in her office. “Raines won’t remember a thing.” He walked through her office doors.




Sydney sat in his office staring at the doorway waiting for him to enter. The biggest surprise for him was figuring out a while back that Lyle was covering a lot to prevent Parker from dying. He had to respect that and he had to help.


Lyle walked into Sydney’s office slowly. “Sydney?”




“I know it was hard to trust me. But everyone’s better for it.” Lyle smiled at Sydney.


“Except Mr. Parker.” Sydney looked up at Lyle.


“Dad knew drawing Raines out was the only way to get him. I just never expected Jarod would come riding in her to help my sister.” Lyle took a seat in one of Sydney’s chairs.


“Did you talk to Parker?” Sydney steepled his fingers in front of him.


“Yes. She didn’t leave with Jarod because she says it would be easier to dismantle the Centre from the inside, but I know it is because she won’t leave Broots, Angelo and you.” Lyle sighed.


“Or now you.” Sydney eyed him.


“Maybe, but Mom wanted her safe and she won’t be until Jarod makes this place crumble.” Lyle rose to his feet and walked to the door. “Work to do. See ya.”




“So Lyle’s on you’re side.” Jarod sat in his lair looking over the missing pieces site which contained far more information than before.


“Apparently.” Miss Parker paused for a moment. “Is it true?”


Jarod opened a newspaper in front of him. New of the site and its content were spreading and Centre facilities across the globe were being shutdown. “Is what true?”


“That the boy loves the daughter?” Miss Parker had to know where she stood with Jarod.


“You know the answer to that.” Jarod stared off into the room wishing he could stare at her.


“I need to hear it from you.” Miss Parker stated.


“The boy has always loved the daughter.” Jarod hung up the phone and grabbed his things. “Time to move. This boy has a Centre to crumble.”




“The boy has always loved the daughter.” The line went dead.


Miss Parker hung the phone up and turned to stare out the window. “And the daughter will always love the boy.”