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Pretender: Missing Pieces, [PG], 4/5

Title: Missing Pieces
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: The Pretender 
Setting/Season: After Island of the Haunted 
Part: 4 of 5
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Suspense/Mystery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me.
Summary: This is my story which was originally to promote the "Missing Pieces" site but it kind of spiraled... Jarod drops hints to Miss Parker there are still missing pieces to be found... 
A/N: The site mentioned is (or was) a real site and I was given permission to use it in my story.

Miss Parker walked back into the kitchen. “It’s been an hour, Broots.”


“I’ve got it!” Broots shook his head.


“And you’re not going to believe who sent the message.” Jarod looked up from over Broots’s shoulder.




“Angelo, you’re in the vent. You can see the men talking. Tell me who they are?” Sydney pushed.


Angelo’s eyes flew opened and he leapt up quickly. “No! No memories. Can’t tell. Never tell.” Angelo flew across the room trying to remain as far from Sydney as possible.


Two sweepers entered into Sydney’s office. “Sir?”


“Hold him.” Sydney ordered. He turned to his desk and grabbed a syringe and vial. He held the vial up and slipped the syringe into it, pulling the plunger and filling the syringe with the clear liquid.


Sydney turned and approached Angelo slowly. “Shh. This will help you.”


“No. No. No. No. No.” Angelo shook his head back a forth slowly as the sweepers held onto him and Sydney injected him with the liquid.


“Take him back to his space.” Sydney sighed as the two men carried Angelo away.


“Playing doctor, Syd?” Miss Parker’s voice startled the older man.


“Parker, I really wish you wouldn’t sneak up on people.” Sydney went to his chair, sat down and leaned back.


“I’ll stop lurking in the shadows, when I think the people close to me don’t have something to hide.” Miss Parker said through gritted teeth as she dropped a print out of the email on his desk.


Sydney looked at it for a moment. “More from Jarod?”


“No.” Jarod emerged in the doorway and Sydney sat forward.


“Jarod?” Sydney looked up at the video camera in the corner of his office. “They’ll know you are here.”


Jarod looked amused. “Sydney, you do realize who you’re talking to, right? The cameras aren’t seeing anything but you sitting in your office.”


Miss Parker stepped closer to Sydney’s desk. “Why’d you send this message to me?”


Sydney rose from his seat. “Truthfully, I sent it to both of you, but Jarod obviously hasn’t gotten his. Wanted to make sure you two worked together on this. It was important to you’re mother.”


Miss Parker looked liked she’d been slapped in the face. “What?”


Sydney smiled slightly. “You’re mother wanted me to make sure you two worked together. Said it was important in the grand scheme of things. Just as important as it was for her to help Margaret.”


Jarod stepped further into the room. “Why, Sydney?”


“That she didn’t say. My guess is the scrolls, but without them will never know the truth, will we?”


“Why not just tell me to work with Jarod, instead of sending me an email?” Miss Parker questioned Sydney.


Jarod stepped up and put his hand on Miss Parker’s shoulder. “You’re the one who put up the information on Angelo, aren’t you?”


“Missing-pieces dot org. Great idea, Jarod.” Sydney smiled at them. “I gave you the nudge but you have to put the pieces together. Each of you knows things I don’t and if you work together…”


“All the missing pieces will fit together.” Miss Parker turned to Jarod. “We need to see Angelo.”


Sydney went back to his chair. “He’s in his space.”


Jarod and Miss Parker nodded to him as they left the room.


Sydney leaned over and grabbed the phone off his desk. He dialed quickly and waited for the other end to pick up. “She’ll know the truth soon, but she may go after Raines.” Sydney put the receiver back on its hook.




Angelo lay on the floor curled into a ball. “Don’t tell. Never tell. Daughter can’t know. Daughter sad.”


Jarod and Miss Parker walked into the room and found Angelo babbling to himself. “Angelo.” Miss Parker whispered.


“Missing pieces!” Angelo sat up and looked to Jarod and Miss Parker. “Parker legacy!”


Miss Parker looks at Angelo stunned. “Angelo, what are you talking about?”


Jarod went to Angelo’s side. “Angelo, what missing pieces are you talking about?” He looked towards Angelo’s arm and noticed the needle marks.


“Something I’ve been trying to figure out myself?” Sydney’s voice caught them off guard.”


Sydney, what have you done to him?” Jarod questioned.


Sydney shook his head. “You know I didn’t do this to him. Raines did this. Raines made him forget whatever Angelo found out and I’ve been trying to help him remember.”


“So Angelo figured out that Raines wanted Thomas dead.” Miss Parker blurted out and then turned on her heels.


Jarod caught up to her and spun her around. “You can’t go after him without proof.”


“Why? Because he’s my father?” Miss Parker looked up at Jarod. “Jarod, the man killed my mother and if he killed Tommy…”


Angelo jumped to his feet. “Fix it! Mr. Fix it. Kill Tommy.” Angelo pointed his finger at Miss Parker and pretended to shoot her.


“Angelo?” Miss Parker walked around Jarod. “Do you know who wanted Tommy dead?”


“Daughter cry.” Angelo reached out to her.


Miss Parker swallowed hard. “Yes, I did. Who made me cry?”


“Boy found Tommy.” Angelo walked around Miss Parker to Jarod.


Jarod nodded to Angelo. “Yes, and I sent him to Miss Parker because…”


“Boy loves Daughter.” Angelo turned away from Jarod who looked at Miss Parker.


Miss Parker’s gaze meet Jarod’s for a moment. He does, doesn’t he? “Angelo, please tell me who was talking about Tommy.”


“Need to get rid of Mr. Fix It.” Angelo wheezed.


Miss Parker’s face went pale. “Raines.” She turned to leave.


“Gave him a blank check and that did nothing.” Angelo boosted.


Miss Parker turned on her heels. “Daddy?” She shook her head.


“You’re too soft.” Angelo wheezed. “I’ll take care of it.”


“I was hoping he’d remember everything.” Sydney commented.


“Raines!” Angelo yelled startling all present.


“Raines killed Tommy.” Miss Parker turned again only this time Sydney stepped infront of her.


“If you kill Raines, you’ll be killing your father.” Sydney looked at her.


“My father is missing…” Miss Parker stepped around him.


Read Part 5…

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