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May 06 2006 @ 11:52 am
Pretender: Missing Pieces, [PG], 3/5  
Title: Missing Pieces
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: The Pretender 
Setting/Season: After Island of the Haunted 
Part: 3 of 5
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Suspense/Mystery
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Pretender characters so don’t sue me.
Summary: This is my story which was originally to promote the "Missing Pieces" site but it kind of spiraled... Jarod drops hints to Miss Parker there are still missing pieces to be found... 
A/N: The site mentioned is (or was) a real site and I was given permission to use it in my story.

Broots smiled at Debbie as she bounded up the stairs. He loved helping her with her homework. His daughter was far from being young anymore but she still looked at him like he was the greatest and that mattered to him. He really loved having her home but knew next year she’d be off to college and the next thing he’d know she’d be married.


Broots shook his head. “Hopefully that day won’t come for a long time.”


“What day is that?” Jarod walked out of the dining room and into the kitchen where Broots was standing.


“Jarod!” Broots whispered. “You can’t be here.” He shook his head.


“After everything you and I have been through together?” Jarod smiled at Broots.


“You saved my life seven years ago.” Broots tried to convey that the statute of limitations on repaying such a thing had to be up.


“And prevented you from being a murder suspect four years ago. And now I need some help.” Jarod crossed his arms in front of him.


“Miss Parker would kill me.” Broots stammered.


“Not likely.” Miss Parker stepped into the room and walked around Jarod.


“Miss Parker!” Broots turned around in a circle praying he could get himself out of this situation but knowing he wasn’t going to be able to.


Footsteps bounded down the stairs. “Dad, is Miss Parker here?” Debbie ran into the kitchen. “Miss Parker!” Debbie smiled.


Miss Parker smiled back. “Debbie. It’s very good to see you but I have to talk shop with your father.” Miss Parker crossed the room to usher Debbie out of the kitchen.


Debbie whispered to Miss Parker. “Who’s the tall dark guy? New boyfriend? Very cute.”


Miss Parker stopped and stared at Debbie. “No. Jarod isn’t my boyfriend.”


Debbie looked shocked. “That’s Jarod?”


“You know about Jarod?” Miss Parker was stunned.


“Yeah. Dad tells me everything.” Debbie looked mildly annoyed with Miss Parker’s stunned expression. “Didn’t you make him promise that he would?”


Miss Parker opened her mouth and then closed it again.


Debbie smiled at Miss Parker. “I want to help you.”


Miss Parker really didn’t want to argue with Debbie so she let the girl pass and they walked back into the kitchen. “Jarod, this is Debbie Broots.”


“I know.” Jarod smiled at the teenager. “What are you 18 now?”


Debbie smiled. “Yep.”


Jarod shook his head. “Seems like just yesterday you were dressed up like Parker.”


Debbie blushed slightly. “Dad always said you knew everything.” She looked down slightly. “By the way, thanks for making sure I lived with my dad.”


Broots looked completely shocked as Jarod looked to him. “I never said a thing.”


Debbie smiled. “Didn’t have to; I figured it out on my own.”


Jarod smiled to Debbie. “You’re welcome. Now, getting back to business.” He walked around the corner and came back with a laptop case. “Miss Parker got an email and while I’ve traced back to the Centre, I can’t trace it to a specific person.”


Broots opened up the laptop. “Well it really shouldn’t be that hard but if you’re having trouble…” his voice trailed off as he looked at the email that popped up on the screen. “So if I…” Broots looked up stunned. “Someone tried to cover their tracks.”


Debbie, Miss Parker, and Jarod looked at the screen. Debbie reached over. “Theoretically, all information can be hidden but if you…” She reached over and tapped a few buttons. “There.”


Miss Parker actually laughed. “You sound like your father.”


“Thanks.” Debbie smiled at Miss Parker.


Jarod was looking at a Centre registry number. “How did you know you could do that?”


“Messing with Dad’s computer. The Centre tags computers with registry numbers so they can tell where memos come from. It’s a recent thing because Dad’s memos just started having them.” A horn blew outside and Debbie rounded the kitchen’s island. “Gotta go, Dad. Graduation stuff to do.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran out of the kitchen.


“You’re daughter’s smart.” Jarod smiled to Broots.


“Yes, she is.” Broots beamed and then looked to Miss Parker who was looking slightly impatient.


“Well?” She looked at Broots.


“What she means is can you track down this new registry number?” Jarod looked to Broots.


“Give me a minute.” Broots turned the computer towards him and set to work.


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