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Okay so the updates and changes so far....

My sister and I thought playing Mario Party on 50 levels was a good idea so 3 hours of video games was like torture and we will never do it again. This time no Princess Peach.

Sunday we went for a family dinner at a local Chinese place (for the June birthdays). So yummy but I hate when we get there and the whole family goes... "So how are we doing this?" Okay we have Family Chinese Food rules. Everyone pretty much gets a plate and then we start that plate with them and pass. Like buffet. We do this every time we go to Chinese so why ask, "How are we going to do this?" Grrrr. So yummy but I was so stuffed.

This week
Monday seemed really busy. I can't even remember what I did but I'm out of it now.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a Chiropractic appointment. Felt so good after and then... huge book shipment came and because the big truck can't get to our storage they left them in the parking lot for us to load into a pick up bed and take to the unit. So hundreds of boxes by hand. I am sore and still tired.

Last night was a free facial thing that I signed for from Mary Kay. I went to Melissa's house because that was where we were having it. My aunt, Melissa and I did the facial and looked at the makeup and then bought stuff I shouldn't be buying but that is soooo wonderful. I got this mineral makeup that is great! They have an amazing line to match your skin.

Melissa will probably carry the make up in her Salon which is awesome for the Mary Kay lady.

I slept like a log last night. I was so tired. I still am and really need to go back to bed.

My mom is in the city with my brother so for lunch we shut down the office and went into town for lunch. We rarely do this but it sounded like a good idea. Just taco bell but it was nice to sit down and not have to make anything for myself.

Our pool is all cleaned and everything is up so we can use it. I think I might float as it is well into the 90sF here.
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