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Star Trek: New Frontier Series

The Star Trek: New Frontier Series happens to be my favorite of all the Star Trek series.


Review #: 2 for a series

Title: Star Trek: New Frontier Series

Author: Peter David

Pages: Lots


Why did you get this book?

Well being a crazed Star Trek fan (years ago) got me into the books. Once I read one written by Peter David I couldn’t really imagine reading any other Trek writer. His own personal series peeked my interest.


Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?

Not really. I’d read his other Star Trek books.


Are you keeping it or passing it on?

Have them all and you couldn’t pry them from my fingers.


What did you think of the book?

I loved these books mostly because of the kick ass, take no prisoners, Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Peter David uses minor characters from the Next Generation to complete his crew making just about everything Calhoun encounters fun! Plus how many times can one Captain thwart his enemies? Apparently, it’s infinitely possible.



Rating Guide:

5 – Probably one of the Best Books I’ve ever read and I have to own!

4 – Loved it

3 – Liked it

2 – I can’t say I hated it but…

1 – Not Worth the Time


David, Peter

Star Trek New Frontier Series:

(4) House of Cards

(4) Into the Void

(4) The Two-Front War

(4) End Game

(3) Martyr

(3) Fire on High

(4) Once Burned (Part of the Captain’s Table Series)

(3) Double or Nothing (Part of the Double Helix Series)

(3) The Quiet Place

(3) Dark Allies

(4) Excalibur: Requiem

(4) Excalibur: Renaissance

(4) Excalibur: Restoration

(3) Cold Wars (Part of the Gateways Series)

(3) What Lay Beyond: Death After Life (Part of the Gateways Series)

(4) Being Human

(4) God's Above
Stone and Anvil

(4) After the Fall

(4) Missing in Action 


The Captain is M'k'n'zy of Calhoun (or Mackenzie Calhoun) of Xenex. He is a rogue recommended by Jean Luc Picard to head into what was once the Thallonian Empire and help keep order.


His crew is made up of many characters from the TV series' including:

Commander Elizabeth Shelby ("Best of Both Worlds, Parts I & II [TNG])

Doctor Selar ("Schizoid Man", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Remember Me", "Tapestry" and "Suspicions" [TNG])

Lieutenant Robin Lefler ("The Game" & "Darmok" [TNG])


And other created from Peter David's imagination:

Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne 172

Lieutenant Zak Kebron

Ambassador Si Cwan

Lieutenant Mark McHenry

Lieutenant Soleta


Among many other characters who pop up throughout the book series.

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