Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

Save Moonlight... Save the World

Okay I've been looking things up because I want to do something. I'm really enjoying Moonlight and I want it around!

Save Moonlight Petition
Save Moonlight Site - has addresses
Give Blood for Moonlight - passed but I say give blood and send CBS a pic of you doing it.
Moonlight United - Campaign going

The Petitions don't usually get you far but I signed it anyway.

I'm writing those addies!

I think it a cool idea to give blood and either send some kind of receipt of take a pic of you doing it so you can send it to CBS and tell them you did it for Mick/Moonlight! But whatever! - This would be saving the world... or lives.

The Moonlight United site has an actual #'s you can call to help with saving our show so DO IT!

Call into CBS!
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