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How You Know You've Become a SciFi Geek...

Given that the most popular shows on TV these days often have a sci-fi or fantasy bent (Lost, Heroes, Doctor Who, Life on Mars) it's entirely possible for innocent viewers who don't know their Captain Picard from their Captain Birdseye to accidentally slip into geekdom. One minute you're innocently oggling David Tennant / Evangeline Lily, next minute you're considering the mechanics of time travel and wondering why Klingons suddenly developed bumpy foreheads between the original series of Star Trek and the Next Generation.

But worry not, help is at hand! Using our simple check list below, you can assess whether or not you have already crossed the line, and find out if there's still time to get back to normality by mainlining episodes of Gossip Girl.

Time to take THE QUIZ!

1. Take 1 point for each of the following that mean anything to you (in a sci-fi sense):

  1. BSG
  2. DS9
  3. NCC-1701
  4. Flight 815
  5. Ood
  6. KJM 212K
  7. the Minbari
  8. Seven of Nine
  9. Number Six
  10. Reavers
  11. Ziggy
  12. Primatech Paper

2. Take 1 point for each of the following will-they/won't-they couples who you have rooted for/ against:

  1. Buffy & Angel
  2. The Doctor & Rose
  3. Sawyer & Kate
  4. Apollo & Starbuck (bonus point if you rooted for the originals)
  5. Deanna & Riker
  6. Mulder & Scully
  7. Fred & Wesley
  8. Mal & Inara
  9. Captain Kirk & anyone
  10. Captain Jack & anyone
  11. Ivanova & Cole
  12. Sam Beckett and his missus.

3. Take 1 point for every tear you cried over:

  1. Tasha Yar's fate
  2. Tara's demise
  3. Rose's departure
  4. last episode of Quantum Leap
  5. Charlie in Lost
  6. Wash's departure (OK, that was the film spin-off, but let's not split hairs)

4. Take 2 points for each of the following that you have used in conversation:

  1. So say we all
  2. live long, and prosper
  3. shiny
  4. our last, best hope
  5. the truth is out there
  6. oh boy

5. Take 2 points if any of the following apply to you:

  1. you have developed or repeated theories about what the island is
  2. what the government conspiracy that the X-Files is trying to uncover means
  3. what the last five Cylons are up to / who the last Cylon is
  4. how and why Rose looks like a ghost now
  5. what was really happening with Sam Tyler (before you found out, obviously)
  6. what happens to time lines when Hiro changes them

Double your points if you posted any of these theories on an internet message board.

6. Take one point for each of the following quotes that you can complete:

  1. "It isn't right, it isn't fair, there was no parking anywhere..."
  2. "Save the cheerleader,..."
  3. "hoping each time that his next leap, will be..."
  4. "Take my love, take my land, take me where..."
  5. "4 8 15 16..."
  6. "The Cylons look like..."

7. If you have followed up your viewing by buying anything other than box sets, give yourself 1 point for each piece of merchandise bought.

8. Give yourself 2 points for every daydream you've had about your favourite characters.

9. 3 points for every comic book you've read after learning that Heroes ripped it off (that'd be most X-Men titles, Rising Stars and Watchmen for starters).

10. If you've ever written a piece of fan fiction, I think we both know that the outcome of this quiz was never in doubt. Give yourself a bajillion points and hang your head in shame.


  1. 20 or under, you're ungeekified, but you're missing out on some very high-quality TV viewing. There's more to life than America's Next Top Model, you know.
  2. 30 or thereabouts, you're still OK, walking that fine line between having a social life and keeping up with the best TV around. Well done you! Still, you might want to pay attention to some of those programmes you're watching, and stop fast-forwarding to the kissy bits.
  3. 40 or thereabouts, you're in deep. Quick, dissolve a few braincells by adding some soaps to your viewing schedule - or read a book instead.
  4. 50 or so, you could practically work for Empire. Well done, you are a fully-fledged geek, cogniscent of everything that's going on in the world of quality TV. You might want to get out a bit more though - try talking to real people. Some of them are nearly as three-dimensional and fully-developed as Starbuck and Hiro, you know.
  5. If you got somewhere around a bajillion, dear oh dear.
MY SCORE: 41 until I got to 10 now it is bajillion and 41. *lol*
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