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Andromeda: Past Sins, OFC, [PG13], 8/8

Title: Past Sins
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 8 of 8
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dylan Hunt, Trance Gemini, Harper, Beka, OFC (Sirees), Original Crew
Archiving: Fan Fiction Net, Command Deck
Warnings: Hmmm.... lets see I'll warn that there is violence in this story...
SPOILERS: Only to my Andromeda story "Just a World Away"
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Andromeda characters or anything about them so don’t sue me. Sirees Anwar and the other crew are my creation. Let me know if you like any of them.
Summary: Andromeda comes to the aid of another Commonwealth ship named Zephyrus only to find Zephyrus nearly distroyed and most of his skeleton crew dead. Now Dylan gets swept up in a mission TriJema left to the reckless Captain of Zephyrus...
AN: This is the second story in a series about Sirees Anwar. The first story being Just A World Away. This story lets you in a bit about just what Sirees is capable of and maybe a bit of how she thinks. Also, yes she was recruited as a Captain… lets just say it was something Tri-Jema wanted. Also, I am not as fond of this story as I maybe should be but it is part of Sirees's story. Yes, my LJ name is SireesAnwar... I named myself after my character because I liked her.

Epilogue: Political Power

Sirees sat in her office as both Zephyrus and Andromeda headed to Tarazed. Zephyrus’s systems began functioning once Sirees had replayed Tri-Jema’s message. Apparently, the simplest solution was the best as she could see from the reports she was reading. The downside of being a captain.

Zephyrus’s holographic image appeared in front of her desk. “Captain, there is a communiqué coming in from a nearby system.”

“Any idea who it is?” Sirees looked up at Zephyrus.

“Yes, as do you.” Zephyrus blinked out of existence and Sirees reached over to her console and opened the channel.

“Sirees, you thwarted my political and strategic plans yet again. It’s getting tiresome.” Tyr’s image smiled wickedly at her.

“Again? Far be it from me to argue, but when was the last time I thwarted your plans, besides with the toy I guess.” She laced her fingers together in front of her.

“Yes, I wasn’t happy about finding out all I had was a stupid toy.” Tyr’s eyes seemed to glisten with the knowledge of something else. “My other plan were years ago and you were right. I was using you. I wanted a formidable army and I tried to make it happen. Of course, who says I haven’t.” Sirees wanted to beat the man to death but the screen went blank. She stared at the screen reliving the moments she’d spent with him. No matter what he said now, she knew it wasn’t him talking. Of course, what he meant by his last statement was going to bother her until she found out exactly what he meant.


Sirees walked into Tri-Jema’s office and looked around. She had been told she would have to wait because Tri-Jema had not been expecting her but it bothered her that in all of this Tri-Jema, had set all of the things that happened, into motion.

“Captain Anwar, it is good to see you.” Tri-Jema walked into her office and over to a bar where she poured herself a glass of water. “I was told you wanted to discuss something with me.”

“Discuss? Maybe.” Sirees walked forward towards Tri-Jema. “Where do you get off sending me into a situation that nearly got me put to death!”

“Captain, really, you are standing here in front of me. I do think you are over reacting just a bit.” Tri-Jema went to her desk and sat behind it.

“If I’m over reacting I apologize but I don’t think I am. You could have sent anyone in to help the Penari but you sent me in there because you wanted me out of the way. Why I’m not sure but I know you want me out of the way. I also know you sent a message to Tyr telling him where my first stop was.”

“Such accusations.” Tri-Jema looked hurt.

“And yet you don’t deny them.” Sirees folded her arms across her.

“Why should I. I knew sending you to Penar would keep you sufficiently busy for the time it did. I also knew of the Penari grievances with you and your involvement with Tyr Anasazi.” Tri-Jema steepled her fingers in front of her.

“And so you called up Fisk and sent him my way. You are just as responsible for the damage to Zephyrus as the Penari are!”

Tri-Jema pulled a console out of her desk and tapped a few buttons. “Don’t think I didn’t do my homework. Without my interference you may have never discovered Tyr’s plans.”

“Why leave riddles? Why not just tell me what I needed to do.” Sirees spread her arms out.

“I have political ties that prevented me from directly sending you to Penar. As it is your report has been sufficiently altered to show I had no involvement in you mission except my overwhelming concern for your safety which prompted me to send Dylan after you.” Tri-Jema waved her hand as though she were weaving a tale.

“I know you’re working against your own people and one way or another I’ll prove it!” Sirees turned and walked out of Tri-Jema’s office.

Tri-Jema watched her go. “Not if I have anything to say about it.


Dylan watched Sirees pace back and forth as he leaned again the window in her office on Zephyrus. “She set me up! Don’t defend her.”

“I’m not Sirees. It’s just Tri-Jema must have had her reasons for what she did. It all worked out for the best.” Dylan tried to calm her.

“Only because your crew is the second best and mine was crippled.” Sirees stopped and looked up at him. “When she betrays you don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Dylan smirked at her. “I would never say such at thing.”

Sirees smiled at Dylan. “Yeah, right.”

Dylan’s face grew somber. “I’m glad we were able to free you…”

“Me too, Dylan. I mean really they were going to kill me because they thought…”

“You betrayed them?” Dylan watched awkwardness overtake her. “You did you know?” He held out a hand. “I see why you did what you did, but you do know you had no business meddling in their affairs to begin with. And you and I both know the only reason you did was to get what you wanted.”

Funny, how he knows me so well and yet he doesn’t hate me. “And you believe I go around meddling the affairs of unsuspecting worlds just to get something I want?” Sirees didn’t look hurt or shocked but she did seem slightly annoyed.

Dylan shrugged. “Yes.”

Sirees shook her head and smiled. “And Beka thinks you’re blinded by my charms.”

“Blinded no, mesmerized maybe.” He considered as he smiled.

Sirees walked to the door and waited for Dylan to join her in the corridor. “We have to go our separate ways don’t we?”

“That’s what captaining a starship is all about.” Dylan smiled at her. “I’ll see you in the stars.” He pulled her into a hug she willingly accepted.

She pulled out of the hug and looked up at him. “Watch your back, Dylan.” She said as she watched him turn to go. “And, Dylan,” she paused a moment, “thank you.”

“Always.” Dylan smiled as he turned back to leave for Andromeda.

Sirees smiled as she thought about Dylan’s knowledge of her. She turned and headed for the command deck. As soon as she walked out onto the command deck of Zephyrus; she looked at Aidan, Brianna and Tal. They had all gone above and beyond to help prove her innocence and she could help but adore them for it. “As soon as Dylan is off the ship, take us to slip stream. We’ve got Abyss ass to kick.”

FIN... for now...
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