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New Dune

"Paramount Adapting Dune Again

Peter Berg is attached to direct another big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic SF novel Dune for Paramount Pictures, Variety reported.

Kevin Misher, who spent the past year obtaining the book rights from the Herbert estate, will produce.

Herbert's 1965 novel is a sweeping, futuristic tale set on the remote desert planet Arrakis, which is the interstellar empire's sole source of the spice Melange, which causes immortality and facilitates space travel.

The beloved book, which is the first in a series of novels, also spawned David Lynch's 1984 film and SCI FI Channel's 2000 miniseries, starring William Hurt.

The Berg Dune is now seeking writers, with the producers looking for a faithful adaptation of the Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning book.

New Amsterdam's Richard Rubenstein, who produced SCI FI's Dune and its sequel, Children of Dune, is also producing alongside Sarah Aubrey of Film 44, Berg's production banner. John Harrison and Mike Messina executive-produce."

I can't decided whether or not I'm happy about this. I liked the SciFi miniseries' but I could see it being really awesome on the big screen.  
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