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Andromeda: Past Sins, OFC, [PG13], 7/8

Title: Past Sins
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 7 of 8
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dylan Hunt, Trance Gemini, Harper, Beka, OFC (Sirees), Original Crew
Archiving: Fan Fiction Net, Command Deck
Warnings: Hmmm.... lets see I'll warn that there is violence in this story...
SPOILERS: Only to my Andromeda story "Just a World Away"
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Andromeda characters or anything about them so don’t sue me. Sirees Anwar and the other crew are my creation. Let me know if you like any of them.
Summary: Andromeda comes to the aid of another Commonwealth ship named Zephyrus only to find Zephyrus nearly distroyed and most of his skeleton crew dead. Now Dylan gets swept up in a mission TriJema left to the reckless Captain of Zephyrus...
AN: This is the second story in a series about Sirees Anwar. The first story being Just A World Away. This story lets you in a bit about just what Sirees is capable of and maybe a bit of how she thinks. Also, yes she was recruited as a Captain… lets just say it was something Tri-Jema wanted. Also, I am not as fond of this story as I maybe should be but it is part of Sirees's story. Yes, my LJ name is SireesAnwar... I named myself after my character because I liked her.

The Prize and the Truth

Sirees looked up at the High Chancellor. He looked pensive, undoubtedly he had a lot on his mind and knew to some extent his decision needed to please both the Aslar and Oslari or he’d have trouble to deal with. “I have contemplated the arguments from both sides, but I have to say Captain Hunt, you and your people, while making an excellent point, have brought me no reason to doubt the charges against Captain Anwar.”

“With all due respect High Chancellor, Sirees actions are those of any during war. She stepped in and took action against a travesty that was going to take place. The deaths that resulted during battles are simply that.” Dylan walked forward.

Reemis leaned down a bit which wasn’t easy considering there was a desk in front of him. “Captain, do you understand the charges against Captain Anwar?”

Dylan looked like a surprise was just about to be tossed his way. “I believe so. Captain Anwar is being accused of treason and murder. I assume because of her changing of sides during the war and then the deaths she had a hand in.”

“Not exactly, Captain. Treason and murder yes. Treason would be if she were a traitor to our entire race, which I have found no evidence to support..” Reemis had barely gotten that out with the Oslari audience broke out in cheering. Fisk looked horrified but something about his demeanor looked justified.

“Silence!” Reemis bellowed. The room grew quiet again. “As for murder, you haven’t really addressed the charge. Yes, you have discussed the poor choices of High Marshal Elsor, but nothing referring to his murder.”

Sirees shook her head. “Elsor died in the battle of Enoris. I can’t be held responsible for that.”

High Chancellor Reemis nodded. “Indeed, you can not. It is true Elsor died at the battle of Enoris but not in it. He was executed on the outskirts of Enoris. Witnesses tell it was you who murdered him.”

Gasps rose from the chamber as Penari started talking amongst themselves. “Quiet!” Reemis rumbled.

Sirees moved towards Dylan. “It isn’t possible. I was fleeing the planet. I was no where near Enoris when this happened.”

Dylan walked forward again. “High Chancellor, I was unaware of this charge and would like a break to gather my comments on the matter.”

“Very well. We will meet back here in one hour.” Reemis slammed the heavy object down and exited through the door behind his chair.

“Dylan, I have done many things, but I never executed Elsor.” Sirees pleaded with him.

“I believe that, and I have to wonder why this seems to have only come up now.” Dylan turned to see Daker walking towards them. “Problem?”

“Captain Anwar is to be returned to our custody.” Daker looked at her. “I’m sorry. I have to do my job.”

Sirees nodded and started to go with him. Dylan grabbed her arm. “I will figure something out.” Sirees only nodded and then walked off with Daker.


Aidan and Brianna sat at their stations going over the last of their traces. “I haven’t found a damn thing.” Aidan complained. “And this is the second time I’ve gone through this stuff. We have to be missing something.”

Brianna rose from her station. “I have completed the last of my traces for the second time. What about yours?”

“I have a couple left, but none of these people came close to Captain Anwar’s quarters. I think we’ve hit another dead end.” Aidan complained as he rubbed his neck.

Brianna grabbed her coffee mug and came over to stand behind him. She sat her mug down on his station and then rubbed his neck as she watched the trace he was performing. “Feels good.” Aidan said as he watched Guiler, an engineer, move about the ship.

“Wait!” Brianna leaned over Aidan a bit. “Go back.” Aidan complied. “Where did he go?” Brianna asked. “He just disappeared here.” She pointed on the screen.

Aidan slowed down the footage. “He went into the filtering system. He was making repairs.”

“According to Zeph there were no repairs to be made.” Brianna looked at him. “Zephyrus, what was Lieutenant Guiler working on in the filtering system?”

Zephyrus’s holographic persona appeared in front of them. “I find no maintenance records or work done during the period of time Lieutenant Guiler was in the filtering system.”

“Zephyrus, pull up a schematic of your filtering system and the conduit corridors. Give me a route to Captain Anwar’s quarters and a time estimation of how long it would take to get there using this route.” Brianna’s mind was working a mile a minute and Aidan had finally caught on.

“Working.” Zephyrus stated as he turned his head. The schematic came up showing a route that would get someone to the Captain’s room and then Zephyrus looked down at Brianna. “Approximately five minutes.”

Aidan knew what the next question was. “Zephyrus, how long was Guiler in the filtering system?”

“11.4 minutes.” Zephyrus stated.

“Bingo!” Aidan exclaimed. “There and back!”

“We have our thief.” Brianna smiled at Aidan.

“Now we need the loot.” Aidan turned and they both headed for Guiler’s quarters.


Aidan scratched his head. “I don’t get it. If he took it where would he have put it?”

Brianna looked around the room. “I think we’ve sufficiently tossed the place but nothing.”

Tal walked into Guiler’s quarters. “Zeph, informed me of your findings.”

“Yeah, but we’ve come up empty handed.” Aidan tossed his hands in the air. “There is nothing here.”

“Isn’t it safe to assume that Mr. Guiler would have wanted to keep the chip on him?” Tal looked at the two of them.

“Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” Aidan said and Brianna ran past them.

It didn’t take them long to reach the medical deck and Dr. Mason wasn’t happy about what they told her let alone that they started rummaging through Guiler’s pockets. “Still nothing!” Brianna bellowed.

Tal put his hand on Guiler’s body. “If I was going to hid something on me I wouldn’t make it that easy.”

“Are you serious?” Mason looked at them. She knew what Tal was suggesting but she wasn’t sure she wanted to cut into Guiler to find a data chip.

Aidan looked more serious than he had in his entire life. “Have you heard the latest? They’re accusing the Captain of murdering that Elsor guy execution style!”

Brianna shook her head. “The Captain may have made some bad decisions but I don’t believe she would do what they’re saying.”

Rayelynne eyed all of them. “Neither do I. Move out of my way.”


Dr. Mason came out of the surgical bay she’d been working in. She looked extremely irritable.

“Well?” Aidan didn’t care much if Dr. Mason was going to bite his head off. Most everything bad that happened around Aidan, didn’t bother him but when it came to protecting one of their own; he was a fierce ally.

Rayelynne held up a small plastic pouch that could only seal a data chip inside. “I think you want this.”

Brianna held her hand out and the doctor dropped it into her hand. “Thanks, Doc.”

“No problem.” She turned and went back into the surgical bay.

Aidan looked up at Tal. “We have to get this to Dylan.”

Tal held his hand out and gave a little give it here wave. “I’ll take it down.”


Fisk smiled at Reemis. “I am happy that you found it in your best interest to cooperate with this matter. I want Sirees Anwar executed!”

“You may have leverage over the situation but don’t think you can continue to push me around.” Reemis slammed his hand down on the desk.

“Chancellor, it isn’t that I am pushing you around but rather in the right direction. I know your aversions to the separation of Aslar’s and Oslari. I won’t have you changing everything we fought for during the wars just because a Commonwealth official stepped onto our soil.” Fisk was, of course, referring to Tri-Jema. Tri-Jema had left Reemis believing that the bringing together of the Aslar and Oslari would appease the Commonwealth Council and give the Penari an entry point into the Commonwealth. Problem was Fisk didn’t want the Commonwealth in his business especially since he was working with the Nietzscheans on acquiring power over his planet and trade with them.

“Get out of my office!” Reemis bellowed.

“Yes, all right, but remember Sirees goes down.” Fisk walked out of the Chancellor’s office and down the hall.


Dylan smiled at Tal. “This is just what we needed to get the information Tri-Jema left. Now that we have all the pieces we can see what the puzzle looks like.”

Dylan and Tal made their way to his office where they turned the puzzle box on and then tried accessing the data chip. Andromeda immediately appeared in her holographic form. “Captain, the data chip has a large file on…” Andromeda disappeared and was replaced with a holograph of Tri-Jema.

“Do not worry. Your holographic image will return after the message has shut down. By now you know I created this chip for Captain Anwar to find. Whether she is seeing this message or someone else I am unsure. What needs to be relayed is the Nietzschean move on Penar. I felt it best to send Captain Anwar on this mission because of her history with the Penari. I felt it prudent for her to deal with her past. Having said this, I also knew Try Anasazi was involved with High Marshal Fisk.”

Tri-Jema’s image blinked and then continued. “Tyr has made arrangements with Fisk to assassinate High Chancellor Reemis placing Fisk in Reemis’s position. Because of the nature of this act I took it upon myself to leak word that Reemis was hiding a powerful weapon. Such a weapon does not exist. It was simply to detour Fisk and Tyr from their original plan. Tyr’s taking of Cinar Post and his tracking of Captain Anwar have all been in hopes of find said weapon. I fear he will soon discover the deception and continue on with the assassination attempt. I also fear with Fisk’s growing power Captain Anwar may not make it out of the situation alive.” Tri-Jema disappeared.

A moment later, Andromeda blinked into existence. “Captain, there also appears to be a video file.”

“Show me.”


“Captain Anwar, it appears your council has abandoned you in your hour of need. If that is the case then I will make my ruling.” High Chancellor Reemis adjusted his robe. Sirees looked around. Dylan had promised to figure something out but now she was without him. Beka, Trance, Qenham and Zehar were all behind her now but there was nothing left to say. Who could they ask to prove she hadn’t executed Elsor? “On the charge of treason I find Captain Sirees Anwar, not guilty.”

There were cheers in the audience. “On the charge of murder I find Captain Sirees Anwar…”

“Wait!” Dylan’s voice echoed through the chamber.

“Captain Hunt?” Reemis looked down at him.

“I have something you and the rest of the Penari need to see.” Dylan had Harper with him.

Harper went over into the middle of the chamber and set up a small computer system he’d rigged and then he looked up at Sirees and winked. “Boss, I’m ready.”

“Chancellor, some information has been brought to the attention of Captain Anwar and myself.” Dylan looked up at Reemis. “If you would indulge us?”

“Go ahead.” Reemis waved.

Harper turned the puzzle ball on and then inserted the chip into the computer system.

Tri-Jema instantly appeared and Dylan waved at Harper who moved on to the videos. “These are recordings made by Tri-Jema while visiting your planet.”

Tyr appeared in the video and he walked up to Fisk. “I will remove Reemis from power if you back me against Dylan Hunt and Andromeda. I must get to the Route of Ages before him.”

Fisk nodded. “I already have ships deployed. We will find the Route of Ages and you will and I will share the power in brings.”

Tyr looked less than amused with the idea of sharing any power but he nodded his agreement and the recording blinked out.

Dylan approached the Chancellor. “It had come to my attention that High Marshal Fisk is going to have you assassinated with the help of some of Tyr Anasazi’s men. Tal Marobi has since picked up the Nietzschean assassins and they are in custody on Andromeda.”

Qenham rose from his seat behind Sirees. “I must bring to the attention of the High Chancellor the conversation he had earlier with High Marshal Fisk and the reason for such a discussion.”

Reemis looked discovered but instead of protesting or making any excuses he banged his gavel like object. “Guards take High Marshal Fisk into custody. Do to these turn of events the High Marshal is hereby stripped of his title.” Reemis looked down at Sirees and smiled, and then turned to Qenham. “Ambassador Qenham, I understand you enjoy your current job but I wonder if you would like the High Marshal position.”

Qenham smiled and then nodded. “I would be honored.”

“So be it. High Marshal Qenham, please put the paperwork and processing through for all charges against Captain Anwar to be dropped.” Cheers erupted from the stands as Fisk was being hauled away.

“This can’t be happening.” Fisk stated but people ignored him.

Sirees turned to Dylan. “You really did figure something out.”

“I try.” Dylan smiled at her.

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