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Andromeda: Past Sins, OFC, [PG13], 6/8

Title: Past Sins
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 6 of 8
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dylan Hunt, Trance Gemini, Harper, Beka, OFC (Sirees), Original Crew
Archiving: Fan Fiction Net, Command Deck
Warnings: Hmmm.... lets see I'll warn that there is violence in this story...
SPOILERS: Only to my Andromeda story "Just a World Away"
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Andromeda characters or anything about them so don’t sue me. Sirees Anwar and the other crew are my creation. Let me know if you like any of them.
Summary: Andromeda comes to the aid of another Commonwealth ship named Zephyrus only to find Zephyrus nearly distroyed and most of his skeleton crew dead. Now Dylan gets swept up in a mission TriJema left to the reckless Captain of Zephyrus...
AN: This is the second story in a series about Sirees Anwar. The first story being Just A World Away. This story lets you in a bit about just what Sirees is capable of and maybe a bit of how she thinks. Also, yes she was recruited as a Captain… lets just say it was something Tri-Jema wanted. Also, I am not as fond of this story as I maybe should be but it is part of Sirees's story. Yes, my LJ name is SireesAnwar... I named myself after my character because I liked her.


Dylan stood in front of the Tribunal. “You have to understand the Sirees Anwar that was on your planet all those years ago isn’t the same Sirees Anwar who works for the Commonwealth.”

High Chancellor Reemis looked down from his chair. “And you must remember it matters not who she is now but what she has done and that she accepts the consequences for the actions she took all those years ago. The War of Separation is over but it is important you understand; crimes committed during that time are still crimes.”

“May I ask you something?” Sirees spoke up and the Tribunal gasped. She stood on a platform a few steps from the level of Dylan and her supporters.

High Chancellor Reemis stared at her with shock but nodded. “I was here for what you call the War of Separation. I worked with the Aslar and instead of fighting fairly your people were willing to annihilate the Oslari.”

“If that were true then why are the Oslari still among us? Your argument is unimportant.” Reemis waved his hand at her.

Sirees’s anger got the better of her. “Don’t dismiss me!” Sirees turned and pointed to the opposite wall where picture of great Aslar hung. “You regard Elsor as a great warrior but did one of you know him?” Sirees turned back to the stunned High Chancellor.

Dylan leaned towards her. “Sirees, don’t.”

Sirees ignored him with a grimace. “Did you know him?!”

Reemis shook his head. “I never met him. No.”

“I stood by him and fought and when it came down to it he enjoyed killing Oslari. When his soldiers planted explosives in Tamor, I confront Elsor and he was planning on raiding the city!”

Gasps escaped the lips of Penari all around the Tribunal chamber. Sirees looked up to see that Oslari and Aslar sat separately. They hadn’t come very far if they couldn’t sit together. Fisk rose to his feet from his section. “I will not tolerate the dishonoring of my father!”

“Silence.” Reemis looked up at him. “We can not confirm or deny Commander Elsor’s actions because he died at the Enoris battle.” Reemis looked down on her. “However, I will confirm many of his men were charged with brutal acts.”

Trance’s voice broke through the anger Sirees was feeling. Sirees had almost forgotten Beka and she were there. “Then can we assume High Chancellor if you can confirm his men were guilty of such actions that they learned them from their superior?” Trance was making more sense than Sirees could even begin to. Her mind was racing with anger.

High Chancellor Reemis nodded and bowed a little to her. “I confess it is a natural assumption.”

Trance smiled at him. “Thank you Chancellor. I would like to then point out if that is a natural assumption then it is reasonable to trust Sirees Anwar’s actions for changing sides in a war was to preserve life of innocent people against someone who…” Trance paused, “wasn’t thinking clearly.”

Fisk rose again. “Why does any of this matter? She has confessed to switching sides and acting against the Aslar. She is a traitor and a murder. Her punishment is execution.” Cheers rose from the Aslar section.

“It was a war.” Sirees said, but few could hear her over the cheers.

High Chancellor Reemis pounded something heavy. “Silence!” The chamber grew quiet again.

Trance walked past Sirees and closer to Reemis. “To some degree even the Commonwealth doesn’t agree with Sirees’s action but they also see the need for second chances. If Sirees had been executed on your world then she would not have been able to free a people called the Ladonians from the Drago-Kazov that wished to kill them and take their planet.”

Gasps came from around the room again. Trance continued. “Even our leaders believe this needs to be resolved with something other than Captain Anwar’s death.”

“How so?” Reemis sat forward seeming a little apprehensive.

Dylan stepped forward. “I believe one of the Commonwealth Triumviri was on your planet not long ago. Her name is Tri-Jema.”

Gasps and whispers broke out among the people of Penar. “Silence!” Reemis ordered in a booming voice. “I know of Tri-Jema.”

In Sirees’s mind her fingers snapped like she had unraveled a mystery. Sirees looked up at her crew that sat in the stands. Tal, Brianna, Aidan, Rayelynne, Zeph and a few other crewmen she knew by ranks mostly.

Sirees stepped off the platform and security moved to intercept her. She immediately broke the cuff that kept her bound and took on the first officer who approached her. It was only and moment later that she held his weapon to the officers head. She then pushed him away and threw down his weapon.

“A familiar move.” A man stood from the spectators.

She looked towards him. “Qenham.” She said softly. Sirees turned back to the Chancellor. “I don’t wish nor want to harm anyone. I have made peace with what you wish to impose on me. I only wish you to know that Tri-Jema sent me here to help you but past sins are prohibiting me from doing the right thing this time around.”

Reemis rose to his feet and leaned down to stare at her. “You display your ability to overcome us and yet you don’t?”

“I am not here to overcome you. I am here to help you and make peace with what happened years ago. You see me as a criminal but I know Oslari do not. How can you say the War of Separation is over when you can’t even sit together?” Sirees turned from him and pointed to the spectators above. She turned back to him. “You claim you have changed and yet you execute those who you do not agree with. I have been studying up on your new culture and it seems you don’t have the equal balance you claim. You deny the Oslari equality among you.”

“The Oslari…”

“No!” Sirees cut the Chancellor off. “They’re not Oslari. They’re Penari, just as you are!” Cheers from the Oslari erupted when she spoke.

“Are you trying to provoke another war?!” Reemis yelled at her.

“No! I am pointing out you don’t have the right to persecute someone’s faults when your own are so obvious!”

Dylan stepped up to Sirees and grabbed her arm. “I think that is enough!”

Reemis looked down at Dylan. “Captain Hunt. I am very disappointed in the way your people have let this Tribunal become a spectacle.” He sat back in his seat. If he didn’t give a little on this the Oslari might just riot or defy their rulings. He didn’t want to risk it. He stared at the Tribunal for a moment. In part, Sirees Anwar told the truth but even he didn’t want to admit it. “This Tribunal is adjourned and,” he paused, “Sirees Anwar is released into Captain Hunt’s custody until a judgment has been handed down.” He banged his desk and then rose and hurried through the door behind him. The Oslari cheered.

Sirees smiled and looked at Dylan. “Don’t smile at me. You were provoking him.” Dylan glared at her and crossed his arms.

Sirees walked up to him and grabbed onto his crossed arms. “Come on. I know you can’t stay mad at me.”

“It is true. Staying mad at Sirees was always hard to do.” A familiar voice said behind her.

Sirees turned around and saw Qenham walking up. “Qen!” Sirees launched herself towards him and wrapped her arms around him. They hugged a moment and then she pulled away from him. “You are getting old friend.”

“And you are not.” Qen smiled at her.

She smiled back. “Qenham, this is Captain Dylan Hunt, Captain Beka Valentine and Trance Gemini. Everyone this is Qenham. He was the marshal I worked with when I was fighting on this planet.”

“We’ve met.” Dylan said and Beka and Trance smiled. “Who do you think helped us get a meeting with the High Chancellor?”

Sirees face showed her shock. “I have a surprise for you Sirees.” Qenham stepped aside and behind him Zehar approached with Daker at his side.

“Sirees.” He stretched out his arms and she embraced him. “It is so good to see you again old friend.” Zehar squeezed her.

Sirees pulled back. “Your son told me you were alive. I have mourned your death since I was first told on your planet that you were killed. I am happy to learn it was lie.”

“I am happy you have returned despite what Fisk wishes would happen to you.” Zehar smiled at her. He looked past her. “Captain Hunt. My son has also told me about your presence here. Tri-Jema came to talk to me while she was visiting. She told me a friend would return with a hero at her side. I had some idea Sirees would be the friend but I am happy to say I hadn’t expected someone of your fame.”

“Thank you, Zehar.” Dylan nodded a little.

“My son tells me you have a ship in orbit.” Zehar looked at Sirees.

“Yes, Zephyrus, and I have to get up there.” Sirees pulled away from Zehar’s side and became serious.

“That may be something I can help you with.” Qenham smiled.


Fisk paced back and forth. “I can’t believe High Chancellor Reemis allowed Sirees Anwar to move about freely!”

“High Marshal, do you wish me to have her followed?” Cadeac stared at his High Marshal.

“Somehow I don’t think it necessary, Cadeac.” Fisk turned to him. “We must stop her. We mustn’t let the High Chancellor release her. He has become soft and he will be removed.” Fisk’s anger was boiling over inside of him as he stalked away leaving Cadeac to contemplate his mentor’s words.


Sirees stepped onto the deck of Zephyrus and a smiled instantly passed over her lips. She was home, at least the home she had become accustomed to. She was comfortable in command of a Commonwealth Heavy Cruiser. It was almost a calling which was something Tri-Jema had used against Sirees when she had first approached Sirees about captaining the ship. Tri-Jema had obvious studied up on Sirees because when she sat down at the table across from Sirees with her regal mannerisms and started telling Sirees everything she wanted to hear; Sirees was hooked.

Sirees looked around and noticed her command crew gathering. Tal was looming in a corridor looking stone-faced but even Sirees could see he was happy to see her. Aidan was running their way, undoubtedly late to greet her or get to a shift and Zeph was waiting straight in front of her. Brianna and Harper were talking off to her left about this and that and Doctor Mason was eying her with suspicion and what appeared to be a ting of anger.

Sirees turned to face Qenham, Zehar, Daker, Fisk, Cadeac, Dylan, and an unidentified Aslar soldiers who had accompanied her onto Zephyrus. Apparently Qenham acted as something of an Ambassador though he had no real power. He had suggested to some council touring Andromeda and Zephyrus would be a step toward allying with the Commonwealth. The Council agreed and here he was with Daker and soldiers as a security escort and Zehar as a liaison to the Oslari and Fisk acted as the liaison to the Aslar. He brought along his Commander and apprentice Cadeac. Qenham was there because it was his idea and he was going whether they like it or not. Qenham had also suggested that since Sirees did Captain Zephyrus having her present would be a peaceful gesture. The Council didn’t like the idea but agreed as long as the liaisons and Dylan were present.

“Captain Hunt, would you introduce us to your crewmen?” Fisk noticed the welcoming party of Zephyrus but disregarded Sirees who looked a bit upset.

“The only crewman of mine here is Harper.” Dylan gestured towards him. “He keeps Andromeda running, but as for these other people, they are Sirees’s crew and she should do the introductions.”

Sirees smirked. “This is Commander Talmus Marobi, my second; Dr. Rayelynne Mason, the ships medical officer; Lt. Brianna Wilson our engineer; Lt. Cmdr. Aidan Donnelly, our pilot; and Zeph, Zephyrus’s avatar.” Sirees gestured to everyone accordingly.

Sirees turned to the delegates and security. She need only introduce the delegates. “This is Qenham, Zehar, Fisk and Cadeac. Qenham is an ambassador for greeting visitors and once the Marshal of the Oslari ranks. Zehar is a liaison to the Oslari interests and was once the Chief of the Oslari ranks. Fisk is a liaison to the Aslar interest and the High Marshal of Aslar ranks.” Sirees tried hard to hide her distaste for introducing Fisk. “Cadeac is the commanding officer under Fisk. And Daker is the son of Zehar and security chief overseeing my imprisonment.” Sirees smirked.

Her crew and the visitation party all nodded their greetings. Sirees gestured to a corridor. “Why don’t we take a look around?”


Dylan stared across the table at Fisk and Cadeac. They were being stubborn about the whole thing. Their interests lay solely in destroying Sirees which was something he couldn’t handle. Qenham and Zehar seemed genuinely interested in what Sirees had been saying which had been everything. She told them about the chip and how she was instructed to go to Gorton Beta site where she found Tyr and a toy that belonged to a Penari child. All of the Penari seemed a little shocked by that but Fisk and Cadeac pretended it meant nothing to them while Qenham and Zehar argued that Tri-Jema hadn’t meant anything by it except to give the information to them.

Sirees, of course, told them the chip was stolen but it didn’t matter what she told them because they already decided she was hiding the chip from their people. Suddenly Penari were all the same and Sirees was now betraying all of them… at least in Fisk and Cadeac’s opinions.

The door slide opened to the conference room and Harper popped in. “Sorry to interrupt, but I thought I should let you know the message from Tri-Jema still won’t shut down.”

“Can it be removed from Zeph’s systems?” Sirees asked. Harper had been helping Brianna for hours, trying to isolate the information that shut down the Zephyrus’s systems.

“Brianna’s working on that.” Harper turned to leave, when a gasp behind him made him turn back. Sitting in the middle of the conference table was the holographic image of Tri-Jema. No one could make out the words she was saying but the loop continued.

“Captain?” Brianna’s voice came over the comm system.

“Brianna, what’s going on?” Sirees stared at the image of Tri-Jema recalling the message that she had heard weeks ago.

“Captain, I tried removing the message from Zeph’s systems but it duplicated itself and is playing all over the ship.” Brianna sighed over the comm.

“I’ll handle it, Anwar out.” Sirees stared at the image.

Dylan was watching Sirees with middle interest. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that Tri-Jema made this message to do the very thing it is doing.” Sirees punched a few access keys on the panel next to her chair and instantly the message came to life.

“Captain Anwar, I have a high priority mission for you to undertake. I ask that you tell no one about your destination or the reason’s behind your actions. There is a matter of vital importance at the Cinar Post. Things have become problematic, but I have every confidence you will be able to correct the situation. There will be a load of supplies awaiting your pickup on Cinar. In a small compartment on the marked load there will be a data chip. This chip must be safe guarded at all times. Captain, whatever you do, do not access the data on the chip. It isn’t the time for you to know this information, let alone access it. You will also receive you next destination. Tri-Jema out.”

The transmission ended and disappeared. Sirees looked up at Dylan. “The next location was Gorton Beta…”

Dylan instantly got it. “Where the child’s puzzle box was.”

“I need a puzzle box. Similar to the one you showed me in Tamor, Zehar.” Sirees pointed to Zehar.

“I gave it to Daker.” Zehar turned to his son.

“I still have it. It reminded me that you survived the wars.”

“I need you to get that puzzle box onto this ship and into my hands as soon as possible.” Sirees suddenly realized what she had let Tyr get his hands on. He had the key and now the treasure was missing.

And Error

Daker brought the puzzle box onto Zephyrus as he had been asked. He walked through the corridors on his way to see Sirees and Dylan. He knew Sirees’s plan to an extent. The others knew she wanted the puzzle box but they didn’t understand why she had requested it in the presence of all the Penari. Before going to the planet Sirees informed him that the person behind the removal of the chip would undoubtedly try and take the box from him.

Daker was all for being the bait. He had to admit he never thought of flushing out the person who stole the chip. He just figured it didn’t matter that much. Apparently it mattered more than he’d expected.

“Daker, isn’t it?” Dr. Rayelynne Mason called from down the corridor.

Daker whispered into the comm. unit Captain Anwar had given him. “The Doctor.” Daker looked up at the red haired woman. “Is there something I can help you with, Doctor?”

Sirees came around the corner. “Yes is there something he can help you with?”

Rayelynne turned to look at her captain. “Actually, yes, I wanted to ask Mr. Daker if he could explain the baton that was used on you considering it has caused problems.” Rayelynne handed a work pad over to Sirees with clear disgust on her face. She knew when she was being accused of something.

Sirees grabbed the pad and looked at it. “This is why I’m still sore?” She looked through the information.

“Yes, whatever it jolted you with, is interfering with your bodies normal functions. I was concerned some of your more Camlayn features would start showing themselves more prominently.” Rayelynne was as cryptic as possible. She knew that Sirees didn’t like discussing her shifting abilities with other but as the ships doctor Rayelynne knew all about it which had been a fight for knowledge.

Sirees nodded and looked over to Daker. “It’s all right.” Sirees looked up at the doctor. “I haven’t had any problems as of yet, but we’ll talk about this later.”


Sirees sat in her office looking defeated as Dylan and Tal entered. “I heard you had a little mix up.”

“Yeah, we thought Dr. Mason could be the saboteur, but it turns out she was concerned about my health.” Sirees sighed. She was beginning to feel defeated. She had the puzzle box but the information in the computer was too scrambled and fragmented to work with the puzzle boxes tune. She had a lengthy discussion with Dr. Mason and had to apologize for her assumptions. Rayelynne had explained to her while they weren’t the best of friends she would never do what Sirees was suggesting. Sirees believed her and the hell of it was she felt awful for thinking the worst of Raye.

“Maybe were going about this the wrong way.” Dylan eyed her. “Something tells me chip never left the ship.”

Sirees sat foreword. “You know where it is, don’t you?”

“What if the thief got caught in his own crime.” Dylan started.

Tal looked slightly surprised. “Then it could be on one of the many crewmen who died.”

Dylan snapped his fingers. “I bet if you trace their steps on the ship you can get an idea of who was where and which one got into your quarters.”

Sirees punched a button on her console and holographic projection of Zeph appeared in her office. “Captain?” He stared at her.

“Get Brianna and Aidan working on tracking all movement to deceased crewmembers. One of them stole the chip from my quarters and I want to know which one.” Zephyrus nodded and then blinked out of existence.

The door to Sirees’s office slide opened and Fisk, Daker and Qenham walked in. “Sirees, I apologize but you are to be brought back to the surface for further rulings.” Qenham looked wore like he’d been in debates. She knew he’d gone to bat for her. She never realized what good friends she’d left behind.

Dylan who had been sitting on the edge of Sirees’s desk rose to his full height. “I will be accompanying her down.”

Sirees looked to Tal. “Tal..”

“I will see that Brianna and Aidan find the thief.” He stated and then watched her be taken away.

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