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Andromeda: Past Sins, OFC, [PG13], 4/8

Title: Past Sins
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 4 of 8
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dylan Hunt, Trance Gemini, Harper, Beka, OFC (Sirees), Original Crew
Archiving: Fan Fiction Net, Command Deck
Warnings: Hmmm.... lets see I'll warn that there is violence in this story...
SPOILERS: Only to my Andromeda story "Just a World Away"
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Andromeda characters or anything about them so don’t sue me. Sirees Anwar and the other crew are my creation. Let me know if you like any of them.
Summary: Andromeda comes to the aid of another Commonwealth ship named Zephyrus only to find Zephyrus nearly distroyed and most of his skeleton crew dead. Now Dylan gets swept up in a mission TriJema left to the reckless Captain of Zephyrus...
AN: This is the second story in a series about Sirees Anwar. The first story being Just A World Away. This story lets you in a bit about just what Sirees is capable of and maybe a bit of how she thinks. Also, yes she was recruited as a Captain… lets just say it was something Tri-Jema wanted. Also, I am not as fond of this story as I maybe should be but it is part of Sirees's story. Yes, my LJ name is SireesAnwar... I named myself after my character because I liked her.

Wars of Long Ago: Going Back In Time

Sirees had found her self on Penar not more than a lunar cycle ago and now these people were facing a bloody civil war. War was something she knew a lot about. Something she was good at. Her usual deal. She would help and in exchange they would provide her with parts for her ship, supplies, and anything else she NEEDED. She never asked for anything she didn’t need. Sometimes she got currency only if she knew she needed it to obtain her goal, but she had been lucky thus far. She hadn’t needed much. She had left the Nietzscheans with a lot because of the Captain.

“We accept your terms.” Elsor said. He rose from his seat on the War Committee, which she had discovered was not to be confused with the Penari Asla Committee. Apparently they were separate things.

“Good.” She rose from to her feet. “We need to get started. As I hear it the Penari Oslar are moving in fast.”

After that point things had gone smoothly. She had brought many a victory. She had sided with the Asla because the Oslar were bringing war to them because they were different. The Asla were darker than the Oslar because of their geographic location. A region that was hard to fight in but that wasn’t stopping the Oslar from trying to kill the Asla for the insane reason of skin tone. It wasn’t right in her book and she wanted to even out the minority’s chances.

She had been there with them for nearly ten lunar cycles. It was a long hard fight but things were starting to go their way. She was walking through the camp when she heard the voices from the tent laughing maliciously. She drew closer and heard the Asla boys talking about explosives they had rigged in Tamor, a small village in the Oslar territory that was primarily made up of innocent children, woman, and elderly Penari. She gasped at the thought of what they were doing. Their laughter continued as they went on about killing every Oslar they could find.

She raced to Elsor’s tent. “Elsor, some of the men have planted explosive devices in Tamor. It will kill innocent people.”

Elsor was looking over their plans for the days to come. “I know.”

“What?” Sirees felt disgusted. She stared at the Penari she had spent ten lunar cycles fighting with.

“They are the enemy. Do tell me you are not having second thoughts.” Elsor turned to her. “We plan to raid the city by morning. It will be more of a surprise that way.”

“The people of Tamor haven’t been part of this! You made an agreement!” Sirees yelled. And indeed he had. He and the leader of the Oslar had agreed upon having sanctuary cities for the innocent children who fled from others. It was the only civilized thing about the war Sirees had become part of.

Elsor’s face flushed in anger, “I once heard you say, ‘All’s fair in love and war.’ I would say that applies.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Sirees looked at him in disgust. She hated him… them. She had helped them against who she thought was the monster but they were no better. She could see that. They weren’t fighting anymore to stop oppression they were fighting to annihilate the Oslar. She rushed out of the tent to the fresh air. She leaned over to steady herself, sucking in air so as not to vomit. She hadn’t been exposed to this much violence or hatred as of yet. All others she helped were being persecuted. She had freed slaves, helped prisoners that were being held simply because they were different. But this… it was so different. She had been taken in by the Asla. They had lied to her. They were being persecuted and even if they were they were out to wipe the Oslar off the planet. Why hadn’t she seen it? Tears rolled down her cheeks. What were they doing? Was she part of this? How many cities? How many towns?

Elsor had followed her outside. “Are you all right?” Elsor didn’t seem to be asking about her well-being. He seemed to be asking if she was capable of continuing.

What would happen if I said no? Sirees looked around the camp of soldiers. She was out-numbered. “I will be fine. Things have just gotten to me.”

“It happens.” Elsor said as he turned and walked back into the tent.

She couldn’t stay there. She straightened herself out and took a deep breath. She headed over to the nearest land vehicle she could find and climbed into it. She wouldn’t let innocent people suffer for her mistakes. She had helped these people scout their battles… she had helped them plan their attacks. Silently she cursed Tyr for teaching her such tactics.

The land vehicle headed out of the camp and across the plains, towards Tamor. It was a silent vehicle, extremely fast and rather low to the ground. It was of great use to her and the Aslar during battles. She stopped short of a tented camp. It wasn’t big but she already knew the Oslari numbers were few. She knew walking into the enemy camp was easier said than done. The only thing she could think to do was use her shifting ability. She had no one in particular to copy but her appearance adjusted to match what an Oslari looked like.

She could see Tamor in the distance and her superior eyes focused on the remote city. It wasn’t a spectacular city, rather a small and modest one with low buildings that were in need of repairs. Tamor had been chosen as a sanctuary for the elderly and innocent of the Oslar, just like the city of Enoris was for the Asla. She dismounted the land vehicle and started her approach towards the camp. She had almost made it to the encampments edge when a small group of Oslar soldiers surprised her. Surprise always hindered her shifts. She instantly changed from Oslari to her natural appearance.

She had no choice now. She had to fight them. They stared at her with a surprised look for a moment and then ran towards her and she swung at the first one bringing him down with the first blow and grabbing his weapon in the process. The others didn’t go down as easily. She swung at the second with the weapon she had obtained but he met her blow and delivered one to her side, which prompted her to spin with the blow and take him down with a kick. As he went down the third rushed her and wrapped around her middle forcing her to the ground where she rolled back on impact and used her legs to send him flying over her. He landed hard. She hadn’t trained in a while and she was feeling rusty but she knew she had to win and so as the Oslar went over her she leapt to her feet bouncing back and landing on him. She thrust her hands out with lightning speed and twisted his head sending him in to a deep sleep.

“That is quite enough.” She turned to see a higher-ranking Oslari with an energy weapon pointed at her mounted on some sort of animal. “You are definitely impressive but because you attacked Oslar soldiers I can only assume you are the off-worlder who had been helping the Aslar.” He was definitely paler than Elsor. Elsor was more than likely just as tall. Elsor’s hair matched this Oslari’s skin.

Sirees hated being on the wrong end of a weapon but she figure being polite would make the Oslari listen. She bowed in front of him. “True enough.” She looked back up with cold eyes.

The Penari laughed. “You are perplexing.” He smiled and then laughed again. “I am Qenham High Chancellor of the Oslari Order. Who may I ask are you?”

“I am impressed by the title. It seems so much bigger than Elsor’s.” Sirees shook her head. The titles on this planet got longer and vainer. “I am Sirees Anwar.”

Qenham’s eyebrow rose from its normal spot on his face. “Alright Maedare…”

She had heard that title before. Maedare was a respectful term like Ma’am. “It’s Sirees. Don’t call me anything else.” She stared him down.


“Or… I’ll take that weapon away from you a burn my name in your hide.” She glared at him. “And you will never know the information I bring you about this war.”

Qenham flushed in anger at her threat but then looked surprised by her admission of spying on the Aslar. “You have information pertaining to this war?”

“I believe I said that.” Sirees looked at the man sitting on the animal next to Qenham. “He doesn’t listen much does he?”

The soldier looked surprised and almost laughed but thought better of it.

Qenham dismount from the animal and walk up to face her. “You are rather unwise with you words, Sirees.”

She watched his right hand with the energy weapon and then met his gaze. Her eyes flashed the smile that also crossed her lips as her right hand speared towards his, grabbed his wrist and in one easy movement she had spun him around and had taken his weapon. She pulled the trigger and the energy level whined but nothing happened. She had hit the safety intentionally only to show, that had she wanted to, she could have killed him.

She pushed him away from her. “So you see if I want to kill you I will, but I came here to talk with you.” Sirees holstered his weapon at her side.

“May I have my weapon back?” Qenham asked.

“Nope.” Sirees eyed him. “Where can we go and talk?”


They had been in the camp only a few moments when Qenham demanded her information. “I want to know what you know. Tell me now!”

“I am not one of your soldiers! Don’t order me around!” Sirees had been leaning against a table in his tent but she had turned to yell at him. She now returned to her previous position. “There are explosive devises in Tamor. I can’t be sure when they’re set to go off but Elsor is planning on raiding the city with the rise of the sun.”

Qenham gasped. “Tamor is sanctuary. It was agreed upon each side would have a sanctuary for children, elderly and injured.” He rushed around to her side of the desk.

“As is Enoris. Thing is the Aslar aren’t playing by the agreements you came up with. They could care less who they kill.” Sirees sat with her arms folded. “In fact, I don’t think they care whether or not any of your people survive this.”

Qenham yelled something in Penari and a soldier ran into the tent. The Penari nodded at him and then left. Qenham paced back and forth waiting for what Sirees was unsure of. Sirees felt her muscles tense a split second before a large Oslari entered the tent. “Zehar, this is Sirees Anwar…” He eyed her as she smiled at him. “I mean Sirees. She had informed me the Aslar have planted explosives in Tamor. I would like you to send in a special team to disengage these devices.”

Zehar nodded to her and then looked back at Qenham. “Yes, High Chancellor.” Zehar started to leave.

But before Zehar could leave Sirees spoke up. “I have a better idea.”


They waited in the city watching for the Aslar to make their move. The Oslari soldiers entered the city and then the explosions… rubble flying everywhere and a cloud of debris that cascaded out.

Zehar was only feet from Sirees and he laughed. “This is wonderful.” He turned to her. “You are resourceful.”

“I try.” She smiled. Inside the debris cloud nothing was harmed. Sirees had helped them to use the devices to create a false debris cloud that would make the Aslar believe they had succeeded. The Aslar were rushing Tamor and the uninjured soldiers of the Oslari met them with fury and firepower.

Sirees fought along side them the same way she had fought along side the Aslar before. She had killed several Penari in only a few moments and by the time Sirees heard Elsor’s voice scream for a retreat hundreds lay dead or dying on the ground around the city. She walked down a street heading into Tamor when nausea swept over her in fury. She bent down and vomited the contents of her stomach and then wiped her face. Tears left trails down her dirt covered face and a hand clamped down on her shoulder.

Zehar felt for her. She was obviously used to battle but maybe not to the extent of killing those she had served a day before. “It is all right.”

She nodded and then walked with him back to Qenham’s tent that had been set up inside the city.

“It was only days later that Enoris was attacked and burned to the ground. I didn’t participated but I knew what was going to happen. I walked away from both sides after that, but I remained on the planet because I was cut off from my ship due to battle outbreaks. When I finally got to my ship it had been nearly twenty lunar cycles, and in the end despite my actions the Aslar won. It seemed like a pointless victory because Elsor had been killed at the battle at Enoris and his son had been named the High Marshal. And I… well I was labeled a war criminal. I was tried, convicted and sentenced to death all without being there to defend myself which at the time suited me just fine.” Sirees finished her story in front of Andromeda’s entire command crew and her own.

Trance looked sick. The suspicions always rattling in her mind. Had this woman really played both sides to right a wrong or was she just in it to cover her tracks. She wanted to believe Sirees, like Dylan, would have wanted to simply save a people who were about to be wrongly slaughtered and yet she was also the reason thousands died. She did the very thing she condemned Elsor for doing. But even Trance knew Dylan wouldn’t want her to die at the hands of the Penari.

Beka stared at Sirees. She was satisfied. She could tell Sirees had bared her sole but now Andromeda and Sirees were at risk. Something which couldn’t be an option because they all were part of the Commonwealth. Beka had known from the beginning Sirees was trouble and now she was happy knowing she was right.

Dylan was leaning against the back wall; his head hanging down. He hadn’t met her gaze the entire time she told her story, but finally he looked up. “So we hand you over and all is right?”

Sirees’s eyes flashed fury. “Dylan, I did what I had to. I was trying to save lives.”

“Your meddling cost thousands their lives!” Doctor Mason rose to her feet and yelled. “I knew you were reckless but I had no idea.”

“They would have gone to war whether I had been there or not! I was trying to help people who were being subjugated!” Sirees yelled back. “And remember who you’re talking to, Doctor.” Sirees knew they had every right to hate her but still they were her subordinates. Mason had no right. At least that’s what you want to believe.

“And yet you participated helped the Oslari attack the Aslar sanctuary.” Dylan pushed off from the wall and walked out of the room.

Sirees looked at the Andromeda crew and then her own. They definitely weren’t happy with her. Tal didn’t seem to care much and Mason’s eyes seemed to burn like her hair. Sirees looked at Brianna and Aidan who she knew revered her. They’re trust was broken.

Sirees looked at the door; she wasn’t going to let Dylan get away so easily. “Dylan, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t have helped if you were in my shoes!” Sirees grabbed his arm and turned him towards her.

He was strong and he knew Sirees was strong but not many people could physically turn him and so effortlessly. Dylan looked down at her. “Helped myself? You’re right, I would have but not to the extent you did. You participated in murdering innocent lives at Enoris. You did the very thing you switched sides for.” Dylan turned from her and headed back to the command deck. “Open a channel.”

“Channel opened.” Rommie said. She didn’t have to be present at the meeting to know what was said. Rommie eyed Sirees.

Sirees stood in the back of the command deck and watched as her life was about to be handed over to the Penari. One by one the Andromeda and Zephyrus crew filtered onto the command deck to watch what happened next.

The Penari Asla Fisk again appeared on the screen. “I am Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth ship Andromeda Ascendant. I have been informed of the charges against Captain Sirees Anwar and the incidents surrounding them. Now I would like to know what you would say if hypothetically I refused to surrender her.”

Sirees’s heart leapt. She truly has thought he would simply hand her over to the Penari, but even he had surprises.

“Hypothetically, we would be forced to destroy your ship. But, of course, that is only hypothetically, Captain.” Fisk sneered at Dylan.

“Try it.” Dylan challenged and then waved his hand. Obediently Rommie severed the communiqué. The ship rocked beneath their feet as Dylan turned to look at the others.

Sirees spoke up. “The device Tri-Jema left on Beta Site was a Penari puzzle for children. I recognized it from my time on Penar.”

Beka walked over to the navigational controls. “If Tri-Jema is bringing this to her attention then I say we let them have her.”

Sirees ignored Beka’s comment. “Our next stop is Penar anyway, Dylan.”

Dylan’s inner conflict wasn’t as internal as he would have liked. Everyone could tell he hated the idea of handing her over and his anger at her for what she had done. “No.”

“Maybe we should suggest taking Captain Anwar to Penar ourselves?” Trance walked up behind Sirees and placed one hand on her back.

Sirees felt strangely comforted by the woman. “Dylan.”

“Rommie, relay the message.” Dylan walked off looking a bit defeated.


“You threatened to destroy their ship?” Cadeac sounded confused. “You told me…”

“It doesn’t matter what I told you, Cadeac. I have a few things to hide. I will win and Captain Hunt undoubtedly knows what Sirees Anwar has done and by the laws of his Commonwealth she is a criminal!” Fisk had risen from his command chair and started out of the command area.

Cadeac looked at the screen showing the Andromeda and then turned to Fisk. “But how do we know he will bring her to Penar?”

“Cadeac, he is Dylan Hunt. He will honor his word.” Fisk left the command area.

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