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April 06 2006 @ 06:15 pm
Andromeda: Past Sins, OFC, [PG13], 2b/8  
Title: Past Sins
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 2b of 8
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dylan Hunt, Trance Gemini, Harper, Beka, OFC (Sirees), Original Crew
Archiving: Fan Fiction Net, Command Deck
Warnings: Hmmm.... lets see I'll warn that there is violence in this story...
SPOILERS: Only to my Andromeda story "Just a World Away"
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Andromeda characters or anything about them so don’t sue me. Sirees Anwar and the other crew are my creation. Let me know if you like any of them.
Summary: Andromeda comes to the aid of another Commonwealth ship named Zephyrus only to find Zephyrus nearly distroyed and most of his skeleton crew dead. Now Dylan gets swept up in a mission TriJema left to the reckless Captain of Zephyrus...
AN: This is the second story in a series about Sirees Anwar. The first story being Just A World Away. This story lets you in a bit about just what Sirees is capable of and maybe a bit of how she thinks. Also, yes she was recruited as a Captain… lets just say it was something Tri-Jema wanted. Also, I am not as fond of this story as I maybe should be but it is part of Sirees's story. Yes, my LJ name is SireesAnwar... I named myself after my character because I liked her.

Friend or Foe

Harper laughed at Brianna’s joke. “Stellar. Even the boy genius hasn’t heard that one.”

“Someone thinks highly of himself.” Brianna glances at him.

“Hard not to when you’ve kept an awesome ship like Andromeda functional in the face of war and death.” Harper’s punched in a few keys to get a hook up to Zephyrus that would allow them to search through the ships problems without infecting Andromeda. Harper let out a long whistle. “Damn you’re good.” Harper was staring at the improvements and modifications Brianna had made to Zephyrus.

Brianna walked up behind Harper and whispered in his ear. “See you’re not the only one who can keep an awesome ship functional.” Brianna strolled off towards one of the other relay stations to go over Zephyrus’s problems.

“I’m in love.” Harper turned to her. “I’m curious about something?”

Brianna taped the console and grimaced at her findings. “About?”

“How exactly did you keep Zeph up and running? When Andromeda goes down so does Rommie.” Harper walked over to another console and punched up an information log hoping the answer to the virus would be there.

“I was able to store Zeph’s main personality and information core into a small system chip which can be updated at anytime.” Brianna pushed her hand above a screen to move some information out of her way.

“So you stored the core of Zephyrus into a chip?” Harper looked shocked.

Brianna smiled and looked up at him. “No.” She shook her head. “Right now Zeph isn’t a ship, so ship functions and programming lay dormant inside of him. He will only be able to access all of that information when Zephyrus is online or when he jacks into another ship. Right now he doesn’t need that information so it is stored. Right now his personality and his memory banks are all he needs. All the sensors Rommie has that connect her to the ship, everything she can tell you at a moments notice, all of it isn’t working in Zeph so he doesn’t need as much external memory. I am trying to make the system better so more can be added. In the future, I’m hoping all avatars can be upgraded to function like Zeph when ship systems go down.”

“Whoa. Okay. I get it but how did you…” The screen beeped in front of him. Harper looked up. “What in the tri-galaxies?”

Brianna rounded her station and headed for Harper. “What did you find?”

“Possibly our saboteur.” Harper stared at her and then the screen.


Dylan stared at the screen in disbelief and then he looked up at Harper and Lt. Brianna Wilson. “Are you sure about this?”

“Captain Hunt, we found it in Zephyrus’s communication’s log, among Captain Anwar’s received and relayed messages.” Brianna swallowed hard. “I’m sure there is an explanation.”

“Yes, I’m sure there is. I know how hard it is for you to come to me with something about your Captain but I want you to know you did the right thing.” Dylan rose to his feet and walked around his desk.

“Thank you, Captain.” Brianna and Harper turned and walked out of Dylan’s office just as Sirees was coming in.

“You summoned me, Dylan?” Sirees stopped just in the doorway and looked towards him with mild annoyance.

“I have something I think you should see.” Dylan turned his computer screen towards her and hit a button. A man’s face flashed up onto the screen that Dylan would never forget.

Tyr Anasazi’s voice broke the silence. “Sirees, I have to admit it is good to hear your voice. I understand the problem you appear to be having and I am more than willing to help. Contact me and we’ll work out the details.” The screen went blank.

“Care to explain?” Dylan leaned back against his desk.

Sirees walked up and stood in front of him. “Is that why Brianna and Harper were here?”

“It doesn’t matter why they were here. What matters is Tyr is a known Commonwealth traitor and enemy, and it appears you have been corresponding with him.” Dylan’s voice rose.

Sirees paced in front of him tossing her arms around in anger. “Did Harper and Brianna find the other messages? Did they find my response? Did they bother to look for those?”

“They didn’t find anything else? But if you tell me…”

“What you’ll believe me? Dylan, you and I both know you don’t trust me.” Sirees walked back and forth.

“Try me.” Dylan stared at her.

“What Tyr is referring to is a problem we were having acquiring some supplies on a supposed Commonwealth controlled port. When we got there they refused to help us. I sent word to Tri-Jema because my mission was in jeopardy. Tyr intercepted the message. His comment about it being nice to hear my voice was just to bait me. As it turned out Tyr and his followers took the post and they were the ones withholding the supplies. He wanted me to come to him so we could get what we needed.” Sirees stopped and stared at Dylan. “Do you believe me?”

“Yes.” He said. “We’re talking about the Cinar Post?” Dylan moved around to the other side of the desk.

“Yes.” Sirees looked at him.

“What did Tyr want in exchange for the supplies?” Dylan braced both hands on the desk and looked at her.

“He wanted me to join him in exchange for the supplies and my ship going free.” Sirees swallowed.

“More of that warrior crap?” Dylan asked.

“Partially and partially not.” Sirees crossed her arms over her chest.

“I don’t want to know anymore.” Dylan held up his hand.

“Am I free to go, Captain?” Sirees said coldly.

Dylan looked up a bit taken back by her distancing herself from him by using his rank. “Yes.” Dylan choked out.

Sirees turned and hurried out of the room.

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