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SGA: Sateda Episode Review...

Yep, this episode just made you all weak in the knees! I can't even believe how completely nutty I acted while watching this everyday this weekend. I was screaming about the tracker in the back, again! I was cursing Keturah (Head of the Wraith Hive)... laughing my butt off at the "Oh Crap" from Sheppard! Totally aweing at the little talk Sheppard and Teyla had...

Oh I was soooo ready to murder Caldwell at the mere suggestion they shouldn't go back from Ronon. Only one man! But what a man!

Rodney getting shot in the butt was so hilarious as was him on morphine. I loved the "Oh my gosh that's my ass." Though I think my favorite line was "Have you seen a guy who looks like you only with messy hair, a pretty lady and a caveman?"  - something like that. So funny.

Okay Jason is awesome... as is Ronon. This episode made me want to hold and comfort Ronon even more than I wanted too but it also made me a bigger fan of Jason's. He did such a fantastic job in this episode! We really got to see what he could do and I'm telling you... there are woman out there right now who are discovering Ronon in that ep and looking for our group (RDFever)!

Melena... not what I would think would be Ronon's type (mostly because I want to be Ronon's type - whatever). Still, she seemed so... I don't know... weak? Maybe that isn't the right word but I just couldn't picture her with Ronon. The whole scene with her being scared and not wanting to leave the Hospital... bothered me... Yes, she'd be scared but it seems to me that Ronon's woman would still go.

Of course, maybe she didn't want to leave her patients... that would be more understandable... and would gain her a little ground in my opinion. She just seemed sooo... wrong.

Okay Ronon in action was a beautiful sight to see! He was so awesome. I just kept thinking... "What is the point? Doesn't this Keturah know Ronon is going to kick their asses?" It almost seemed like Ronon was his Gladiator... and escaping wasn't in the cards.

I felt so bad for Ronon being put back onto Sateda where he had to see the bones of his friends and relive everything that obviously haunts his memories.

The hurt /comfort moment came in... wasn't it awful to see him in pain and taking the shard out of his own leg?

I loved when Sheppard, Teyla, Beckett, and McKay arrive to help him. Poor man thought he was suffering for the people he'd brought the Wraith down on.  Turns out they where all dead and he was suffering for nothing. Though he did appear to be enjoying himself when it came to killing them.

I love love loved  when he told Sheppard to stay out of his way. I also loved when Rodney tells Sheppard there are 25 Wraith and Beckett says... 23.. 22.. and Sheppard responds... Ronon's really mad. - something along those lines... still very funny.... as was Sheppard's Wraith kills going up in number.

Who could barely take Ronon getting beat up by Keturah... show of hands? *raising hand* So painful. But I loved "I win!"

I think I got everything I loved... oh and Ronon!

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