November 15th, 2019

Movie: Sadness

Yesterday was a really bad day.

October 2002-November 14, 2019

My mom's cat Sadie, died yesterday. She'd been part of our family for 17 years. She's been around most of my adult life. I lived with her shortly and loved her always. She was the sweetest cat and I remember when she came into our lives.

She crawled through our laundry room window and had babies. So many precious babies. We found all of them except 1 a good home. That last one we let Sadie keep as she was very attached. She loved her little Frankie (a girl we named after Old Blue Eyes on account of her blue eyes). She taught that kitten so much. And having that kitten taught Sadie (a previous unloved kitty) how to play and meow.

Before Sadie came to us she was our Aunt and Uncles cat who existed solely to hunt mice and while Sadie did she wanted human contact that they wouldn't give her. They aren't animal people. And when she moved in with us to have her kittens, of course, we were enamored with her babies and less so her. But that didn't last. She demanded attention and was the perfect little gift. She never scratch people besides the odd flexing her claws into you while she was on her lap (this is innocence).

She only got scolded for taking shiny object like necklaces and Christmas ornaments a few times but she typically left them in the same spot after hoarding them.

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