October 23rd, 2017

SGA: Frak Rodney

DirectTV will try to screw you with their 24 month contracts.

We used to have DishNetwork and hated them because almost every other money they would up the price of your bill. So when we were at out fair there was a booth for DirectTV. They had this amazing deal which was cheaper than we were paying and locked in for the life of your contract. So after 2 years if you don't like the bill you can cancel or resign up or something. Sounds great plus apparently the guy selling was telling us he used to work for DishNetwork and was telling us about all the crap they'd pull and it was all stuff we hated.

When the guy came out to install the tv and net we discovered the first lie. The net speeds promised were not what we would get. They would be half what we already had. So we informed him we couldn't actually follow through with the installation but he called into the system to talk to DirectTV who told us that because we couldn't get what they promised they would still honor the 24 month locked in price for tv only.

After the first few months some kind of promotion on DirectTV upped our bill. We called in and were told we also had some free channels that had to be cancelled after three months. We weren't actually informed about these channels so they credited us the money and our bill went back to the normal price.

Then after several more months the bill changed again because we were told there was a new government fee we had to be charged. Fine. Then our service went out and when we called in they told us we'd have to pay them $7 a month for them to do anything about it. I should have told them then that we should just cancel because I was getting sick of this up and down. But instead we started paying the protection plan.

Then 13 months in a man called from DirectTV and told us that they wanted to offer us some additional channels for free. We told them we didn't want it to change our bill or cost us anything and we were assured it wouldn't. "Just call in after three months and make sure it is removed." This man asked for nothing from us.

14 month bill was double the previous and our entire bill was changed. We called in to inform them and they gave us a credit and assured us the problem would be fixed.

15 month bill was less than normal but only because we got a big credit put onto the double bill again. So for the last 10 days we've been calling into DirectTV who told us that we'd changed our bill effectively voiding our contract. We told them they were lying because someone called us and assured us nothing on our bill would change and the channels he would give would be free and change nothing. But it wasn't true. Then they decided to tell us that because we didn't have the bundle we only got the credit for 12 months to which we replied. How does that work if we got it for the first 13 months? They told us there must have been a delay in their system which is another lie because they wouldn't give you a credit if it was to expire.

After one of the calls we were told a support rep would call us to fix everything. She called. She tried to tell us the only way around this problem was to resign a year contract. So if you can follow that it means they start doing this to you to lock you into another contract.

We hung up on that person and called again. Finally we got someone who spouted the same bullshit but in the end gave us a $510 credit to cover what we would lose over the next 10 months ($51 a month). But she capped off her help with that they did nothing wrong and it had been our fault.

I don't do well biting my tongue but because she was giving us the 10 months worth of credits its a whatever and hang up.

So FYI neither DishNetwork or DirectTV are worth your time. We will be looking into Playstation Vue which you can get on Amazon, Google and other devices and is around $40 rather than $80 or in some cases which they try to cheat you $139. FYI our original bill was $63.75 per month whic we liked because it wasn't the $80 that DishNetwork was making us pay. Not it is $79.28. So much for "locked in price".

I call bullshit.