November 17th, 2015

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Now that the majority of the anger has passed...

Friday was very hard for people the world over, most especially France and her people. It disgusts me to think there are people in this world of any religion who think doing something so evil is even an option. I do believe harsh actions against such people would deter future action but I'm also of the mind of routing out such evil and destroying it. If only our President was likely to back the French President in such endeavors. I also hope many Middle Eastern countries which claim they do not support such actions are willing to stand with France fight these evil individuals.

What appalls me is the opportunity some take to say supporting the people of France means you are a White Supremacist. I don't even care if every person killed was white (I doubt that was the case). 1 person murdered is 1 person too many and as fellow humans of any race we should stand by those and support the victims and their families.

Now, not only will I pray for the friends and families of the victims but I will pray that ISIS is wiped off the face of this planet. And no matter your religion, it is something the world should be moving towards. There is no room in this world for those willing to attack friends, families, neighbors and countries out of nothing but hatred (difference of religion and beliefs should be dealt with by discussion and coming to the agreement you will simply not agree). However, there is room for gaining peace by defeating ones foes and I for one hope that the countries of this world finally make a stand and say enough is enough.

People keep saying we need to prevent the refugees from coming in or they say just the men should be refused. Well it is possible you have terrorists coming in under such a guise and yet I'm inclined not to believe them all bad. My own great-grandfather was a refugee who was welcomed into Russia and then the US where he lead a good and respectable life, always being thankful he got away from the horrors of his homeland. These refugees should have that chance. I do think they should be cautious of those entering their country as there are always those with evil in their hearts.

May God Bless and Keep France safe and destroy those who do evil.