December 22nd, 2011

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LJ Problems & Hostility

So I'm probably not the only one hitting a snag every time they try to post. You are all probably seeing that there is not Text Editor and HTML Editor though the blank form you see is the HTML editor just so you know.

Then there is the comments page. I'm hearing people hate this but I didn't dislike it yesterday. Now all my icons are at the bottom whereas yesterday I could see my default icon and there was a drop down menu that showed my other icons. I liked that so hopefully they fix this. With all my icons at the bottom things are slower to load.

Also there is the slowness to LJ. I don't think everyone is on at once. So I'm hoping that is addressed as well. Maybe it a short amount of time too.

They did extend Paid Users a 2 week amount of Paid time but still they really need to get on the problems. I think once the kinks are worked out things might just be nice around here. I don't hate the "improvements."

Why are people so hostile to those keeping us on LJ? They must improve things and update to stay in the game. Try supporting them and giving them suggestions rather than flaying them alive.

Merry Christmas!