June 24th, 2010

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The Grinch is real...

Group will sue McDonald's over Happy Meal toys - Yahoo! News

I posted this comment:
CSPI, you're idiots. Are you related to the Grinch? There is nothing wrong with toys in a meal! And you know you can actually walk into a McDonald's and JUST buy the toy! Maybe the toy isn't the most spectacular thing in the world but I remember a day when a "simple" toy could occupy a child's attention and time. Teach your children not every toy is a Wii.

Sure McDonald's isn't the healthiest food but that is why PARENTS are supposed to teach their children it is a treat... a splurge! You don't not tell a PRIVATE business they aren't allowed to sell something because too many lazy people can't seem to get off their butts and make something healthy or are unable to tell their child NO! And McDonald's is one of the few fast food restaurants who actually provide many healthy options!

If you really want to get McDonald's to do something about the healthiness of the food give them ideas and petition for it! Stop trying to steal a small joy from a child.

Also, as I recall, toys were an alternative to candy.