June 9th, 2008

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Friends Cut/Rearrange

I don't dislike anyone out there. I think some of you friended me way back when. We probably discovered that we liked the same show or some such but then... nothing else. I'm totally cool with if you want to stay or not. Here is a little poll which will also help me place you among my friends.

EDIT: The everyday posts are basically just the basic friends deal. Public and Friends posts... the others are friend groups.

Poll #1202293 Friends...

Staying a friend???

Stay friends
We never talk... we shall part company in peace.

Things you are interested in if staying a friend.... (check al that apply)

Just every day posts (My Icons, Found Icons, Silly Stuff)
My personal posts
I like the book reviews too.
I don't mind reading things that would be R rated or above.