April 25th, 2008

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How You Know You've Become a SciFi Geek...

Given that the most popular shows on TV these days often have a sci-fi or fantasy bent (Lost, Heroes, Doctor Who, Life on Mars) it's entirely possible for innocent viewers who don't know their Captain Picard from their Captain Birdseye to accidentally slip into geekdom. One minute you're innocently oggling David Tennant / Evangeline Lily, next minute you're considering the mechanics of time travel and wondering why Klingons suddenly developed bumpy foreheads between the original series of Star Trek and the Next Generation.

But worry not, help is at hand! Using our simple check list below, you can assess whether or not you have already crossed the line, and find out if there's still time to get back to normality by mainlining episodes of Gossip Girl.

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