February 22nd, 2007

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iPod, sick and movies...

Okay so I have another question about iPod before I commit... hey I'm just doing all my homework! Anyways, I have a bunch of songs I got places other than iTunes, can these be put onto the iPod? I'd heard they couldn't but I don't think that person has a Pod so I'm thinking they could be wrong of there is something out there to change that...

Okay, one of you made me sick! Who was it? *pointing fingers* I know I'm kidding but I feel like crap! I woke up and thought that because it was so dark it meant I got to sleep for a while longer... rest need rest... but it was only dark because it is all gloomy and rainy. *sobs* I want sleep... chicken soup and sleep...

I also wonder if any of you movie lovers know of any good 18th Century Period Movies?  I can only think of...
Pride and Prejudice (sp?)
Sense and Sensibility

What others are there? Please help...

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Made an icon...

This was at my house last March. Just thought I'd make an icon out of it.

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Enchantment by Orson Scott Card

Review #: 16

Title: Enchantment

Author: Orson Scott Card

Pages: 400

Rating: 2

Why did you get this book?

Recommended by a friend.

Was the author new to you?


Would you read something by this author again?


Are you keeping it or passing it on?

Passing it on.

What did you think of the book?

I love fairytales so I was excited about the prospect of a story being based on a fairytale being real. The only problem was the writing wasn’t very good and the story seemed all over the place while the resolution seemed to be that the evil witch just gave up.

It had its cute aspects and I did finish it so it was so bad but I can’t say I really liked the book. There was a moment when the hero, Ivan, tries to get his 9th century wife to where his shirt, which she is horrified about because it is a man’s garb. His response is to drop it on the ground and exclaim. “Oh look, cloth on the ground.” That was funny, though his wife didn’t like it.

There was a weird mix of Christianity, Judaism and magic in this book which left me wondering and the evil witch had enslaved the god Bear. So yes there was a talking bear in the book. This book was odd.

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The New Seven Dwarves...

For some reason my brother and sister though to do this...

Happy – Euphoric

Grumpy - Cantankerous

Doc – Physician

Bashful – Timorous

Sleepy - Lethargy

Sneezy - Sternutatory

Dopey – Befuddled