February 8th, 2007

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Review #: 14

Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Author: J.K. Rowlings

Pages: 870

Scale of 1-5: 4


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I know I just posted for Goblet of Fire but I'd gotten behind on my reviewing...
This book was quite a bit different than the others. It didn’t seem as exciting though you constantly knew something was up. I despised Umbridge, but I think that is the point. I loved McGonagall in this book because she takes absolutely no horse pucky from Umbridge.


It was highly annoying that they kept Harry out of the loop yet again, though that does appear to be a running theme which Dumbledore explains in the end but to which I doubt changes in the next two installments of the story.


Harry did seem a bit on edge during this book and snapped at his friends quite a bit, but they seemed to understand given that he was seeing what Voldemort (yes, I dare say his name) is up too.


Probably the thing I hated the most about this book was the death of Sirius Black. I mean why! I really liked Sirius and I adored the Christmas scene where he was so happy to just be with everyone despite the fact that it started with Mr. Weasley being injured. And yes I noticed that Sirius wasn’t careful what he said to Kreacher, which I was bothered by. I mean the moment we meet Kreacher I was thinking he would end up turning on them (despite his ties to Sirius after all Dobby did). I felt so bloody awful for Harry because he felt like he could go to Sirius when he couldn’t speak to others. Harry held the hope of one day being with Sirius (in a son role) because he felt cared about by the man.


Yes, I know why Harry must stay with the Dursley’s but I just hate that he must endure them. Of course, maybe now that the Order has threatened them he’ll be treated better. Still, I’m just so mad that Sirius’ dead. I really liked Snuffles.

Well onto The Half Blood Prince!

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Since when is Valentine's Day religious?

I just read an article that said DePere, Wisconsins school district voted to change Valentine's Day to Friendship Celebration Day! Apparently, this is because it is St. Valentine's Day and therefore religious. Now I ask you, since when is Valentine's Day religious?

The sheer stupidity of people. They talk of tolarance and yet if anything has a hint of Christianity to it they want it banned! It's just ludicrious. Just because you hear about something religious doesn't mean you'll struck "dumb" with religion, not that I think believing in God is stupid or dumb. It's just I know there are those who don't believe but I really think they haven't seen Valentine's Day as religious either.

The article also suggested (mockingly) some other name changes:
1. Saint Patrick's Day
2. Angel food cake
3. San Jose
4. Santa Claus
5. Santa Ana
6. Saint Bernard
7. Amaheim Angels

I mean you can't have things named for Saints and Angels... can you? Oh that does mean Sara Evan's song Saint & Angels is out too. Damn, next thing you'll know they'll be telling us wood was religious at one point so you can't have it... plastic houses it is!
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