November 21st, 2006

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Seperation Anxiety...

So because my Outlander ring was rather big, I stopped by the local jeweler to see what was to be done about it. She was concerned her husband could mess up the design until I pointed out the size bar on the back. She then proceeded to gush over how beautiful the pattern is and forced me to tell her what books series it was from. Because truly, I never tell people about the books. *giggle*

So it will cost me $39 on top of the $60 I paid for the ring for a downsize with a touch up on the antiquing. To top off this experience, she tells me it could take until the 5th! 2 weeks without my ring! I'm mortified! Though she told me about 16 times how beautiful the pattern was and how much she loved my ring. Still... it does need to fit for me to wear it. I'd just die if I lost it.