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ST: Before the Badlands, [PG], 4/4 (Voy & DS9)

Title: Before the Badlands

Author: SireesAnwar

Date: Long time ago...

Part: 4 of 4

Rating: PG

Characters: Quark, Morn, OC, Captain Janeway, Tuvok, Commander Cavit, Lt. Stadi, Carey, Dr. Fitzgerald, T'Prena, etc..

Archiving: FanFiction.net
Warnings: Not much to warn about.

SPOILERS: Not really.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Atlantis team or anything about them so don’t sue me.

Summary: A stranger strolls by Quark's Bar with a profitable tale to tell before Voyager was flung across the galaxy. Who is the mysterious alien who is plaguing the Alpha Quadrant and possibly working with the Cardassians?

AN: This isn't the best story but it is one of my first.



The man shook his head. “Janeway was never really sure what that ship wanted but her reports and her strategy were used in the dominion wars. A lot of people seem to think the Dominion was testing us. Voyager, really got beat up but because of them we figured out better ways to protect ourselves from the Dominion.”


“That’s a great story kid, but I don’t remember a Darby on Voyager’s manifest when they were here?” Stated Quark.


“Ensign Darby later joined the Maquis when a friend of his did and Voyager put in a request for a new Operations Officer. Ensign Kim took Darby’s place.” said the stranger.


“You know we could make a lot of latinum off that story. Maybe we should get together tonight and talk about it over some Romulan ale?” Quark leaned across the bar.


“Sounds like a profitable plan,” said the stranger as he got up to leave. He turned to look at Quark, “but I’ve got places to be.” The man head out of the bar and disappeared into the people on the promenade.


Quark went about his business. He served his drinks and cheated his customers. The memory of the man sitting at the bar telling him a story had begun to fade when Odo’s lanky form hovered over the bar.


“Now what?” Quark looked annoyed. “I know there hasn’t been anymore fighting. Things have been fine.”


Odo held up a data padd. “Were you talking to this man earlier?”


Quark wanted nothing to do with turning in any customers but the thought of a possible reward made him look. Quark was surprised to see the man he’d been speaking too. “Yeah, he was in here regaling us with a tale about Voyager.”


Odo nodded. “Ah ha. And where is he now.”


“Left. I’d say about half an hour ago. Why?” Quark eyed the shape shifter strangely.


Odo’s flat features scrutinized the Ferengi. “His name is Thomas Darby. He is wanted. He was assigned to Voyager for a short time before he joined the Marquis. He has since been implicated in weapons smuggling.” Odo turned and started to leave. “If you see him contact me. There is a reward in it for you.”


Quark nodded as he watched the shape shifter leave his bar. He couldn’t believe the man had been so inclined to tell him all about his brief time on Voyager. He looked to Morn. “I feel compelled to report to Starfleet about this.” Quark sighed as he headed off to tell the story all over again to those who could possibly put the information to some kind of use. If only he would get a reward.

Tags: fanfic-rating: pg, fanfic: startrek
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