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ST: Before the Badlands, [PG], 2/4 (Voy & DS9)

Title: Before the Badlands

Author: SireesAnwar

Date: Long time ago...

Part: 2 of 4

Rating: PG

Characters: Quark, Morn, OC, Captain Janeway, Tuvok, Commander Cavit, Lt. Stadi, Carey, Dr. Fitzgerald, T'Prena, etc..

Archiving: FanFiction.net
Warnings: Not much to warn about.

SPOILERS: Not really.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Atlantis team or anything about them so don’t sue me.

Summary: A stranger strolls by Quark's Bar with a profitable tale to tell before Voyager was flung across the galaxy. Who is the mysterious alien who is plaguing the Alpha Quadrant and possibly working with the Cardassians?

AN: This isn't the best story but it is one of my first.

In Between


“Captain, this is urgent. An unidentified ship has been crossing the demilitarized zone. It has crippled four Klingon ships. We must find out who they are and what they want. They are also conflicting with the Cardassians and Romulans. We are worried about their intent.” the admiral explained to Captain Janeway, his worried features revealing his sleeping patterns or lack there of.


“Of course, Admiral. We will get right on it. We will be leaving as soon as our new Ensign arrives.” Janeway explained.


“Please, Captain, be careful. Other ships that have encountered this unidentified ship, were either badly crippled or destroy altogether.” The admiral seemed genuinely worried about Voyager and her crew.


“Weren’t the other ships that came into contact with the unidentified ship science vessels?” the Captain asked.


“Yes, of course, they were not as armed as Voyager, but they still were slaughtered out there.” The admiral shift uncomfortably as he thought about what had happened. He’d seen the pictures of the derelict vessel. The horrors aboard were too much to think about.


“We will be careful, Admiral.” Janeway was worried about the risks of the mission but that was what they were around for.


“Very good. Admiral Jellico out.” The screen went blank. Janeway just let her thoughts drift. She sat in her ready room looking at the stars, waiting for her boyfriend Mark to call her. He always called right before a mission. I wonder if there is something wrong. There was a sudden chirp, but it was not her console it was the door chime. “Enter," she said. Tuvok entered and stood just far enough in so the door could slide shut with a whoosh behind him. He stood there just staring at her as though he had some of the worst news in the galaxy. She thought he would say that they were lost on the other side of the galaxy, but how ridiculous that sounded to her.


“Captain," said Tuvok, “the new crew member has arrived." “Captain?" he said slightly raising his voice and startling her. He seemed to be concerned about her. But knowing Tuvok he was just trying to get her attention. She knew that Vulcan’s didn’t show emotion, but she knew Tuvok well, she knew there was something behind that Vulcan façade. Vulcan’s do not raise their voices.


“Is something wrong, Captain?" he glanced at her with a worried look, or what she thought was a worried look, anyone else would have said she was seeing things, but they did not know Tuvok like she did.


“No, I’m fine.” she said as she turned to stare into space, “I have just been dreading the arrival of the new crew member. What with the death of the previous one and all.” She sighed softly, “Poor Mr. Garrett.” Then looked up at Tuvok.” Have Ensign Darby come in." she said as she waved Tuvok off. She couldn’t help but miss the funny Ensign that brightened up her bridge now and again.


Outside on the bridge stood a newly recruited Ensign. He was as nervous. He gazed around the bridge looking at his new surroundings. Things sure were going to be different around here. Ensign Darby heard the whoosh of a door and turned to see the Doctor stroll onto the bridge. He smiled to the Commander, who was in the Captain’s chair, as if they knew something that no one else on board knew. The Doctor cleared his throat and the Commander stood and glanced at Ensign Darby. “You must be Ensign Darby?” said Commander Cavit as he stuck out his hand to greet the young man.


“Yes, that is me. I mean, yes sir, I am Ensign Darby.” the young man stumbled over his words. He was now turning red. He shook the Commanders hand, but was sure that he would die of embarrassment.


“Listen, Ensign, I know you’re nervous about meeting the captain, but don’t be. She doesn’t bit… usually.” The Commander laughed. The Doctor grin behind the young Ensign.


“In fact,” said the doctor, “here is a tip. If the captain offers you something to drink, no coffee. She hates the stuff.” the Commander smirked. They were both barely containing there amusement.


“No coffee. Right. I think I have it. Thanks.” The Ensign nodded to them.


Just then, Tuvok entered the walked onto the bridge from the captain’s ready room. “Ensign, the captain is ready to see you.”


The new ensign walked through the door looking a bit nervous and definitely uptight. “Ensign Darby I presume.” She said as she walked to the replicator, she always had to have her cup of coffee, it kept her thinking. “Would you like anything? Coffee perhaps?”


“No thanks you, sir, umm ma’am, umm Captain. I never touch the stuff. Don’t like it one bit.”


“Sorry to here that. Computer, coffee, black, hot.” She picked it up off the replicator padd and walked towards her desk. She saw the Ensign squirm. “Ensign, I am not the one that assigns you to a ship, but I do recommend the placement of officers and Starfleet tends to listen to her Captains.” She said staring at him thinking that he looked as though he was going to explode. “Ensign, is something wrong?”


“No, I mean, well, Captain, I am sorry for what I said earlier about that coffee. It’s just that the Commander and the Doctor….” He was so embarrassed.


Janeway smiled at him and said in a friendly voice, “I think you should know that teasing new recruits is a pass time for the Doctor and the Commander. Don’t pay any attention to them. Just be honest.” He nodded. “Now where were we? Ah yes, I think that you are the best candidate for the position, and I only like the best.” She smiled. He was becoming more comfortable as the time passed. “So in short, Ensign, welcome aboard.” She stuck her hand out to shake his, and he took it.


“Thank you, Captain. That mean a great deal to me.” He was beaming. His ego was getting a little big, as well, but he could deal with that later.


“You’re very welcome.” She smiled and then said, “Would you like to see your station?’


“Yes, Captain.” He sounded so eager and she loved it.


They walked out onto the bridge. She looked at him with a smile then she said, “Would you care to take your place at Ops.” She gestured towards his station.


“I sure would,” Darby said with excitement. Darby raced over to his position and the crewmember working the ops station stepped aside for Darby.


Janeway took her place in the command chair and leaned over to the Commander and said in a not so low tone so as the Doctor could hear, “You know the coffee routine is getting a bit old. Maybe you can come up with a better joke. Huh?”


The Doctor and the Commander answered, “Aye Captain.”


“Lt. Stadi, let’s leave dry-dock. Lay in the coordinates that Starfleet transmitted and engage.” Stadi nodded in approval as her hands swept over the controls and they glided away from Deep Space 8. “I’ll be in my dinning area.” With that the Captain left the bridge.




An hour later, Janeway came back to the bridge to relieve Mr. Cavit. She smiled at him as he said, “Captain on the bridge.”


She looked at the space through the viewscreen. The beauty she saw. To one side of the view screen there was a nebula. It was pinks and purples. It looked beautiful. There was a planet close to the nebula. To close for comfort she thought. She looked at her screen. It was an M class planet, but an uninhabited one. Interesting. “Lt. Stadi, take us into orbit around that M class planet.”


“Aye, Captain.” she said as they glide towards the planet.


“Ensign, run some scans on the planet. Any signs of life?” Janeway walked up to stand behind Stadi.


“There are some low level inhabitants, but nothing sentient.” Darby punched the console in front of him. So far so good.


I wonder. The Captain thought about the planet and remembered the missions that the other ships were on. They were looking at the planet and the nebula when they were attacked. “Anything suspicious? Such as energy reading?”


“Captain, there is a low energy output within our sensor readings, but I am unable to ascertain the exact location of the source.” Replied Tuvok.


“They’re watching us.” she mumbled.


“Who is watching us?’ asked the Commander.


“The unidentified ship that has been attacking science vessels. It is watching us. The low level energy read out is most likely a ship and because of the nebula we can’t pin point its location.”


“So they’re waiting for us to make a move.” replied the Commander.


“Exactly.” Janeway watched the screen. She needed to make a move but wasn’t sure if she’d encounter a rook, bishop or the dreaded queen. Chess… not her favorite game.


“Where do you think they are?” The Commander looked concerned. He was one for figuring out the situation before rushing in. She on the other hand was the opposite. She would rush in with phasers blasting and hope things would work out, but something told her that wasn’t the proper approach in this situation.


“I think that they are most likely in that nebula but behind that planet.” Janeway gave a waggle of her finger towards the nebula.


Suddenly Ensign Darby called out, “Captain there is a ship off the port bow and its closing fast.”


“The ship came from around the planet,” said Tuvok.


“It is powering up its weapons, Captain!” said Darby.


Janeway jumped from her chair hollering commands, “Red Alert! Shields up! Ready all weapons!” A bolt flashed across the screen and struck Voyager across the port of the saucer. Crew went flying and Janeway was thrown. As she met the ground she heard a large pop and she knew that she had torn something. Her knee was in pain. As she got back up she saw many others doing the same.


“Damage Report?” yelled the captain in all the commotion. Darby pulled himself up and then stared at his console, and listed the decks with damage. Janeway thought to herself that was almost all the deck in the saucer. “What kind of weapons are they using,” she suddenly said to herself out loud.


“Captain, shields are down.” Janeway thought to herself for a moment. She needed a strategy. “Captain, we have no record of this technology in our computers.” said Tuvok. All of the sudden for no reason that Janeway could see the strange alien ship broke off the attack.


“What was that?” Cavit observed with amazement. “They just stopped.”


Janeway looked around. “We don’t have much time; let’s make the best out of the time we do have. Tuvok?”


“They have powered down their weapons. They seem to be waiting for our next move.” Tuvok looked to her with that all too Vulcan raised eyebrow.


“Engineering to the Bridge,” chirped Janeway’s combadge. “Janeway here,” she answered praying that nothing was going wrong down there.


“The Chief is pretty badly hurt. I had someone take him to Sickbay,” said Carey as she was working on keeping everything under control.


“Is there any damage down there, Lieutenant?” asked the Captain.


“A few minor things, and of course we have no shields. I think that I can keep the engines going, but another hit like the last and we won’t be around to use the engines.” said Carey.


“That’s good news, Janeway out. I’m going to sickbay. Mr. Cavit, you have the Conn.” She needed to think of something and fast. What was she going to do? The distress signal was already sent. All they could do was wait, for the moment. She rode in the turbolift in silence and thought about their situation all the way to sickbay. Now she stood in front of the doors. She had to go in….




Commander Cavit sat in the Captains chair thinking about the ship in space. He wondered if it was a new Romulan model or Cardassian, but if it were unidentified, whom then? He was puzzled. The ship was in a bad position. They were crippled and they were sitting ducks. “Commander, there are two ships crossing the Dematerialized Zone.” stated Darby.


“Identify, Lt. Tuvok.” barked the Commander as he stood to get a better look at the viewscreen.


“They are Maquis freedom fighters.” Tuvok said.


“They are coming in with their weapons ready and there shields up.” said Darby. “Commander, they are hailing us.”


“Bridge to the Captain.”




Janeway walked into Sickbay and saw several officers in bad condition. None of them seemed to be as bad off as the Chief. Janeway let the doctor work. She helped look after the crewmembers in sickbay.


Then a few minutes later she heard a low voice behind her say, “Captain?” she looked back to see Doctor Fitzgerald looking at her.


She stood up looked him in the eye and said, “How is the Chief?”


The doctor smiled and replied, “Fine he will make a full recovery."


“That is nice to hear. At least some good new today.” she sighed.


The doctor looked at her seeing how worried she was, he knew she hated loosing crewmembers. She had just lost one. She took in hard. A small and insignificant mission turned deadly but isn’t that what this is turning out to be. He saw her leg. “Let me take care of that.” She sat on the biobed and he ran an instrument over her knee.


Janeway watched T’Prena, the slender nurse walk to patients and start repairing broken bones and torn ligaments.


“Bridge to the Captain.” chirped her combadge.


“Janeway here.” She had tapped her combadge hoping that Cavit had just a small amount of good news.


“Captain, we have two Maquis freedom fighter ships crossing the Dematerialized Zone with their weapons hot and their shields up.”


“I am on my way, Commander.” The Captain looked at the Doctor. “Duty calls.”


“Okay I am finished.” The Doctor replied. “But take it easy.”


“Thanks,” was all Janeway said as she slide off the biobed and walked out of sickbay.

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