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December 04 2007 @ 05:10 pm
Anyone in San Francisco?  
I have some questions if you live in San Francisco...

1. There’s been a fire in the Marina District, in Filmore street. My hero was seen leaving the scene and is ‘helping’ police with their investigations. My question is, would he be taken back to the Northern District Police Department or somewhere else?

2. If he is taken back to the Northern District, what does the place look like? The only pic I can find shows a big white building that is basically featureless. Also, is there a ‘help desk’ or something in the foyer (where my heroine could go ask about my hero?)

3. Is it safe saying the West Portal Station is a train station? I’ve seen pics, and it seems to have trams running through it (at least, they look like trams to me), but I’ve seen references to trains and buses, so I’m confused.

- This is something an author asked on her LJ... wanted to see if anyone out there knew the answers.