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April 05 2006 @ 02:00 pm
ST: Before the Badlands, [PG], 1/4 (Voy & DS9)  

Title: Before the Badlands

Author: SireesAnwar

Date: Long time ago...

Part: 1 of 4

Rating: PG

Characters: Quark, Morn, OC, Captain Janeway, Tuvok, Commander Cavit, Lt. Stadi, Carey, Dr. Fitzgerald, T'Prena, etc..

Archiving: FanFiction.net
Warnings: Not much to warn about.

SPOILERS: Not really.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Atlantis team or anything about them so don’t sue me.

Summary: A stranger strolls by Quark's Bar with a profitable tale to tell before Voyager was flung across the galaxy. Who is the mysterious alien who is plaguing the Alpha Quadrant and possibly working with the Cardassians?

AN: This isn't the best story but it is one of my first.



He walked onto the Promenade. Everyone around him seemed was busy with other things, crewmembers on their way to their posts, and travelers stopping here and there before continuing on their long journey, they did not even notice or think anything of a stranger’s presence. This place was far from deserted. A trader flew past him in a hurry and right into the doors in front of him. He looked up at the name ‘Quark’s Bar’, “Sounds like an interesting place.” He said to himself and strolled through the doors. He went straight for the bar and sat down on the stole, trying to keep his head down. He looked up slightly as Quark started towards him. “What would you like?” asked Quark eyeing him. He was new and Quark was surmising if he was the gullible type or not. Quark deduced he was not, but rather a wanted man by the way he seemed to want to stay unnoticed.


“Whiskey, the real stuff, not the fake stuff that pores out of the replicators.” The stranger looked around for a familiar face and was happy not to see one. He was trying to go unnoticed on this stop and he figured that running into this Ferengi had already messed up that plan. “What happened?” The stranger pointed to the man that had finally dusted himself off and was wisely on his way out. The stranger didn’t want to make the same mistake and draw to much attention to himself.


Quark looked at the stranger and said, “He tried to cheat that Klingon.” Quark pointed to a Klingon standing across the room. “Not a wise decision on his part. He’s lucky he can walk out of here.”


“Now Constable Odo will be in here for sure.” A voice in the distance said. Quark shrugged it off.


The stranger felt uneasy. A Constable? Great that is all I need. No way I will make that mistake.


“He’s always strolling in and out of here. It is no big thing.” Quark thought that the mention of the ‘constable’ had made his new customer look a bit uncomfortable. “He is the chief of security on the station.” Quark’s hands flew into the air as though he was trying to sell the place. “He thinks that he can come and go as he please. He likes to see if anyone is braking the law, but he rarely finds anything. I wouldn’t worry about him.” The stranger tried to remain emotionless like a Vulcan, but hard and dangerous looking. He had heard of a Captain who fit that description, but this was not that man. That man was Xenexian with purple eyes. This man was definitely human.


The stranger looked at Quark. “How about that whiskey?”


“You got it.” Quark walked off to get a whiskey for his new customer. When Quark returned he found the stranger laughing at Dr. Bashir and Chief O’Brien arguing about something in the holodeck suite. “Amusing aren’t they?”


“I would have to say so.” the stranger turned back to the bar. He always kept his head down Quark observed, and it wasn’t the move of a shy person but the move of someone trying to lay low. That made him wonder. What was this new guy hiding?


Odo strolled in and headed straight for the bar. “Quark, what is it this time.”


“Odo, can I help you with something?” The Ferengi folded his hands together and the stranger thought for sure the Ferengi was going to sell some line to this guy.


“Quark, I had a report for disturbing the peace. This is another mark on your, oh so long, record.” Odo turned and walked out of the bar while glancing at the remarkably tame clientele.


“Tough crowd?” The stranger replied to Quark.


“Yep, he is not one for dancing around. He gets straight to the point. Are own personal founder.”


The stranger seemed interested but not intrigued. Quark stared at this man and tried to figure out the reason for his presence. He could tell a new arrival from a mile away. A visitor like a tourist often seemed interested in everything, but, no, this man was isolated like a man hiding or running. Sure he was talking now but how far could he push it? “Are you here on business, or pleasure?” Quark asked.


“I was wondering how long it would take you to ask me that question.” The stranger gave him a raised eyebrow and then turned and slouched over the bar. “I am just passing through, and I thought I would stop for a drink, while I wait for my transport.”


“So where are you headed? If you don’t mind me asking.” Quark was always curious but now more than ever. There was something about his man that made him more curious.


“No. I am heading to Alpha Prime. I have a,” the stranger hesitated for a moment, “…friend that lives there. We are getting together to celebrate. We all heard that Voyager is in the Delta Quadrant and a friend is aboard.”


“So you have a friend aboard Voyager?” This was getting interesting for Quark. He was trying to engage the stranger in a conversation, and maybe pry a little.


“Yes.” The man squirmed. He was starting to feel uncomfortable around all the questions.


“Do you mind if I ask who?” Quark wanted answers and was hoping to get them.


“Yes. You can ask though, but it doesn’t mean that I will say.” The stranger drank down his whisky and then gestured for Quark to fill it again.


Quark shrugged at the man’s answer. “I remember when Voyager was docked here. It was right before she disappeared. I just don’t know much about her is all.” Quark poured the drink.


“I can tell you about one of the missions that Voyager was on. It has so much to do with the Dominion and the Founders, although at that time no one knew.”


Quark was interested. I wonder if I can make a profit off of this. He glanced at Morn who sat next to the stranger. Morn just shrugged. He, of course, wanted to hear the story but said nothing, as always. Quark looked back at the stranger and said, “Let’s hear it.”


The stranger started telling his story and Quark listened intensely, “There was a time when Janeway and her crew were in the Alpha quadrant. No one seems to think about what happened to them before they were flung 75,000 light years from earth or even the circumstances leading up to the wars. Well on one of their missions, Captain Janeway received a transmission.....”

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