Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

Bye Bye Dreads!

Snobs and sniffles....Joseph Mallozzi Blog:

To those of you asking - yes, Jason did cut his hair. The dreads were becoming a bit of a pain and he asked us if he could go ahead and lose them. Paul and I wanted to accommodate him but were a little concerned given that the first episode of season 5 will pretty much pick up events as we leave them in the final episode of season 4, and we figured the fans might notice the not-so-subtle change in hairstyle. Well, after getting on the phone with Jason’s hair expert (no kidding), we arrived at a solution. Jason could lose the dreads provided he held on to them. A couple of weeks prior to the start of principal photography for season five, they would be reattached in a procedure that would take approximately four hours, and he would have them back for premiere. Thus, Jason is happy and continuity is maintained. As for the ultimate fate of those dreads - that, among many other things, is up for discussion this week.
I find this sad. I mean I love the man in dreads. I've never been a huge fan of the dreadlock and would never say they look good on anyone but Jason. I've never seen anyone else who could totally pull them off but what can you say.... it is his head of hair and I will continue to "love" Jason from afar!
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