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October 11 2007 @ 09:23 am
Armenian Genocide Recognized  

This is the article I read and will be refering too.

I am part Armenian. So let me just say I've been waiting for this for a very long time and it is a touchie subject. The reports say that 1.5 million Armenian's were killed in the Armenian Genocide. I believe the count was much higher though "officially" it is only 1.5 million. Make you wonder who's brothers, sister, parents, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, and children aren't viewed as important to the death toll. This is a minor matter but still it bothers me.

President Bush. I can't believe I voted for this ninny. It might upset the Turks that their crimes are brought into the spotlight! Grow a backbone! If the Germans can own up to the horrors they committed then so can the Turks.

"Turkey, however, denies the deaths constituted genocide, saying that the toll has been inflated and that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest."

Hello! At the time, Armenian has a larger country that the Turks invaded. Granted they had invaded earlier. It was a bit similar to the slow take over of the Nazis. I have read my great-grandmothers journals from this period of her life. It was horrifying. Mount Ararat used to be part of Armenian. And you know, land wars are common and fighting over them is one thing, but to enter a city and kill every man so no one could fight back. That is Genocide. My Great-Aunt was marched from the City of Van and was killed along the side of the road because she fell. We know this because of survivors who knew her. Their were Armenians in their country trying their best to live peacefully but the Turks decided that their country should have only Turks within it's borders (sounds like the Nazis). Again Armenians were marched.

My great-grandmother fled Armenian while pregnant with my grandfather. A Russian soldier (who was in love with her) gave her a lame horse for the journey. Not exactly the best but it was all he could give at the time. My great-grandfather stood in the middle of a river and watched while people he was going to ferry across were murdered on the bank. Hunting them down and killing them isn't genocide?

Armenians fleed to other countries. A lot came to the US via Russia and other locations. Why would their be a mass migration of a people if they weren't being killed off? It just irks me to know end that the Turks believe the mass murder of millions of people isn't genocide. They are basically condoning the actions of their ancestors. This wasn't a war. The Armenians weren't fighting them though at times they tried to defend their cities. How can you do that when they come in mass and kill all the men?

I have German ancestors and if they had anything to do with killing a Jewish person then they're dispicable!

France tends to take a neutral side to everything but they stood up and said it was genocide going as far as to say that it is illegal to say otherwise. That may be a bit much but I have to give credit to the French.

Hell even Hilter said, "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" He said that to justify killing Jews! Even Hilter saw it as the Armenians do.

It was religious in nature too. I mean it is the least of the issue but it was a religious Genocide. Most Armenians were Christian (some form... usually Orthodox) while Turks are not. They wanted that "filth" out of their country. They claim their religion promotes tolerence. They weren't acting the part and maybe they need to re-evaluate a few things.

Do you know you can identify Armenians by their last name? Armenian last names tend to end in IAN or YAN. Why? Because the Turks forced Armenians to add this to the ends of their names so they could be identified. Like a star on your jacket. My great-grandfather changed his name back when he came to the States. So many Armenians ask us why our name ends with a Y instead of IAN or YAN. That is the reason.

I probably wouldn't have posted but I saw the news this morning stating that Bush hoped this Bill wouldn't pass. This coming from the man who promised recognition of the Genocide while running for office. Lying ass! *wjdfshdifhhfndfksjxo* Pardon my outburst.

A few pictures:


That paper there is the NY Times. Funny how American's saw it as "Extermination" back then and it only gets recognized now!



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