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July 17 2006 @ 11:22 am
SGA: "No Man's Land" SPOILERS  

The season opener was spectacular! I mean both Stargates where great it's just that SGA was soooo beyond wonderful that I watched it twice.

First things first. John disappeared in the season finale. Where'd he go? As only John Sheppard would think to do... he attached his 302 to the side of the Wraith ship and went with them into Hyperdrive. Of course, he attached himself to the ship with Ronon and Rodney in it but he really doesn't know this. Still he tries his radio and ends up talking to Michael (played by Connor Trinneer). I'm really glad Connor is back for this roll. He does a fantastic job against Jason and Joe.

Ronon and Rodney are in stasis chambers. Rodney is complaining about dying and bringing Earth down with him. This was rather funny to me because we are listening to Ronon constantly telling Rodney to shut up. Rodney is completely underestimating Ronon at this point which I find a little annoying, but really that's Rodney. Okay it was driving me crazy that we weren't getting to see Ronon... I kept thinking... "get them out of those chambers...." I loved Rodney's reaction to Ronon having a knife. Didn't we learn sometime last season that Ronon hides knifes all over his person????

I loved that Jason had so many lines! I loved seeing Ronon come up with the ideas to stop the ship and Rodney was going along with it. It was great to see these two characters getting more airtime together. It is usually Rodney and John interacting but I think Rodney and Ronon are like a comedy team we haven't even begun to see.... the serious one and then quirky one.

Okay I know Michael is a Wraith but how much did you love him helping John, Ronon and Rodney? Personally, I'm hoping he comes around more often. I don't see him staying with the Atantis team because he's a Wraith and really how would they feed him.... but he's really awesome and it seems like he cares what happens to "us".

Probably my favorite seen is Sheppard sitting in the 302 trying to remember if he can detach from the Wraith Hive Ship when in Hyperdrive. I loved the flashback where he wasn't paying attention because he was making eyes at that girl... he's such a cutie!

The whole scene with Teyla, Weir and Caldwell is so excellent. She's basically asking him to take a very battered Daedalus into battle with the Orion that isn't even working properly against two very capable Wraith Hive Ships.... all to save Earth/Milky Way Galaxy which won't be able to defend itself. Crazy huh? This is where we get to see Caldwell really shine. We know he's good at his job despite the friction between him and almost everyone he comes in contact with, but here we see his dedication. Mitch Pileggi was awesome here.

Great Quotes:
Sheppard: Operation "This will most likely end badly" is a go.

McKay: I supposed I'd rather die as a hero than as a meal.

McKay: I'm going to be responsible for the destruction of my own planet!!!
Ronon: If it was anyone, it was going to be you.

Michael: Please believe me when I say I was as deceived as you.
Mitchell: Oh, I don't know, I was pretty deceived.

Shepherd: I managed to latch onto the hull of the hive before we went into hyper-space.
Ronon: Nice move.
Shepherd: Saw it in a movie once.

McKay: (trying to use the slimy control panel) Their operating system is a mess! Thank goodness I remember DOS.
(Ronon doesn't respond.)
McKay: Trust me, that was hilarious.

Michael: Good luck.
Sheppard: Thanks! It'll be a walk in the park. (under his breath) A very scary park, filled with monsters who are trying to kill me.
Michael: ... I don't understand.

(Pondering whether or not to disengage the 302's docking clamps while in hyperspace)
Sheppard: Okay, can't sit here forever. Hit 'em while they're in hyperspace and they'll never know what happened. Is that even possible? (Flashes back to a lunch conversation between McKay and Zelekna)
McKay: There is no reason to believe that their hyperspace field is any different from ours and we can't launch 302s from the Daedalus while in hyperspace.
Zelenka: I'm talking about maneuvering within the field, not passing through it. What do you think? Colonel?!?
Sheppard: (Distracted while eyeing a pretty woman across the cafeteria) Hmmm? What? Yes!
McKay: He's not listening.
(Back to the present predicament)
Sheppard: I've got to pay more attention to those guys! (Hits the "No" option on the computer screen)

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Mira -Blueberry Witch / human in Elf disguise..: Spikeymiravisu on July 18th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)
Certainly had a "to be continued" air over it, that ep. I kept wanting for more stuff to happen, but yes, very very nice to see so much of Ronon. And oh yes, I too would have felt like strangling McKay when he was whining so much! At one point I almost thought "ohno, soon we get to see Michael do the heroic thing and beam over to the Wraith ship to destroy it on his own and die in the process doing so". Thankfully, that didn't happen. He got another, brighter, idea. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, mmhm.

And, I wonder.. might this cause for an interesting menage à trois involving Ronon, Teyla and Michael?
Jill aka Josireesanwar on July 19th, 2006 04:48 pm (UTC)
Oh I hope not! Really I'm not a Teyla/Ronon shipper. I like Teyla and John but hey... to each their own.

Despite Rodney's complaining... I really like him. I think he's funny and I adore when Cadman is around annoying him.

TBC is really annoying but you're right it needed to be... another reason to look forward to Fridays!