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August 13 2007 @ 02:14 pm
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (SPOILERS) by J.K. Rowling  

Review #: 42

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author: J.K. Rowling

Pages: 784

Rating: 4


Why did you get this book?

Must finish the series! Hello


Was the author new to you?

Nope, I’ve read/listened to all the other books in this series.


Would you read something by this author again?

Yes, but who knows if she’ll write something else.


Are you keeping it or passing it on?

Library Book, I’m keeping it. lol


Book Description:

(mine) Harry goes up against Voldemort in an attempt to end the Dark Lord’s reign.



What did you think of the book?

I don’t understand why people didn’t like the book. I thought it was great! Yeah, I do see the clichés and maybe that is why but overall I thought it was good. It wasn’t the best Harry Potter book, but it was good.


Okay now I will go into my major SPOILER review so if you’ve read the book that is just fine, if not I suggest you turn back now because I’m going to give away everything!


  • HEDWIG: I can’t believe Harry’s owl died. That was just awful. His always there for him friend a casualty of the war between Voldemort and the rest of the world. Of course, at the same time it wouldn’t have worked to have Hedwig following him around all the time.
  • MAD EYE: Mad Eye was another sad loss but I have to say that I’ve never been a big fan so it didn’t upset me that much.
  • KREACHER: Okay you wanted to hate this house elf for so many books only to finally love him. He was truly great in this book. I loved the line, “Perhaps just one more, Master Harry, for luck?” in regards to hitting Mundungus with the pot. So lovable. I also loved in the last battle house he came in with other House Elves stating that his Master Harry was the defender of House Elves.
  • IN THE CELLAR: It was so horrible when they were in the cellar and they could hear Hermione screaming but Ron couldn’t get to her. And boy is she brave to lie to Bellatrix in the midst of all that torture. Gotta give her credit.
  • DOBBY: The poor little house elf. So sweet. So funny. And now a victim of the evil Dark Side. No it isn’t Star War’s and I’m not trying to be funny. Truly this made me sad. I couldn’t believe she killed Dobby. I loved how Harry dressed Dobby (put socks on him) before burying him.
  • POTTER WATCH: I loved the names of the people in Potter Watch. Lee Jordan was River as in River Jordan. Remus Lupin was Romulus as in Remus and Romulus. Kingsley was Royal as in a King is Royal. Fred’s was just funny because of the Rodent/Rapier thing but I’m not sure if the Rapier meant anything but I think Rodent was a play on Weasley.
  • TONKS & LUPIN: I can’t believe Tonks and Lupin died! That is so sad, so much like Lily and James. Of course, I think it would have been sadder had one been left alive and alone. Still, I hadn’t expected that one. I think their deaths get to me more because they were newly married and had a small baby. So very sad for Teddy Lupin.
  • FRED: Also another sad loss and one I saw coming. I mean it was either him or George. I really thought she’d get rid of one of the twins, just because they were twins.
  • MRS WEASLEY: Gotta love her calling Bellatrix a bitch. Who would have thought she had it in her.
  • DRACO: Seems like Draco gave Harry a little respect in the end. How could he not? Not only did he kill Voldemort but he saved Draco more than once and ensured his families safety.
  • VICTORIE: Victorie sounds and looks French and James says she is their cousin which to me would imply she is Bill and Fleur’s daughter.
  • HORCRUXES: Who would have thought Harry would be one himself? Interesting. So there was 7 instead of 6 (the 7th/8th would be Voldemort). Tom Riddle’s Diary, Gaunt’s Ring, Slytherin’s Locket, Hufflepuff’s Goblet, Ravenclaw’s Diadem, and of course Nagini. And then without knowing it Voldemort made Harry a Horcrux. I liked how that worked. Also kept Harry safe and explains all the weird wand issues Voldemort was having.


The Wands:

Dumbledore’s wand, The Elder Wand, was taken by force from Grindelwald. How is this possible when the Elder Wand is unbeatable? After talking to Ollivander Harry thinks Dumbledore won it in the duel with Grindelwald. In the Chapter King’s Crossing Dumbledore confides that Grindelwald was scared of Dumbledore. Was it his fear that made him lose? Did the wand choose Dumbledore sensing his greatness and therefore rejecting Grindelwald? This is confusing because the ways of the wand seem very mysterious and complicated.



I have never been a fan of Snape but I admit that his story was sad and touching. Loving Lily so much that is Patronus was a Doe which was also Lily’s Patronus. I did like that Harry’s son was named Albus Severus eve if it doesn’t roll off the tongue. Have to wonder how Snape would feel about it thought?


THE END: I see why people weren’t fond of the end. A bit cliché with the happily ever after scenario but really I think it ended right. Voldemort couldn’t triumph. What kind of message would that send? I liked the Epilogue. Life is normal. Ginny and Harry are married with children as are Ron and Hermione. That is what was supposed to happen even if it meant Dobby, Tonks, Lupin and FRED dying!


My sister and I have been discussing the sword that came to Neville in the end because Griphook had taken it. We figured that Griphook’s notion that he or another Goblin owned the sword was inaccurate Godric Gryffindor didn’t steal it based on the fact that Neville was able to pull it out of the sorting hat. Godric had to be the true owner for the sword to return to the hat which belonged to all four house founders. Dumbledore does say in book 2 that Only a true Gryffindor can pull it out of the hat and I think Neville displays that he is a true (and very brave) Gryffindor.


I apologize for any spelling errors as I’m not good at remembering those details.

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d: HP Harry in green (t)nebakanezer on August 14th, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
Oh, I couldn't stop listening at the end until I was finished. I had no idea what was going to happen so I didn't know who was going to die, I was just hoping that all three of them survived. I was very sad about Fred, Dobby, Tonks and Lupin. They left a baby to be an orphan much like Harry, though Teddy (right?) was obviously raised by many loving witches and wizards. I wasn't surprised that Snape loved Lily, it never occurred to me, but it did make sense. I was however surprised to learn that they had been good friends before school. And it was sad that Lily and Petuna were actually close until Lily got her letter. That does explain why she was SO anti witch. She desperately wanted to go with Lily and she couldn't.

I was right about Snape though!! Yay! I have never liked him at all, but I have always held out hope that he would urn out to be a double agent working for good. It was hard in this book to keep thinking that as there was no evidence at all that he wasn't totally working solely for V. The reason I had such faith was that I refused to believe that Dumbledore could have been such an incredibly poor judge of character to trust someone who was under V. I really couldn't believe that and I've always thought that it was planned that Snape kill him on top of the tower. So for once in my life I can actually say I was right about something in a plot. (I'm not usually right about anything! LOL)

We were talking at work today about the Elder wand. When Dumbledore died on top of the tower, his wand (the Elder wand) then went to Malfoy so he was the rightful master of the Elder wand. That's wild cuz he never even got his hands on it! Since Snape killed D, I'm not sure how it landed on Malfoy. Then when Harry took Malfoy's wand (his original wand) then the Elder wand recognized Harry as its rightful owner even though at the point he had not even touched it yet. I think I need to go back to this part again. And the battle in the beginning when Dumbledore acquired it, that confuses me too. LOL

I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way. Evil CAN NOT win over good. That would be terrible. I agree with you.

Yes, Kreacher was finally totally redeeming :) Yay! and the cellar scene was I agree one of the worst, in a movie that will be quite tough to watch. They spent a lot of this book all bruised and burned and cut up.

And Harry as Horcruxe, that was quite clever. Loved that detail.

Now I want to read them all again from the beginning.


Jill aka Jo: Goodies: Garfield Beggingsireesanwar on August 14th, 2007 11:48 pm (UTC)
They left a baby to be an orphan much like Harry, though Teddy (right?) was obviously raised by many loving witches and wizards.

Yes but this still makes me sad because Tonks and Lupin didn't get to be with their son and visa versa.

Yeah I always figured Petuna's problem with magic was feeling left out when her sister went to Hogwarts.

I had heard about the Snape/Lily thing and it made so much sense. I liked how Snape wasn't a fan of "mudbloods" but he tells Lily it doesn't matter.

The reason I had such faith was that I refused to believe that Dumbledore could have been such an incredibly poor judge of character to trust someone who was under V.

Me too. That was the only reason I wanted Snape to be good. And it was definately interesting to experience his conversations with Dumbledore because we saw a side of Snape we haven't before.

I think the Elder Wand recognized Draco because Draco took the wand right? Wait maybe not... asking sister...Draco disarmed Dumbledore when Dumbledore made it so Harry couldn't move. So Draco won the wand and then you are right about Harry getting the wand. Weird.

I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way. Evil CAN NOT win over good. That would be terrible. I agree with you.

Thank you. I mean if evil won you'd be disappointing the entire world, plus I believe even in real life evil never wins.
nightfog: ron&hermioneunightfog on August 14th, 2007 09:41 am (UTC)
I loved the book too and I also liked the epilogue, I want to know what happened in these 19 years though :-)

Snape...he's a character one loves to hate...but I always hoped that in the end he would turn out to be one of the good guys...and he did *squee*
I think he's a great and very interesting character...it seems as if he had just always been in the wrong place at a wrong time and he had made some wrong decisions, but it had been his undying love for Lily that brought him back to the good side.
I have to say that I was really happy that JRK didn't make him evil.

Kreacher...oh I hated this house elve, but in the final book I really began to love him, I so didn't expected that. It seems as all that Sirius should have done, was being nice to him...then he wouldn't have betrayed him. *sighs*

Neville...his character changed the most througout the books...and as you said he is a true and very brave Gryffindor indeed. :-)
Neville & Snape = 2 big damn heroes :-)

loved the Potter watch!

Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix...that was just plain awesome!

Fred, Tonks&Lupin, Dobby...their deaths still make me sad *sniffles*

I also loved to find out more about Dumbledore's background...he also had some dark spots in his past...and I liked that, that made him more human.
Jill aka Jo: Misc: 300 Womansireesanwar on August 14th, 2007 11:34 pm (UTC)
I wanted to know what happened in the 19 year too. I mean you want to know everything like what their jobs are and all that.

I just wasn't ever fond of Snape. I mean I thought she'd redeem him but it didn't matter to me much. I did like that he loved Lily but it kind of makes his life sad.

It would seem that is the case with all magical creatures. Respect them and be kind and you have nothing to worry about.

Fred, Tonks&Lupin, Dobby...their deaths still make me sad *sniffles*
I know. I hate that they all died but most of all Tonks and Lupin.

I also loved to find out more about Dumbledore's background...he also had some dark spots in his past...and I liked that, that made him more human.
Very true. You just couldn't believe he was so GOOD. I mean he was but he had his misguided youth thing.
H. J. Snape: eiaswhjsnapepm on August 14th, 2007 10:34 am (UTC)
I've always been a fan of the 'Harry is a Horcrux' theory, simply because of how the Dementors seemed to really focus on him in PoA. I've no clue if that was actually because of the bit of Voldie's soul, but I thought it would be a good explanation. *shrugs*

I like that Harry named his son Albus Severus, too. I don't care how it sounds, as a Snape fan it was really something to have Harry of all people do something so... I don't know what to call it, all I know is it made me cry.
Jill aka Jo: Friendly: Hello Dolphinsireesanwar on August 14th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
They did focus on Harry which is why I never suspected. Why would the Dementors go after Voldie's soul (or whatever you want to call his tattered essence).

It was respectful. Snape was so horrible to Harry but Harry recognized in the end that Snape had trouble with Harry being Lily's son and James's as well. Plus he was right. He called Snape one of the bravest men or some such. It is ture.