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The Killing Club by Michael Malone/Marcie Walsh

Review #: 36

Title: The Killing Club

Author: Michael Malone/Marcie Walsh

Pages: 276

Rating: 3.5


Why did you get this book?

I was interested in it. Sounds good.


Was the author new to you?

Kind of.


Would you read something by this author again?



Are you keeping it or passing it on?

Can’t keep it. Library book. I don’t know if I’d want to own it.


Book Description:

The authors of this elaborate thriller-spoof are an odd team: Walsh is a fictional character from the soap opera One Life to Live and Edgar-winner Malone is the ABC show's former head writer. The book has nothing to do with the TV program or its characters. Marcie herself isn't even a character. But on the actual television soap, the character Marcie will be writing a book - this book - as part of the show, and there will be eerie echoes of Marcie's plot - this plot - on the show. The book's heroine is 20-something Jamie Ferrara, a police homicide detective in the small New Jersey town of Gloria. When one of Jamie's high school buddies is killed in what looks like an accident, Jamie is reminded that during her senior year, she and the victim belonged to the Killing Club, in which members designed strategies for killing people they didn't like. When Jamie realizes that the accident victim invented his own murder scenario, she starts investigating. Walsh/Malone craft an interesting plot spiced up by the Peyton Place like antics of Gloria's residents. At one point, Jamie asks herself, "Was there anybody in Gloria... who wasn't cheating on a spouse?"


What did you think of the book?

I was a little skeptical about reading it but I saw it at the library so I picked it up. I kept thinking that while I do watch soaps and in this case I’ve watch OLTL and I know all about the Killing Club on the show and about the book, I wasn’t all that sure I wanted a repeat of the story.


And I didn’t get one. This is about different characters, thankfully, and is really an interesting read though at times the writing confused me but not enough that I hated the book. I actually rather enjoyed it. I’m a fan of mystery though I rarely read it though I might start. This book seemed, in the beginning, typical. I thought I knew what was going to happen but I was pleasantly surprised to be surprised.


I liked the heroine and adored her fiancé and her once crush from high school. While it sounds a little sick that they once planed the murders of people they hated at the same time I can see it being a harmless way to vent when people treat you badly, not that I would ever do such a thing. I rather prefer ranting on my LJ. Plus I think I’m more inclined to be like, “I hope they have a bad day.” Rather than think up ways to kill people. Creepy.


Still it is the bases of a murder mystery in a small town. I must say this gave me dreams I didn’t really enjoy but I was eager to keep reading.

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