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"Knife Control" in England

Okay so apparently not only can you not own a gun in England but now you can't own a knife....

"The proscription against private ownership of edged weapons extends even to collectible science fiction merchandise. To dramatize the supposed urgency of the disarmament program, police raided a home in Gloucester and proudly brandished their trouphy, a five-foot, crescent-shaped, two-handled artifact breathlessly referred to by the Sun as 'a matrial arts sword capable of beheading a man.' The object, in fact, was a replica of the "Bat'leth" swords used by Klingon warriors on Star Trek."
~"Knife Control" in England, The New American
To me this is insane. What about all the Lord of the Rings swords or the Highlander swords people buy? What about people who have swords from their family history? I'm sure there are families out there who have passed down swords (broad swords, dirks, katanas, etc) through their family... are these also subject to seizure?


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