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I live in the 3rd world country called California!

So many of you may have heard about California's power outages due to PG&E's bullying of their customers which is 80% of California. No, you might have heard it is all a necessity to protect us here. It isn't I assure you. Two weeks ago we went without power for 24 hours while many people had it off for up to 4 days.

An old man died during this shutdown because it went off as he was getting up to change his oxygen tank battery. He fell and as a result did't have his oxygen tank. Why did he fall? No light. And yet PG&E is persisting in telling the world it isn't what he died of. You're right PGEvil. He died from his illness which required an oxygen tank for breathing. However, he couldn't get to the batteries to change it because he fell from suddenly being in the dark. Ergo, your fucking fault.

I live in a rural area and when there is no power here you have almost no communication with the outside world. We have a home phone but our cells get little reception at home. We rely on the internet for fire updates and other news. So when they shut off the power we weren't just in the dark literally but figuratively as well. And the worst part was waking up that first day without power to smoke. Yep. Smoke. It was smokey outside just like during our big fire and when fires have been in Yosemite. Turns out that is where the fire was but I learned that after the power came back. So I sat that day praying we weren't going to have a fire coming at us.

My mom is in her 70s and is disabled. When her power goes out she has no water or toilets. She spent most of her time at our offices which still had water and toilets but, of course, no power to operate. That means you lose work and for a large portion of Californians not working means no money for rent. Getting back to my mom, she didn't just lose water and power. She lost phone service because PG&E isn't the only horrible company in California. I'm talking about AT&T. My mom's phone lines are old and they constantly shut off when it rains or their is an outage. So she had no phones to call out. So what happens if she is having an emergency?

I was lucky because my home is mostly gas so when the power goes out; I can shower and cook. But we also have a frigde full of food and a big freezer where we store food. Those are compromised when you shut off power. I don't have a lot of money so I buy food when there is a deal. This means storing things in a freezer at times. I was very concerned about this. Our fridge contents went into coolers but where to put a chest freezer full of food?

The thing that got me was they told us it would go off at midnight that Tuesday. So we did everything we thought we'd need to do before then and were up at midnight to see it go off. It didn't. Then we were told 4 am. When I woke at 8am it wasn't off. Then we were told noon. It didn't go off then either. So the final time was 8pm. It when off at 3:30pm.

When was it supposed to come on we wondered. PG&E's response was 2 days, maybe 4 days, 5 days, it could be a week. Tell me this would't leave you in panic. If it is 2 days a chest freezer can stay cold that long. But anything else and you'll have ruined food. We were lucky we only had it out 1 day but some weren't so lucky and lost tons of food.

And guess what. They want to do it again. So I knew nothing about it until today when my Uncle informed me they got an alert that our town and his would be out. It was the first I'd heard about it. I'm supposed to get an alert. But nothing. I go online and look up the address where I live. No outage planned. And yet someone else posted that they got the aleart with my town on it. The best part of these alerts is the shutoff and on times are undetermined.

What is our idiot and corrupt Governor doing? He wagged his finger at PG&E and told them to do better. WTF!? The proper response is that they are leaving people in danger and they do not get to shut off power. They do this because they haven't kept up the infastructure of our power... why you wonder? Because they are too big to sustain themselves. They shouldn't be in control of 80% of a state when they can't keep up repairs.

We had some nasty fires last year and some were caused by power but the fire we had was caused when PG&E workers messed up and caused a fire. Parts of our country experience far more extreme wind than we do... (TORNADOES) and yet in those areas they keep power on for public safety. And if you watch the news they are propigating the idea it is for the safety and well-being of California but their weather reports got more and more fantastical as you watched. 70mph winds? Surely not. The answer is not. We never had high winds nor are we having the high fire conditions. Our fall has been cool and we've had lots of humidity which all supresses fire.

I acutally saw a fire start here recently and it was moving pretty well but was shutdown very quickly. I thought it moved fast and yet I was told it did not. It was being suppressed by our weather conditions.

And this week's shutdown will mostly effect Placerville which at this time of year means millions in lost revenue. This will literally be their busiest time of the year because of harvest. Families from all over Northern California come to pick pumpkins, apples and more. Our family had planned to head over there this weekend but now we are wondering if we should bother because of power outages.

No matter my disagreement with California's politics I loved my state but more and more I want to live were the people don't believe the sky is falling. Where they don't believe 1 man's life is worth going without power. #PGEpowershutdown #PGEshutdown #PGEoutage
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