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May 14 2019 @ 10:34 am
Game of Thrones: The Bells  
I don't even know what to make of what happened on Game of Thrones. It literally didn't make sense to me and I keep hearing they've been setting this up since the beginning but I don't buy it. I feel like they rushed this season and are just trying to speed towards the solution we all kind of figured. I'm not keen on it.

I'm going to talk episode now... it is behind the cut and a spoiler cut.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I feel like the moment they told us who Jon really was they were just going to turn everything towards him. Dany can't possibly be a good guy after everything. Why? I'm not sure. I'm not a person to blame writers for being sexist but part of me thinks they are going down the path that she is emotionally unstable. I don't buy that. I don't even think there is past evidence of that.

People reference her not being upset by her brother's death. Who would be? If that was my brother I'd have killed him myself. He was horrible, abusive and evil. He deserved his ending.

Then people reference Dany wanting to destroy everything the slave holders built. I get her reaction to doing that. They committed a great evil by crucifying all those people and she wanted to bring them to justice. Yes her reaction was extreme but I really think it was to wipe their accomplishments out and she didn't really think about the little people in that moment. And while she might have considered going through with it I do think when Dany was faced with all those who were innocent she would have made a different choice.

I'm not saying Dany is perfect. She has the same mentality Viserion had which is that the throne is his by right. She needs to learn more about how to rule. She did learn a lot having to deal with the people in Meereen but I don't think Meereen and Westeros are close to the same thing. In Meereen she was mostly dealing with former slaves but in Westeros she's dealing with arrogant Lords. It is about alliances and making some concessions. Dany doesn't like being wrong but I don't think her natural reaction is just to kill everyone.

Dany has made questionable decisions but one that I feel people think is so horrible is Sam's father and brother. They were traitors in her eyes and they really were because they also turned on the Tyrells. Any ruler would have killed enemies not willing to submit to their rule. Yeah she used a dragon but that is her sword is it not?

I do think in some regard this season they've been trying to make us believe that her goal of the throne being threatened is mentally changing her and I could see her being rather upset by it but has no one pointed out to her she's acting like the tyrants she wants to overthrow?

In The Bells, when Dany pretty much has taken the city and she gets that crazed look on her face, the Double Ds want us to believe she believes this rebellion will just keep happening and so she destroys the city and kills all these innocents. I don't think so. First, she could have made a HUGE statement but flying to the Red Keep and just setting that ablaze. But notice all the wildfire bursting. Cersei had a plan and that was to sacrifice everyone too. So yes, in that moment Dany was evil. But it was a hard turn this episode. I don't get it. Tyrion tells her about all the women and children. Dany isn't one to kill children and these people can't be blamed for Cersei's actions. She also never came to the people and told them to free themselves from the Lassisters. This was just a jump the shark moment for me. And Second, she could have been the person who is willing to help all those oppressed by Cersei and point out Cersei put them between here and the armies.

I've only recently been hearing about the Clegane Bowl. I get it. We want the Hound and the Mountain to fight. But what the hell did Qyburn do to the Mountain that he's just a Zombie. And I kept saying, cut off the head! It was sad to see Sandor go out the way he did but I'm very glad he took his brother with him.

The entire time Arya was on screen I was chanting, "Do not kill Arya. Do not kill Arya." And after Winterfell I kept wanting to see her kill Cersei but I'm glad she didn't go after her. Though now I think she'll go after Dany because of what Dany did. I'm not opposed to that at this point. I don't really want anyone to rule. Ultimately it makes sense for the Starks to win out but Jon doesn't want it and Sansa seems a touch to duplicitous at this point. Arya. Well that seems odd though she'd been a warrior Queen.

I know that Grey Worm is upset about Missandi but what he did, murdering people who surrendered. Can't route for him either. He's going to have to die also.

And I suspect Tyrion will die because of the whole Jaime thing. I can't believe he tried to save Cersei. Cersei was the only one I actually thought needed to die but now so many more.

I knew Jon was the only one to route for.

I'm not a hater. I just think they are kind of wasting the story. Maybe I'll think different in the future.
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Kaylee Winchesterroguem on May 17th, 2019 09:55 am (UTC)
Had they had more episodes this season to actually set things up it might have made a little more sense, but this just felt like they were clearing the board as much as possible until the finale.