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September 21 2018 @ 03:28 pm
Seasons 3 & 4 of The Walking Dead: Maggie and Glenn are forever  

I watched so fast and haven't been around so I haven't really mentioned what I think ofThe Walking Dead.

Season 3
They move into the prison. So I really liked that they went in a killed the walkers and took over the prison. It was a smart move because the prison likely had an armory and a kitchen. When they find those prisoners I was really leery of them but was glad when Rick killed the one who tried to feed him to the walkers. It was neat to finally see the famed Michonne but she really annoyed me with the no talking thing. I mean when she meets up with Rick and the gang she knows who they are and their relationship with Andrea and yet she never mentions a thing. This is beyond frustrating.

I was very happy Lori died but really upset that Rick went nuts. Of course, it wasn't until listening to a podcast that I realized the people he was talking to on the phone were people who had died. Lori, Shane, Jim, and Amy. And that Jim gave him the three questions that show up later. Wow. That was cool.

They should have killed the Governor just for what he did to Maggie. I truly hated him and was very upset he didn't die in the end of the season.

Andrea got on my nerves because it seemed like she watched the Governor unravel but did nothing about it. I really wanted her to kill him in his sleep but she didn't. However, the way she died was well done and really brings together Michonne and the Survivors.

I loved when Michonne came into Woodbury and killed Penny the Walker.

And Carl killing that kid. Everyone acts like he's a cold blooded murderer but that kid was killing them and he wasn't surrendering to Carl either. It was Carl's job to protect Hershel and Judith so I honestly think he did the right thing. Talking to him about it and helping him get through that trauma is better than making him feel like a criminal in this world.

Season 4
Illness hits the prison. I was okay with this but when Karen and David get killed I really thought it was related to the rats at the fence. And the whole Lizzie and Mika thing. First, Carol is way too harsh with them. I get teaching them about Walkers and what to do when someone dies but I would think for kids their age you'd tell them to lock the walker in and then get someone. They still seem a bit young to deal with the walkers. However, Lizzie's weirdness with the walkers is something to be worried about.

The entire Governor part was just so overdone. Probably because it was 2 episodes of just him. I think we could have seen small portions of this over the other episodes and have it lead to the showdown there in the mid-season. But when he tries to cut off Hershel's head and doesn't quite do it. I do love when Rick sees red and then he's "Gonna Kill You Rick". What gets me is that the Governor believes he is doing all of this for this new family who ends up dying because he's doing this.

I was a little flabergasted that when they all fled the prison there wasn't a meet up place. It seems logical. And what happened to everyone in the bus? How did they all die?

I really enjoyed Rick and Carl out on their own and Carl's little side trip. And the pudding thing was great. Michonne's little excursion was emotional but I loved when she found Rick and Carl.

Daryl and Beth being off together was nice. I was really worried they would try to bring them together as a couple but was really glad that didn't happen. It was a little sad that Beth assumed he did something illegal but then she probably heard stories about Meryl. But I liked that Beth could bring Daryl out and he could confide in her. But it was sad that Daryl lost her. I felt so bad for him. But then Daryl ends up with the jackasses and it felt a lot like him being exposed to his father again. I was really happy when he helped Rick

The Maggie, Sasha and Bob situation was a little annoying but I did love Maggie desperately looking for Glenn. On the flip side Glenn is also desperately looking for Maggie but is hindered by Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. I like that Rosita clearly wanted to help Glenn and that Tara did.

It was actually very awesome when we finally got to see Glenn and Maggie's reunion.

But the kicker is that they all get to Terminus but it clearly isn't what they said it was. I noticed the poncho but not the watch. But when they corraled everyone into the box car I wasn't entirely sure what was up. But I was happy everyone was there together. Of course, when Rick gets pissed... things get good.

OH! Carol and Tyrese with the kids. WHOA! Lizzie is totally nuts and it was very hard to know that Carol had to kill her but what else can you do with a psycho kids in the zombie world? And that she killed Mika. Wow. Just wow.

I'm actually through the 7th season but I'll talk about those later.

The thing that kills me with this show is sometimes they just do the dumbest things and you are shocked by it. You feel like screaming... no one would ever do that.
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