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TWD 2.5: Exist stage left you creepy psycho

Should they be buring people? I mean these people are infected so land is important right? We want to grow things on this farm of ours. Can the dead Walkers taint the soil?I get Hershel spinning out of control when it really dawns on him that the Walker's are dead people... there is no coming back from it. I'm glad the "man of God" doesn't just doubt God in all this but rather the world at large.How does Dave and Tony know about the farm? I mean did I miss something? Did they confirm it? Sketchy. I mean Tony (was that the one who did all the talking) was seriously trying to come off as nice but it was so threatening. I had absolutely no issue with Rick killing them. I mean it really seemed like they were all in danger from those two... but then they didn't know it.I'm curious if other's see killing other humans in such a situation as right or wrong? I'm against killing but I feel like Rick was protecting everyone here.

But, of course, they had others with them. Why wouldn't they. I really liked the sequence with them trying to get away from the others of Tony and Dave's group but the whole Randall thing! God, I hate this. Why would these people do this stuff. So they save Randall only to decide to kill him?Why not give Randall a chance? Tell him he can join their group and he's on a probation period. They all work together and Rick is in charge. If he proves himself he can stay. Give people the chance because I feel like a lot of people who know they will be safe and cared for will choose that.But they torture and torment Randall and then Rick wants to let him go? No, that doesn't work. Had they patched him up and then dropped him off, sure. But they abused him. In this new world that is going to get retaliation.I wasn't keen on Daryl toturing him but the story he told about his group raping the teenage girls and making the dad watch... in that moment I didn't doubt Rick or Shane. I really thought Randall was a threat and in that case what can you do?BUT Shane is a crazy person. He is losing his everloving mind and when Rick saves him from the bus. I really thought he was going to leave him behind but I felt when he saved him he was proving that he wasn't going to be the guy to leave people behind which only told Shane he was right to believe Rick couldn't hack it. Dumb dumb Shane. Have I mentioned how much I hate Shane.DALE! I'll say it again. Carl is creepy. Going out and antagonizing the Walker in the muck. What the hell? And then he didn't warn anyone that it was loose so Dale ends up getting killed by it. Of course, Dale walked right up to it which was stupid. AND I really thought Shane would do him in.And then Shane being the crazy that he is concocts this whole plan to take Randall to the woods, kill him and then lure Rick out there. WTF! But I loved the showdown between RIck and Shane. Rick trying to be reasonable but killing Shane. Thank you Jesus!And we see the helicopter again and the Walkers trying to follow it only to be drawn by the gunshots at the farm. And then we do offically know that everyone is infected. But should a cure come for the living down the line... should we be burying the dead or burning them?Everyone runs for their lives as the herd moves in and Andrea gets seperated by is saved by the mysterious hooded figure with the katana. (I know who she is now and I love her.)I have to talk about Lori. She seems like a manipliative bitch. I so dislike her and she has to be the next to go. I can't believe all her back and forth between Shane and Rick... I mean it really seems like she's pitting them against each other.Oh and Andrea with Beth... not cool you crazy.I can't say this is the best show but I'm enjoying it.More on Season 3 soon.

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