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July 20 2018 @ 04:32 pm
The Walking Dead Season 1: Some Thoughts  

Rick waking up in the hospital with absolution no idea what is happening on what the dead people are was bloody marvelous. And, of course, riding that horse into Atlanta was fantastic to see but also kind of stupid when you think about it. Now I'm assuming he's seen what these things do. Morgan teachs him how and why they swarm at least it seemed like it to me. But logically a big city is going to have a ton of Walkers.

And what was that helicopter? He mentions it to the people he comes across but they don't believe him and yet it was there.

I immediately liked Glenn who saves Rick when he gets trapped in the tank. Glenn seemed smart and capable and knew he was around the city which is why it made me really laugh when he tells Daryl he was a Pizza Delivery Guy. Priceless.

I am inclined to lean towards not killing people for no good reason but I didn't care much that Meryl got left but I respected Rick a lot that he'd go back and try to save him. I felt bad for T-Dog that he dropped the key and could be seen as just leaving Meryl but it was nice to see him step up to go back.

Admittedly, I'd heard all this praise of Daryl but I couldn't understand it in S1. Nothing about Daryl really redeemed himself until they meet up with the "Vatos" which I've heard complaints about why these gang members would go to the old folks home and help. They explained that some of these old people were their grandparents.

But in my exerience from the few gang members I've known in my life they have this crazy respect for their grandparents. Okay so I've only known a couple when I lived in the LA area and that was a long time ago but those boys thought everything their grandmother said was gospel. So I could see it.

The CDC thing was crazy as was Shane's existence in this group. I'd have led a rebellion against him already. Are all these people so stupid that they couldn't defend or fend for themselves? I get being out of your element to start with but I don't think Shane is a leader worth having.

I despise Lori with a passion. It clearly hasn't been that long since Rick's coma or the fall of society and she's already with Shane???? So I'm positive that she was giving him some for his protection. And she dropped him really fast when Rick got back. I just think Carl is creepy.

One of the few things that I have liked about Shane in S1 was beating the crap out of Ed. Ed was a freak who needed it and I was happy when he died.

Andrea. All gungho about going out which seems mainly so as not to do chores but then the fact that the women are "cleaning" and the men aren't is freaking maddening. So I get Shane, Daryl or Rick are doing runs... T-Dog and Glenn too. What is Dale doing? Ed? The other guy? This is the list of things to do... split it up and see who wants to do a job. If two people want a task only one can do... Rock Paper Sissors. All the rules are not out the window.

Back to Jenner who was just crazy pants. I'm glad he let them go and a nice touch with the grenade coming back into play. But what the hell did he whisper to Rick? And we still have not explained the helicopter.

Overall I'm enjoying this...
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