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Fandom Meme

I love Memes but I decided I don't like the post the fandoms you like and then making other's post to their journal to get the answers from you. So I'm going to post the fandoms I like with the questions and answer it here. So what I'm going to do is post my top 10 fandoms. Then I'll answer the questions. Feel free to answer the questions for the fandoms I have. You can then post this meme to your journal and change everything... it is up to you or you can simply comment and leave it at that. No pressure. lol

1. My favorite secondary character
2. The character that I really, REALLY dislike A LOT (any, but mostly secondary)
3. The character that I used to really dislike and now I like (any)
4. My favorite character.

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Lost
3. Stargate SG-1
4. Stargate Atlantis
5. Heroes
6. Firefly
7. Smallville
8. Outlander (because I can)
9. The Pretender
10. La Femme Nikita

Battlestar Galactica
1. Fav 2nd: Samuel Anders
2. Dislike: Baltar
3. Dislike now like: Tigh
4. Fav: Kara

1. Fav 2nd: Sayid
2. Dislike: Ben
3. Dislike now like: Jack & Charlie
4. Fav: Desmond

Stargate SG-1
1. Fav 2nd:
2. Dislike: Teal'c, I just don't like him anymore.
3. Dislike now like: Gen. Landry
4. Fav: Daniel Jackson

Stargate Atlantis
1. Fav 2nd: Cadman
2. Dislike: Umm... I'm not a fan of Teyla... sorry.
3. Dislike now like: Caldwell and Elizabeth.
4. Fav: Ronon & Sheppard... mostly Ronon

1. Fav 2nd: Claud
2. Dislike: Niki and Skylar
3. Dislike now like: Matt
4. Fav: Peter

1. Fav 2nd: River
2. Dislike: Simon
3. Dislike now like: Jayne
4. Fav: Mal

1. Fav 2nd: Chloe
2. Dislike: Lana
3. Dislike now like: Chloe
4. Fav: Clark

Outlander (because I can)
1. Fav 2nd: Roger
2. Dislike: Black Jack Randall, Frank Randall, Dougal MacKenzie
3. Dislike now like: Bree
4. Fav: Jamie & Claire

The Pretender
1. Fav 2nd: Broots
2. Dislike: Mr. Lyle
3. Dislike now like: Brigitte
4. Fav: Jarod

La Femme Nikita
1. Fav 2nd: Walter
2. Dislike: Operations
3. Dislike now like: Madaline (sp?)
4. Fav: Michael & Nikita

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