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I haven't read too many books this year. I just feel like there is so little time to indulge in the many worlds I like to visit. However, there are a few authors I always fit into my busy life because, for me, they never disappoint. Here are some of those titles...

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
High Voltage, 10
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In the past the series has mostly revolved around Mac and Barrons. However, we are finally turning the narrative table and getting more Dani. I didn't know how I'd feel about this but as it turns out I really enjoyed a grown up Dani tale. And to make things even better something is seriously wrong with Dani and we have to find out what... and Ryodan is along for the ride.

Black Dagger Series by J.R. Ward
Blood Fury: Black Dagger Legacy 3
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Dearest Ivie: Black Dagger Brotherhood 15.5
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The Thief: Black Dagger Brotherhood 16
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To me it doesn't matter whether it is Legacy or the Brotherhood. Either way I love the stories. Granted vampire romances aren't everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoy the writing and the character development of Ward's books. In Blood Fury we get a more in-depth look at Novo and Peyton and a telling of their love story which was pretty good. We also get a love story for Saxton which isn't my thing but was still a good part of the story.

In Dearest Ivie it is a different set of circumstances all together. This is less about the main characters from the Legacy or Brotherhood and a little more of a side story but one I throughly enjoyed. Ivie is a nurse with the race's doctor but she's looking to supplement her income and is thinking home care nurse might bring in some needed extra money. But then she's turned down for a position she goes out for. As she vents in a bar a devestatingly handsome male enters her world and the world win courtship is spectacular even if a secret means it can't last.

I really liked Silas and Ivie so it was a very well worth it read.

And then we finally get Assail and Sola in The Thief. I mean I can't remember how long I've been waiting but it seems like ages since Sola broke ties with Assail who then spiraled out of control... Assail not Sola. And to top that off Ward drags Jane and V back into the relationship spotlight as they work out some things. AND there is a new bad afoot which is more interesting that the Omega and Lessers stuff which thankfully has mostly gone away. Now if they'd only get to Mhurder, Ehric and Ehvale. PLEASE!

None of these books disappoint!
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